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  1. Look at that picture of you! So fit! How wonderful to have a new home and family time. Those things can really help life feel stable. What an exciting year you've had! Thanks for sharing another great update!
  2. Gretta

    Seven Months

    Wow! Your pictures are amazing! I love hearing that you're jumping in group pictures and sharing them! You lost TWELVE inches in you waist!!! Wow wow wow! Sorry the carb-adding experiment wasn't rewarding, but I like how thoughtful and proactive you've been about evaluating what's working. Well done all around!
  3. Wow, so much going on! Look at you in those cute jeans with that precious new grandbaby! Great job not stress-eating through all the tough stuff. Huge congratulations on hitting your doctor's goal (& so quickly)! Well done!!!
  4. Gretta


    I know you've been waiting longer than expected for this! So excited for you!
  5. You've been through a lot! I can't wait until everything normalizes a bit. Hugs! Congrats on that loss!
  6. Gretta


  7. Look at those shoulders and calves! Wow wow wow! Moving is so stressful (but exciting!). Happy to see Sadie looking so well.
  8. Gretta

    Six months

    Great update! I'm curious to see how the calorie increase goes. Strength training makes your body look so good! Worth a wait for the scale to adjust IMO.
  9. France, summer, muscles, size 2! Heavenly! Way to go!
  10. Sooooo awesome! The toenails thing really is huge! So glad you got pats on the back at your appointment. Well deserved! You're doing fantastic!
  11. This was so fun to read. You're doing great! Thanks for sharing the REAL experience.
  12. Gretta

    Surgery Update

    Yikes, so sorry you had to go through that. Are you finally home?
  13. Your pictures are AMAZING!!! everything looks so "smooth" on you, if that makes sense. Your hair looks great! You're so sweet to imagine me looking great, ha ha. I'm feeling pretty good about how I look. I put on size 12 jeans today, which seems unbelievable at 178 pounds, but I do exercise like crazy, so that could be why. CJ, you are doing such an incredible job! So happy you're sharing all your success with us. It's just awesome.
  14. You're doing an incredible job! I'm so happy you're loving the way you look and feel! That hard work is paying off! Woo hoo!!!
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