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  1. Gretta

    5 days Post-op and worried!

    The liquid diet made me cranky and hungry. You'll still be successful. Try taking an antacid as you may be mistaking acid for hunger.
  2. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

  3. Gretta


    I don't see any problem with you having pepper now. Other (sugar free) condiments are likely OK too.
  4. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

    So glad to hear the gas pains are better! Don't worry if you can't get a whole shake down yet. Take it slow.
  5. Gretta

    Life changes

    I love this story!!! What a wonderful day!
  6. Gretta

    Not losing much weight after vsg

    Your body is healing. Give it time. Losing an average of 4 pounds a week is no small thing! What kind of eating plan are you on? Does it have you avoiding carbs? I find I lose best while avoiding carbs.
  7. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

    Very true. It's sooo worth it!
  8. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

    Ugh. Hang in there!
  9. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

    Oh, I'm so happy!
  10. Gretta

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    Ouch ouch ouch! I really hope this gets better soon, Tracy. It sounds truly awful. Sending you healing hugs.
  11. Gretta

    Broth giving me gas pains

    I really believe your gas pains are from the gas they inflate you with for surgery. If that's true, the good news is, you're only a day or two away from that being totally gone. If it's that, gas medicines do nothing for it. Pain medicines can help if it gets really bad, but that can be constipating. Things that helped me the most were taking breaks from the abdominal wrap, changing body positions often (stand, sit, lie down, hold on to a chair and lean forward for a minute,...), & walking. I remember the gas pains being bad. I'd lie on the floor and try to physically push the gas out of me! You can call Tory and ask if you can start protein shakes early. She let me start them a little early.
  12. Gretta

    Hydration pills!?

    I have electrolyte drops and pills. I wonder if those are the same thing. Really great during exercise and the hot summer months.
  13. Gretta

    Headed back home

    Hey! Look at you making smart, healthy choices all over the place. It's so hard to do that when life is being extra challenging, but you're doing it! I'm very impressed. Hugs!
  14. Gretta

    Hi everyone :)

    Wow, so much going on! Hoping the sedated MRI goes better. So sorry the first one was so emotionally draining. Great job walking your healthy body away from unhealthy food. I try to always have something decent in my purse for emergencies, but I'm not all that good about it. Glad you're enjoying soccer! I am a Big Brother (TV show) fanatic. Opening day of that is better than any holiday for me, so I can relate to that fun feeling of a good entertainment streak. Always nice to hear your updates. Hugs to you, Katya, and your new citizen!
  15. Gretta

    Here we go again

    That's wonderful news!