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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I am having a hard time finding a second opinion who wants to work on another surgeons mistakes. But I won't give up! Thanks again!
  2. I am 55 y/of, female, and started out at 300 lbs. Currently I weigh 115#. I wish I could take the credit for all the weight loss through proper diet and exercise but I can't. I have ulcers where they reconnected my stomach. I'm in pain most of the time and in agony when I try to eat. GI doctors stated I needed revision surgery to remove the ulcers and make the reconnection. My surgeon disagrees even though I can't eat and sometimes can't even take fluids. She pushes a diet (when I can't even eat food) and prescribes the maximum amount of ulcer meds (carafate and protonix), B12 and B1 inj
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