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  1. Just hang in there. It is slow for me but it is coming off. It really is a mental fight also.
  2. Thank you. I did not known this.
  3. I have tried both. Thank you
  4. I had RNY on 3/8/17. I take zoloft for anxiety. Since my surgery I get stomach pains after I take it. Anyone else experience this ?
  5. Thank you. I can honestly say your words sound like how i feel. That brought me comfort !! I will be patient.
  6. I am so frustrated. I had RNY on March 8. I lost 9 pounds the first week. Now. Today is the 31st and still at only 9 lbs. I don't understand. I am exercising. Sticking to my plan. I have several friends who went thru this and they dropped weight like crazy. I am feeling like a failure !!
  7. Mommab

    Mommab so much. Reading a lot of these post helps. I don't feel so alone !!
  8. Mommab


    Hello. I am new here. Just had my surgery March 8. I have so many different feelings these first couple weeks. All the way from questioning whether I did the right thing to feeling like a failure. Pretty sure all this is normal. I hope it gets better. My dr told me to stay away from carbs. I know about staying away from breads and pastas and such . But he also told me to be careful with fruit and vegetables. I can have some. But this is so confusing to me. Any suggestions ?