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    We are all stocked up. My husband battled the lines today and got us water and canned food. My birthday is Saturday and it's pretty safe to assume all festivities are on hold.
  2. YAS Girl! I just got a Diva Cup last cycle and it was a game changer.
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    Ya'll!! This hurricane is stressing me out. Looking like it's going to make landfall as a Cat 3.
  4. I recently told a fellow WLS friend that I no longer have time for mild cheeses. Because I love food so much and I don't intend to change that about myself, I really focus on quality over quantity. I've realized that filler foods and junk are no longer appealing. If I'm going to waste room in my sleeve for it, it better be delish!
  5. I didn't have to either. Similar starting BMI to yours.
  6. Same thing happened to me. I had 3 periods in the first few months and one of them lasted almost a month. I am now 5 months out and this is the best and most regular it's ever been. Like clockwork every 29 days and lasts about 3 days.
  7. This puts my mind at ease. Lol. I've been in therapy for years and still haven't nailed down the age old question of why I have eating struggles. Also being from a heavy set family (though admittedly the heaviest) and my husbands family being heavy set also, man I am paranoid. This study seems like an amazing opportunity to provide me and her with tools to set her up for a healthier life.
  8. This is the main reason I haven't taken it yet.
  9. I'm not sure how to do it either. Some nights after I've finished making 3 versions of the same meal and we sit at the dinning room table and my daughter watches her iPad very loudly and picks at her food while drawing in her ketchup. Some nights I let her eat ridiculous food like spaghetti in my bed. Because my bed with cartoons is her favorite place to be. Last night I laid out a blanket for her while she ate a bowl full of watermelon while sitting on my couch fresh out of the bath. Clearly there is no structure and I'm terrified of being judged by them.
  10. @Jen581791 & @NerdyLady Me too!! I'm dreading the part where you video chat your family dinner with them. But I'm doing it anyway!
  11. At the start of my surgery I was fortunate enough to be given boxes filled with clothes in smaller sizes. This weekend I moved all but one of the boxes of clothes into my closet and unpacked it. I filled them back up to the brim with clothes that were too big and gave them to another girl who had just recently had surgery. Great feeling!
  12. I'm a Senior Supply Chain and Sourcing Specialist. At least that's what my business cards say. I buy stuff for the oilfield. Generally from other countries.
  13. They are going to do a phone interview with me Monday I have become that mother that makes multiple meals for my family. Salmon patties for me, fish sticks for bonnie. Grilled chicken salad for me, chicken taco for bonnie. We call her snack monster. She asks for a snack literally every 30 minutes. I've started limiting her options because it can get out of hand.
  14. I just submitted my information for it! As a woman from the south that loves to cook and a mother of a very willful and picky 4yr old. I could really really use the help.
  15. Last night I had dinner with my husbands cousin who was in town from the east coast. He's 1yr post op VSG. He looks incredible. I couldn't get over how thin he was. He's down nearly 200lbs and still losing! There was so much reassurance in that dinner. He leads a basically normal life with dinners out, occasional sugary carbs and all. He's active and healthy and so happy. I told him about my sugar issues of lately and he related and understood and affirmed what others have said. Eating an occasional guilty pleasure is OK! It's when that occasional becomes a regular that it's the problem.
  16. Jen!!! You look incredible!! My heart is happy for you.
  17. I love you guys. I'm white knuckling it through this week. I had my normal cheese and turkey lunch but when I finished I thought, I really want some chocolate, or more cheese, or powdered donuts and then I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head. Almost felt like I used to feel when I wanted a cigarette. I guess that's the withdrawals part.
  18. I fell off the wagon a little this weekend. We had a mini vaca for my husbands birthday Friday and Saturday. I packed a lot of high protein low carb foods for myself. I also packed whatever else anyone wanted. When I was little powdered donuts were my jam! Anytime we went camping my mom always got me some. This continued into adult life and I would house a bag of them no problem! Nothing good can come from a powdered donut. I had two on Saturday. Then I had another on Sunday. Then Sunday evening I had a few bites of my husbands birthday cheesecake. Now, days later, I can't stop snacking, grazi
  19. I would imagine 2 weeks in a hospital with @NerdyLady & @Jen581791 would be almost like a vacation.
  20. I would LOVE to know what the cost looked like for the full thing. Did it take the full 2 weeks in the hospital to feel well enough to return home?
  21. So crazy! I have noticed that there is something in Greek Yogurt and in Halo Top that has a strange effect on me. My throat gets extremely itchy/scratchy when I have either. I thought it was maybe a lactose thing, but I have cheese everyday and it doesn't have this side effect.
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