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  1. Just had my gastric band surgery

    Well that's it done and dusted. 8 hrs ago I was banded. All that was on offer for me even as self funded due to BMI feeling very sore and swelled. But really pleased with my insisions they will totally disappear. Nothing prepares u for how it going to feel. Everyone is different. But I'm honestly doing great.and I'm looking forward to my new lifestyle change. Feeling a little delicate but very positive. Anyone looking for a band buddy would love to keep in touch . Xx
  2. so exited

    Yes sorry like Aussie h said. That's all I can get with my bmi of 30.. they would defiantly not consider me a bypass or a sleeve..i will ask about the stitch thank you Aussie h. I have friends who have been to the same surgeon for the brand and having had any problems I've been looking into it for years.i have been able to maintain my weight at what I am now after loosing 4st my self but it's been a very low time and a struggle to keep it off. Hence hello band haha. Thank you for your comments though I really appreciate them. Although I am now petrified haha. Hopefully all will go well for me got 2 beautiful babies I need to be healthy for hehexxx
  3. so exited

    so exited to be getting my band in 2 weeks no pre op diet needed for me but definitely not going to over indulge. feeling nervous also any advice welcome to make recovery easier xxx
  4. newbie from uk :)

    Hi Res Ipsa Thank you for you're reply. with my BMI I wouldn't be a suitable candidate for a bypass or a sleeve I pass for a band though. I will have a look on the forum thank you. I am exited but nervous at the same time. I just cant wait to start living my life instead of having my weight define me.
  5. newbie from uk :)

    hey guys, I'm laura. going for consultations this week for the gastric band. little nervous but exited. hopefully ill be joining your journey's pretty soon x