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  1. 28 minutes ago, TammyP said:

    That has got to be very frustrating :(  I understand getting snappy - you want him to succeed, and he seems to be sabotaging himself right off the bat :(  

    Thanks for the tip on JD scramble cup!  I'll check that out sounds delicious!

    I am trying them out this week as a way of switching up my 10 month routine of yogurt. They are tasty and easy, but to be honest I will make them myself next week. I can do the same thing on my own by portioning out ground sausage and cheese and then pouring in egg beaters. This way I can make them with turkey sausage and egg whites and mix in a little salsa :)

  2. This is the mantra that I tell myself over and over when I'm tempted to stick my nose in too far into someone else's like and/or decisions.

    A colleague on my floor has come over to chat off and on for the last year. A few months ago he asked me about my weight loss and told me he was thinking of also having the surgery. I cheered him on and when the day came for him to return to work I checked on him. He was miserable, in pain and starving. He is about 3 weeks out and chats with me regularly. He complains of stomach pain from steak he had last night. I asked if he's on solids, he said he gets cleared for soft food this coming weekend. He has bragged about having pizza, blending spaghetti etc etc. This morning I got snappy with him. I'm making a Jimmy Dean Scramble cup (22G protein and 2 carbs!) and he tells me the Jimmy Dean sausage croissants have 10G of protein in them. I literally said "I can't with you. I want my weight loss to be permanent" Why go through all of that pain and work and money, to just screw it off? Why???????? Ok end rant.

  3. I found it impossible to get the full amount of protein in the first few weeks. All that matters is that you are trying to. At 1 week out, nothing tastes good. Just keep trying things and tweaking them. I found if I poured small amounts of the shake over ice and sipped on them I could get in 2 a day if I worked on it all day.

  4. This is such a double edged sword for me. I have been and still am very open about my weight loss. I think it's a little misleading to say I was able accomplish all of this without surgery.


    I had a lady recently who has never spoken to me more than a hello, ask me in the break room how old my baby was. I thought this was a super weird question, but I answered 4 years. She looked confused. She said that she thought that maybe I had just had a baby when I came to this office a year ago and that's the reason for the weight change. As if my 5lb baby was responsible for the last 85lbs I dropped. But at the end of it, I know that she meant well. I know that she noticed that I was a heavy person who looked unhealthy and now I am not. I told her I had surgery and thanked her for the strange compliment.  


    The part I don't like is the different attention from men. I don't mind niceties, but it's the men who never glanced up to say good morning before, now want to strike up a conversation. Gross.

  5. Hi Ya'll! I've been terrible about checking in these last few months. Lots of changes at work and home and all this crazy ice that we're not supposed to see in Texas.  I started my first college class last week so that's taking up my energies as well. I sifted through some photos and you guys are killing it! @Nana Trish @NerdyToothpick just to name a few. So inspiring to see everyone's success. I am still 18lbs from goal but I feel better than I ever have. I am so ready to be at a place of maintenance and to get to the size I'm going to stay so I can shop! Lucky for me, I still have lots of hand me down clothes from a friend. But those are getting more and more scarce.


    I'm including a 1 year apart Christmas photo. Woof I can't believe that was me. The second was a pic I took a few weeks ago before going out with a girlfriend. :)



  6. 27 minutes ago, msmarymac said:

    I don't know the "how" but can tell you that it does indeed relax and allow more volume, although never even close to what it once was pre-WLS (thankfully!).  Probably what gets most people in trouble in maintenance though is not a restriction issue per se but a relaxing of the "rules".  You can eat bits and bites throughout the day and really add up calories without ever testing your actual restriction.  You can eat slider foods which don't cause the feeling of fullness (I'm talking to you, movie theatre popcorn!), you can regress to your old eating habits (minus the volume) and disregard the protein and veggies rule.  You can drink calories.  So many ways to sabotage your maintenance goals and most of them have little or nothing to do with restriction which is why sticking to the rules is so critical to long term success.  I know...I fight these battles every day :)


    Exactly. I still have loads of restriction and that parts great. It's the ease of popping a candy into your mouth, and then another an hour later, and another. That's my issue. I just need to be more careful on what I allow in the house. I previously was able to just avoid because I shouldn't eat it. Now that's harder for me and I'm not sure why. Feeling accomplished and thin? Treating myself for doing so well. It's a weird mental thing with me. My brain looks at my daughter's left over waffle and says "DO NOT EAT THAT", "YOU'RE NOT EVEN HUNGRY" and then before I know it, down the hatch. What is that?? I had to reschedule my therapy to next week instead of today. I was hoping to have better insight.

  7. So. I read this post this morning and I sat on it. And I stewed. I'm still stewing. It felt like an appropriate time to say... I ate a pint of Ice-cream on Saturday. Truth is, I've been totally out of control. Snacks on snacks on snacks. I find it so hard at 9 months out to have idle time. I love being at work because I pack my food for the entire week breakfast lunch and snack and that's all I have. But when left to my own devices, there's been a lot of sweets involved lately. I have therapy Wednesday and I a have made a promise to myself to bring up food addiction. I have tackled all other addictions in therapy and talk about them freely, but this one seems scarier.

