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  1. 1 hour ago, bellamoma said:

    @burgundyboy, i had no idea you spent your childhood in cuba.  my parents both defected (separately, they met here) in the late 60s.  that's a fascinating childhood you had! 

    it comforts me that i am not the only one who has this terrible struggle with tempting foods, and that there has been floor pie and trash treats had by some.  i don't think i've trash treated (unless maybe it was wrapped?) but i sure have eaten off of children's leftovers, floor pie, and late night rendezvous with something carby.  i have always freely called myself a food addict, but maybe it didn't really hit me until reading the words of others and relating so much. food truly is a helluva drug.  it sure nuf is. sigh. 

    I find a lot of solace in this thread. It's comforting to know I am not alone in this mental struggle. I have for sure trash treated pre surgery, and think strongly about it often now. What is it physiologically that makes it so damn important to eat that thing we shouldn't?


    It's interesting that I have been in therapy for a while now and I really enjoy it but just realized something. I have open talked to my therapist about all other addictions I have suffered, but not once have I braved the food talk. Maybe that's my next bridge to cross.

  2. 27 minutes ago, NerdyLady said:

    @Smashlee83 Even though at the moment, I am a running pant lady (hashtag cool mom), I think we share a similar sense of style. What brand is this skirt? I must have it. 

    From now on, just send me a bill from "Styles by Smashlee". I need to pay you for your fashion advice. 

    YES! My fashion advice comes free because you ladies constantly lift me up. We're even.

    The skirt is like @Clickin showed. Grace Karin. Under $20 and they are very well made and #1 reason to buy, it has pockets!

  3. 18 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:

    Wow and wow. New pics needed. Are you still cycling? Am so impressed! 

    I had a cycling hiatus first because Harvey put all of my parks under water for a month or so. I also ended up with a bout of bronchitis for weeks and every time I tried to cycle or run my chest was on fire. I finally got rid of that and back on the bike this weekend. I've mounted my new bike rack and I'm ready to get going again :)


    I posted new pics under the What are you wearing post this morning :)

  4. 10 hours ago, NerdyLady said:

    *deep breath*

    I am deeply ashamed of these pre op pictures. The picture where I am wearing a black hoodie was taken at my all time high. I stopped weighing myself, so I'm not sure what I weighed. I think I may have been 240ish. 

    The irrational part of my brain keeps screaming, "how did you let your weight problems get so bad?". The rational part of me knows that much of my weight problems were not my fault. I can now choose to be healthy and happy. I'm not going to throw that away for empty calories. 



    GAHHHHHH! All the heart eye emojis. You look amazing. I can't wait to be where you are!

  5. 3 hours ago, NerdyLady said:

    @Smashlee83 Did your skirt run true to size? Do you have a small waist or thicker waist? I want one of these skirts and figured I'd ask someone who looks so fabulous. :D


    I bought a large, which I am leaning more towards a medium in standard clothes. The large is snug, but it's also a high waisted skirt so the more I lose, the lower it will sit. My waist is 33".

  6. 16 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:

    Wow Smashlee, am I reading this right... you are down to 166? Down 76? You must feel GREAT about how you  have done!!

    I feel incredible! I'm going through clothes so fast. I was barely in a 12 and blinked and I'm a size 10. I have been bouncing between 164-167 for a week but I think I'm going to be in the 150's by Thanksgiving. This has been a rollercoaster. I finally feel that I live a mostly "normal" life. I don't feel that I am missing out but I do have to keep myself motivated for work outs. Should be a challenging next few weeks. My daughter turns 4 this weekend, and then our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival.

  7. On ‎11‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 2:41 PM, BurgundyBoy said:

    Sorry, missed this when travelling for work! How are you doing now? I hope you have had another shocking loss. 

    I don't lose weight gradually any more. I stall at one place for weeks and then lose a lot in a few days. I was at 216 lbs (I'm a bit over 6 feet 2 inches) for more than 3 weeks; I returned from another work trip at the same 216 lbs a week ago, and in 4 days was at 208. Who knows? Salt, water retention from the flights, phase of the moon, Weight Loss Gremlins messing with me... Who knows. I trust that sticking to the diet and getting exercise will work for me in the long run, however weirdly step-like it is...

