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  1. 6 Months out - What a change.

    Amazing! You did/are doing fantastic!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm really excited to begin here, starting my journey. I don't know where this road is going to take me, but I do know want it to lead to a six pack! Someday! My goals here on BP is to read often and make an accountability journal. I may even be so brave as to make a YouTube diary So, to the question at hand. I have Michigan medicaid and I'm in my open enrollment period. I want to know which of the insurances is it easier to meet their requirements. Aetna Better Health Blue Cross Complete Harbor Health Plan McLaren Health Plan Molina Health Plan (Current) Total Health Plan UnitedHealthcare Community Plan I live in the Metro Detroit Area, I'll probably go through Beaumont since my PCP is through there, and I'm also attending the seminar next Wednesday hosted by Beaumont. Thanks so much everyone! *edit* So after a tiny bit of digging, I find that Aetna may be the best choice. Aetna no longer has a requirement for how long you've had to be morbidly obese (gods I hate even typing that word) (before it was 2 years) Like the other health insurances, there is a required pre-surgery weight loss program. But unlike the others, Aetna has the shortest. If you enter a multi-disciplinary surgical preparatory regimen like the one offered through Beaumont’s bariatric surgery program you only have to do it for 3 months before you're approved (assuming you meet all the other requirements. This is opposed to the 6-month requirements I've seen or even the 12 months that my current insurance offers. Bye, bye, Molina! Just in case I'm going to wait until the seminar on Wednesday so That I've had a chance to talk with the surgeon. His name is Daniel Bacal. I don't know anything about him, but his picture makes him look like a straight up dad. I hope he has great bedside manners. *Edit* So it looks Like BlueCross Complete is going to be it. Aetna Medicaid is 12 months, not 3. After consideration, I'd feel better about a 6-month wait. There aren't many hoops to jump through either. I've got a 41 BMI, the only thing they want from me is 6 months and a drug/alcohol test.