  8. SAME! I love this place. You guys get me on so many levels! @Res Ipsa @Chefman77 If I am not weighing it's because I am avoiding it. Before, when my weight was trending upwards I knew. If I didn't get on the scale I didn't have to actually face it. I could keep eating like garbage and try to live in ignorant bliss. My daily weigh-ins keep me in check. I know there will be fluctuation and now I seem to have hit a point where I only lose 1 week a month and that's a minimal amount. Once I learned that my body had it's own way of doing things I adapted to that.


    Measurements are also great. Every time I would get in a stall I would imagine my body magically moving around fat and changing the shape of my body. I have lost 41 inches and 81lbs and I feel better than I ever have!

  9. Welcome welcome! I had the same fears. Not as much about the actual surgery but for sure the dynamics of my life being altered. I was (And still am) a big entertainer. I love to cook and feed people and have drinks and I thought having this surgery would take all of that from me. It hasn't. It does make me center things less around food, but there is still always something cooking at my house. There are always people coming over to visit. I just take much better care of myself and it shows in my physical and emotional health. I have never been happier and the same will be true for you!

  10. 1 hour ago, Boho Rosy said:

    Hi guys. I’m just shy of a week post-op and I’ve been doing great. I’ve been out and about and walking, but today my energy level is hitting a wall. I have nothing left. How am I supposed to get my walking in?

    You aren't love. At 6 days out just functioning as a normal person is exhausting. I returned to work on day 4 and it took everything in me to walk from the parking garage to my desk and back. But it gets a little better in time. Once you start eating solids you will notice a huge change in your energy levels. Hang in there!

  11. On ‎11‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 10:50 AM, delilas said:

    You look amazing! So glad you still had an amazing time at the festival. You look happy, and that's pretty important!

    I've never been to one of these, so I have to ask....is the alligator actually...alligator? :blink:

    Sorry I am just now getting logged back in. Every now and then TTF forgets my password and kicks me out. Thank you ALL for all of the nice comments. Yes @delilasIt really is alligator. It's a Cajun thing from our neighbors in Louisiana. There's a little booth at the Ren-Fest every year that serves Cajun food and it's the best fried alligator you can find. My husband is obsessed. I know that it sounds cliché but it really does taste like chicken. So much though, that we gave 1/2 it to my very picky 4 year old and told her it was chicken and she ate it all. #bestmomever

  12. That's my plan too @cinwa. What makes my tool so great is that I just can't physically eat all that I want to. I still have the want to eat everything in large quantities, but I can't. So I'll have a few bites of my mother in laws amazing giblet stuffing and cranberry sauce and I'll be happy.


    My husband and I make Thanksgiving eggrolls with the left over turkey and stuffing and this makes me a bit sad, but instead of having 4 like last year, I'll probably have 1/2 one :)

  13. This weekend is two big events. My daughters 4th birthday party and our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival. I have mixed emotions about the Ren Fest. We go every year the Sunday after Bonnie's birthday with a big group and it's a blast. Last year I was at my very heaviest in our annual group photo. I cannot wait to get a new photo this year and see the side by side. My best bud had the surgery 2 months after me and he is also in the photo. We both are excited. What I am NOT excited about is the food. My favorite part of renfest is the food. Scotch eggs, and giant burgers and fried alligator on a stick. Turkey legs and deep fried cheesecake. Ugh. Mostly I will miss BEER! Ya'll wish me luck.

  14. On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 1:46 PM, AliPat said:

    Brilliant.... a pacifier.... love it!  I am vaping ( zero nicotine ) and it helps a lot.  great idea for the mug.  I'll get right on that.

    As for exercise, I didn't even think about me having been sick and not going to the gym as the culprit for my stall.  MS is a consideration, but I'm up to 25min on the elliptical and treadmill.  the treadmill is much harder on my back, sometimes I almost collapse at about 10min...thank god for the hand rails.  but the elliptical is super comfortable for me.  I'm going back tonight after a week off due to cold.

    Hey welcome! Fellow vaper here. I quit smoking after 20 years in order to have the surgery. I can say now that I'm a little ways out that quitting smoking and having this surgery at the same time has been amazing. Before weight was always an excuse not to quit. "If I quit, I'll gain more weight". I don't have that crunch because I am focused on losing more than the not smoking. It's been surprisingly easy once I got over the first few weeks.

  15. 8 hours ago, Orien said:


    Bfast - eggs (2) and strawberries ( up to 4)


    Snack - string cheese/dried fruit/granola bar (or nothing, I’m working in a school with an earlier lunch currently)


    Lunch - salad with half a frozen burrito, turkey with cheese rolled up and an orange, (literally the only combo I’ve had)


    Snack - popcorn, dark chocolate, fruit 


    Dinner - tuna crackers cheese/ soup/ salad with lunch meat 




    Agree with @Gretta and @athenarose I think you may be too lax with your food. At this early out I was not eating any carbs including fruit and salad. I do eat them now in moderation but at 8 months out I'm still not having frozen burritos. I think you may want to start logging and weighing and making sure you are getting all of your protein in.

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