    I've hit a point now that I lose weight once a month. It's the strangest thing. I will have a week where I lose 5-10lbs out of nowhere.

  8. On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 7:54 AM, BurgundyBoy said:

    Glad things went well!

    Most of the time the approvals are routine... practices don't like to invest the time to send all the documents to the insurance companies unless they internally feel that everything is in place. 

    See you are in Houston. You did okay with the rain and water? @Smashlee83 is also in Houston, she may have had Aetna...

    Sorry I can't be more help. I have BCBS and they covered only a very small portion.


    Good luck Mandy!

  9. It's been a strange and hectic last few weeks. Harvey blew threw town to shake things up a bit. We had minimal damage to our home. Some leaks / flooding in the garage, by comparison, nothing. That still left us dealing with insurance and even had FEMA at the house yesterday. We had house guests for a week. I was unable to get to work for a week due to the entire city being under water. My last few weeks have been challenging to get to and from work because some freeways are still closed. All in all it's been weird and I've missed my routine.

    One tragic loss from Harvey was my scale! At one point I put it in our bathtub to move it out of the way to clean up a roof leak and the pool water backed up into the tub and drown my poor scale. Friday I got my new scale in, hit a new weight (172!!!) and also took this picture right before my hubs took me for a ride.  The picture on the left was in April right after my surgery and on the right is the new improved version.


  10. I'm baaaaaack! Howdy all. I am safe and sound and back at work. Although slightly begrudgingly. It's been a wild last 10 days. My home had some minor damage but nothing in comparison to others. I walked into a friends mothers home last weekend that was up against a river and was stunned to see the kind of damage. A home completely gutted and filled with mud. I wore a rain boots inside their home to haul away sheet rock and salvage remains. Her home is just one of 100's of thousands. I've been trying to do a little in the way of donations and lending hands. But it never feels like enough. I've been so proud and amazed by my city and the amount of people out there making an impact and helping complete strangers.


    On a personal note, I snacked and drank wine while stuck in my home for a week and I'm grateful to be back at work and back on my schedule!

  11. 22 hours ago, NerdyLady said:

    I think I could tie mine in a bow next to my tummy. I spent the weekend throwing myself a pity party over my poor breasts. 

    I did this a few weeks ago when I noticed that the skin above my bra line was very crepey and when I pinched it, it sort of just stayed. I walked around the whole weekend making everyone look at it while I stomped my feet around and whined. I'm over it now.


  12. Hi guys! Sorry my routine has been so interrupted this last week. I usually hop on when I'm at work and I haven't been to work in about 10 days.


    We are fine. We had a small leak and had to pull up some carpet but comparatively we're just fine. Today I will be assisting a friends mom ripping out walls and floors of her home that took on several feet of water. Time to hustle. I could really use the exercise!!

  13. Hi loves! My family and I have been extremely fortunate. We've remained with power, Internet and all. Our roof sprung a small leak and we got very close to our home and car flooding but the rain slowed and it's since receded. We were able to get to the Kroger by our home that was open for a few hours today and although it was pandemonium, we survived it and restocked on supplies. All schools and most businesses are closed for the entire week. Thank you all so much for the kindness and concern you've shown me. 

  14. 13 hours ago, Dtrain84 said:

    If you live in a flood prone or low line area, it would probably be the best if you can ride this storm out somewhere that's not susceptible to flooding. In my 27 years as a police officer in North Carolina, I worked through 3 major hurricanes. I heard that this storm will be slow moving which is not good at all because you're going to get an unbelievable amount of rain which will cause major flooding in addition to loss of power and communication. If anyone there gets into a dire situation during the storm, emergency Personnel will not be able to reach you until the storm has passed. Take care and be safe. 

    Unfortunately Houston is well versed in these types of floods. I'm inland enough that we won't see the wind and storm surge the coast will, but we will see a ton of flooding. My office just officially announced closure today and we are going to hunker down here and ride it out. I'll keep you all posted.


    Thank you everyone for the well wishes.