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    My pre-op fast is 3 protein shakes and 1 small meal a day for two weeks. I began on 03/08/17. I get home on 03/21/17 and my surgery is 03/22/17. I drink Muscle Milk 100 and Premier Protein. Both are getting to sweet for me I'll have to find something else. Wow, you are really close. Are you having the sleeve surgery? So how are you feeling about starting your life with all its changes? I know it's going to be a challenge and scary but I'm excited too. I have other health issues that I pray will greatly benefit from getting this weigh off. I will keep you in prayer for a safe surgery and rapid recovery.
  2. I'm New Here

    Hi! My name is Sylvia. I have my sleeve surgery on 03/22/2017. I am doing a two week pre-op diet now and finding it a bit hard because I'm also on vacation. How is everyone out there? What can anyone tell me about their sleeve experience.