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  1. It's 2am, getting late, and I'm listening to a 90's play list presented to me by Apple Music on iTunes. It's adult pop of the 90's. I'm 36. In 1990 I was 9 or 10 depending on the month. So the nineties coincided with my tumultuous adolescence. I was just as crazy as any other teen but perhaps even crazier. That's a story I'll save for some other day. :-) Right now lets focus on this woman I've become. I'm creative. I like to paint, bead necklaces, explore new and old music, and I daydream. I'm pretty and kind of smart. I never was married and have no kids but revel in my freedom and feel little more than gratefulness when I see my friends and with babies and children because I know my life is easier and my heart is already full. My weight has become major eyesore and health issue. I'm almost 5-5 and I weigh 324 pounds which means that I basically need to lose 200 pounds. I do have a food addiction and it is somewhat out of control. If I'm not eating I'm reminiscing about food or plotting my next meal. I need to grow apart from this addiction because its killing me. I just wonder if I can do it without surgery but the clock is ticking and I know that a diet and exercise will not make me lose as fast as having a sleeve gastrectomy. I can do both and lose like crazy. I can undo the harm I've done unto myself over the years in much less time if I subject myself to this. I just worry that I'll be one of this people who regret their decision at least in part. I feel like after the surgery, food and I will have a weird, awkward relationship and I won't know who I am anymore. lol. Food is a part of me like a lover I suppose. It's been a lifelong thing between food and I and I've lost many relationships in this life and losing my love and passion for food because I won't be able to take more than a few bites at a time sounds rather like a punishment I don't necessarily deserve. Or do I? I AM one of those people. I am one of those people who binge-ate like it was a career and didn't care about the consequences. I refused to exercise most of the time. Maybe punishment IS what i deserve? I'm planning on getting my surgery in January 2018 so i'll have time to test myself and if needed I can prepare myself for the surgery. I might not end up getting it if I can kick this problem without a sleeve.
  2. Hi. I'm Linda and if you turn your head crooked you will be able to see my avatar right-side-up! Somehow I downloaded an upright photo and the computer turned it sideways. :-( I have my first appointment made to talk to a surgeon about getting the gastric sleeve surgery. At 324 lbs and 5-5 (36 years old) there is no question that I qualify. My two obesity related issues are hypertension which I take medicine for and sleep apnea which has not yet been treated. I have some questions for people here who have had the sleeve. Question1- I take some psychiatric meds. Abilify, Wellbutrin XL, and Prozac. Will I still be able to take these immediately post-op or will I need to take a break from them temporarily? Question2- How much exercise should I do the first few weeks post-op and what kinds of exercise? I've been doing a lot of research on the topic of how you need to eat and drink before and after surgery and I know it's very intense. I am going to schedule my surgery for January 2018 because i figure I will need someone to help me with my meals and stuff at first while I'm healing. By January, my mom will be able to give me her undivided attention for a month- and after that I will go back to my own apartment. I'm really excited for my journey to begin. I will be exploring this forum tonight and getting to know people here.
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