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  1. Happy to be here!!

    Welcome! So glad you found us!
  2. My sister the nurse

    Welcome, @Susanvmallory! I think the seminar will help you relax and just start participating in the process knowing help is on the way. Having hope changes everything.
  3. Picture updates

    Wow!!! Looking great! Love your hair, too!
  4. Congrats on the whoosh, @ubergirl!
  5. My sister the nurse

    That's great!
  6. 2 year update

    Dang, you look fantastic! I've always thought of you as a superstar around here. I should tell you that more often. You've achieved so much! You lost 12 pounds your second year. What I'm hearing is you didn't GAIN an ounce. Keep us posted on your plastics info. I always find that interesting. I have no doubt you'll get where you want to be (I also think where you are is hot stuff). Switching things up could be a nice change. Well done!
  7. What are you eating today?

    @ktallon, so far my favorite thing about this thread is seeing that YOU are eating stuff! Hooray! And your picc line is out. Yes yes yes! 2018 is going to be your year, baby!
  8. He should never have said that! He has no idea how deeply words like that can affect a patient who is trying so hard! I know just what you mean when you said you felt like no one believed you. When I met my surgical team, it was such a relief that they had enough experience to know I was telling the truth and understood my frustration. A 19-pound loss is an amazing accomplishment. I'm so sorry they didn't celebrate that with you. Hooray for you! 19 pounds gone! Way to stick to your program! I'm one of the slower losers around here, but I just keep plugging away. We really need to give each other pep talks often. Slower losers tend to post less often but need the most support. Now that I've lost 125 pounds and counting, does it really matter that it took a few more months than someone else? No. It jumps out at me that you've said you've been this weight a couple times before. Your body is comfortable here. I'm not surprised it will take a little extra time for your body to push lower than this point. Stick with it. The scale will move for us tortoises, and (spoiler alert) we get a happy ending.
  9. Pre surgery nervousness

    Congratulations on your date! It's normal to be nervous. Its very difficult to lose 130 pounds. If we could've lost it and kept it off, we would have by now. We need surgical help to lose it and live our best lives. By the time my surgery date rolled around, I was more scared NOT to do it. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad. Your situation is much different. You've undergone tests to be sure your body can handle this surgery. I keep thinking about how much easier your physical farm work will be afterwards. It really is so worth it.
  10. If you're ready, go for it. If he's not, it's better for him to wait. You get one shot at this, and being mentally ready plays a huge role in your success. I see no reason your going first has to be a negative. When he sees your life change for the better, he may want that too. Or he may not. His "stuff" really doesn't figure in to what you're doing. Way to persevere!
  11. Exercise?

    Walking is always a good place to start. Dancing to your favorite songs is good too. You can build up the number of songs over time.
  12. 298lbs!

    Yes yes yes!!! Way to go! Awesome!!!
  13. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    I woke up throwing up, but it didn't last long and I'd gladly do it again. I got well within a few hours and was up walking laps.
  14. Jen581791's One Year Surgiversary

    What a day! Way to love yourself all year into a happy, healthy version of yourself. So much success! Cheers to a job well done!
  15. What a year! You have worked SO hard. I'm thrilled it has paid off in a big way! Those jeans with the design down the side are too cute! How strange to not be on a diet for once. What a great feeling! It's been so much fun to witness your awesome progress all year. I feel so much joy for you!!! Cheers!
  16. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    Wow, @Aussie Bear, that sounds pretty miserable. I'm sorry you're having to suffer that. I hope it clears soon.
  17. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Awesome, @NerdyToothpick! So nice to not be spending money on that stuff now too!
  18. 5 Weeks to Go!

    Glad the root canal wasn't awful. Well done being down 5 pounds! The next 5 weeks will fly by.
  19. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Looking AMAZING, @Stephtay I love your outfit and your cup! I hope you had a blast!
  20. Surgery VS. Diet

    I picked the surgery (sleeve) I did because of the hormonal benefits the medical community is only beginning to understand. They may not be able to explain them, but I certainly FEEL them, and they are a key to my success. Prior to surgery, when I used to eat the way I am now (low carb, high protein, low calorie), I used to feel terrible. Headaches, jaw aches, shoulder tension, lethargy, and constantly feeling hungry and deprived. I feel none of that now. Anyone can eat this way, but surgery makes it so much easier, and I feel so much better overall while doing it.
  21. My Journey

    Oh my goodness! You've had so many hurdles!
  22. Devastated

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this, especially now. I'm really sorry he's not the friend you thought he was.
  23. Exactly the case for me, too. I've done Atkins for so many years, I know how well counting net carbs works. Fiber and sugar alcohols don't impact my blood sugar like other carbs do.
  24. If you have a lifestyle that makes protein bars necessary, I thought I'd let you know I just tried a really delicious one. The Peanut Butter Pie one is pretty good, too. Oh Yeah! One Bar Doughnut, Maple Glazed, 12 Count
  25. My Journey

    Can't wait to get that date on our calendar here! Congratulations! So glad H pylori was negative also. Getting closer!