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  1. Oh I want a TT in the *worst* way! And the boobs, the arms, the thighs....pretty much everything. Lift it, trim it, and tighten it. Thanks for posting pics BTW in your other thread!!
  2. Hey all, I've been pretty stable at the same weight since June but I haven't really been trying either because if I stayed here, I'd be fine. I am however going back to the gym soon and going to be more diligent about taking care of myself just to see if I can lose more, feel better, or whatever. I need to give it 100% just to see if it makes a difference I guess. Life is easier though being "normal", thats for sure My size doesn't prevent me from doing things like it used to.
  3. It does stop and no, there really isn't anything you can do. Mine started at 3 1/2 months I think and stopped about 2 months later. I cut my long hair to my shoulders and have been keeping it on the shorter side while it grows out. I'm at 14mo now and my stylist told me the other day that a couple more haircuts and it will be grown out to an even length.
  4. 1. My doctor has told me that I shouldn't count on losing after 1 year. Did you lose after one year? If so, how much? I haven't really but I think it is because I am satisified where I am at (a size 6/8) so I haven't been perfect lately and if I want to lose more it will be traditional dieting/exercise. 2. Have you exercised? How often? Not really although I intend to this week because I want to tighten up 3. Do you dump? Have you figured out how much you can eat without dumping? Nope, I can eat anything sugar and not dump. Too much dairy makes me ill and too much bread makes my stomach feel funny but sugar doesn't affect me....unfortunately 4. Do you drink? If so, what are your experiences with alcohol and your new digestive system? Socially, yes. Drinking post op sure does make you a cheap drunk! LOL! I think another WLS friend told me alcohol affects you 4x's as much post op than it did before? Less than halfway through a drink, I am feeling it
  5. Soda was the one thing I missed every day post op for months. Yeah, I could have a sip here or there but that was about it. Until about a month ago I found if I poured it out in a glass I could drink it fine. And I did. I had forgotten how bad soda made me feel before. I got cotton mouth, my face broke out, I got headaches, just a general gross yucky feeling so last week I stopped drinking it. Yeah, I'll drink it occasionally from here on out but it is one of my weaknesses so I need to make sure I don't let it get away from me. So yeah, someday you might be able to drink it fine. I know it was a big factor in what made me get fat and feel like crap so *should* you drink it? Only you can answer that.
  6. You might be on to something, he might be worried about what happens after you lose the weight since you mentioned his ex had surgery. Is that what happened with her? Frankly, it doesn't sound like he is being UNsupportive, just kind of apathetic or not this point anyways. Maybe he views your cancer stuff as important health related issues that needed supporting but this doesn't? Either way, for some men just the fact that they aren't against something is them being supportive. Support doesn't always come in the form we want and it is ok to do something for yourself and by yourself. Kind of like planning a wedding, some really don't care about the details as long as you are happy. Just do your thing and he might show interest, he might not but either way you will have taken responsibility for your health. His support in the form you want it is just frosting.
  7. My only regret is that I didn't do it 10 years ago. I have had zero problems.
  8. As a side note, there are so many strains and types of medical pot that you can buy ones that sooth the stomach, don't make you munchie or DO make you munchie for cancer patients who need an appetite stimulant, etc. so you could always get one to suit your needs in addition to the different forms already mentioned. If you are just smoking stuff someone grew in their backyard, then you can't be as selective obviously.
  9. Yeah, just eat whatever works for you whether it is a traditional breakfast food or not. I think I had part of a leftover vegetarian burrito for breakfast this morning...
  10. I personally don't care what people say but I don't know how all the appointments, stress, tears, being cut up, in pain, puking, not able to indulge like everyone else (at least for a few months for some), and dealing with possible complications could be viewed as the "easy way out" unless the person doesn't truly understand the process. More effective and successful, sure! Easy?? Uh, no.
  11. I had RNY and tried sushi at 3-4 months out and could only eat one piece of a roll and it felt kind of funky. I had it again at 10 months actually with a friend who was 9 months out from VSG and it went down fine. Only 3 pieces of a roll (usually there are 6-8 I think?) but it was good For a newbie, you could try a California roll which is cooked crab, avocado, etc. which is tasty and pretty basic. Good, fresh sushi shouldn't smell fishy or taste fishy at all so although it raw fish sounds weird, it doesn't taste like it sounds IMO.
  12. Annie, even my daughter was looking at these pictures this morning and the first thing she said was that she didn't remember me ever being that big and I was telling a friend that I work with the other day how much I lost and she said she didn't how that was possible because she doesn't remember me being big that I have always just been the way I am now. I hope I never take it for granted!!!
  13. Thanks all! I am 5'6" so 169 does sound kind of high to me too since I don't technically hit normal BMI for another 14lbs but maybe its just the way I carry it, I don't know? As for health issues, I am totally fine so far, no complications. I don't dump, yeah I still eat too fast every once in awhile so I throw up, my chiropractor is feeling neglected since my back never goes out anymore, and I am not as strong as I used to be, but otherwise I have had one minor cold in the past year and been as healthy as a horse
  14. I posted my pics in the main area because I remember being a newbie and they were always my fav One year later and looking at those pics I don't ever remember being that big, it is just surreal. I feel and I think I look normal these days so if I stopped losing now, I could live with it. Things that have changed: I have been on roller coaster rides, I am in a loose size 8 and a medium these days, I went on a bungee cord type ride not once but twice in the past year, I never have to worry if my butt will fit in a chair, I don't care if people see me eat, and I can shop at a normal store. Woo hoo!