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  1. NurseKim

    Extreme Abdominal Pain

    Yes, partial hysterectomy. For the most part, I am living off fruit smoothies. I've learned the hard way that solid foods bring about issues!
  2. Hi! After just taking a quick glance, it appears that I am an "old timer" here. My gastric bypass (IMHO) was never a complete win. My lowest weight was 184. A couple of years ago I started having extreme right lower abdominal pain on occasion. At times severe enough that I was unable to remain at work, and had to be taken out by wheelchair for my Dad to come rush me to the ER. Although the issue is not frequent, the frequency is increasing. Most recently, less than two episodes in one month. It saddens me to see that others are also having this issue, but at the same is a bit of a relief. I have recently gone through all the diagnostics to rule out gallbladder issues, as well as appendicitis. When I experience an episode my right lower abdominal area is VERY "tender to touch"!!! Two and a half years ago I had a "Partial" related to two huge fibro tumors. Currently, I have an appointment with a GI doctor (in a few weeks). I AM very concerned that I do have a blockage. The crazy part is...I can eat one meal a day. Yet, I am steadily gaining. I am hopeful that the GI doctor can resolve this issue.