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    Gastric Bypass
  1. Hi All! 2 weeks post op and not losing yet ☹

    Please let me know how it goes for you. I am really having a tough time getting even half of the 100 oz of water in per day. Plus chewing food til its basically liquid is a hard habit to learn for me, so I am usually either hungry or tender from trying to eat. My clothes are not feeling looser and i am trying to get used to needing the bathroom fairly often as opposed to once a day pre-surgery. I am trying to stay optimistic but feeling really discouraged right now. It is so much harder and miserable than I expected. I expected to feel better after mutilating myself with this surgery. So far I have nothing positive to keep me motivated. I really hope your next check in goes great . Thank you for sharing your story with me. It helps
  2. Started soft foods a few days ago. 2 week post op visit good but I have only lost 1 lb!! I know I am on the lower end of the starting weight spectrum (Highest 291 lbs, BMI 41, 257 when 2 week liquid pre-surgery diet began, 249 on surgery day. One lb just seems terrible to me. Dr. wasn't concerned but should I eat even less than 1000 calories a day? Anyone else have a slow start? Congrats to all of you brave enough to take control back through WLS. Anyone who says we are taking the easy road is out of their pea-sized minds!