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  1. It's been a while....

    Great to hear from you! At least lessons learned the hard way tend to be memorable enough to prevent you from making the same mistakes twice.
  2. I can't be trusted

    Awesome! Pictures, please! Good job getting in the gym habit. It will make you feel so good! Sore and good!
  3. The next goal is in the books :)

    I love this picture!
  4. Before and after so far

    Stupid scales! I just had visit for the day. The scale read 200.4 after that. Getting close!
  5. The next goal is in the books :)

    Nope. 200.4
  6. The next goal is in the books :)

    That's fantastic, @Nana Trish!!!!!
  7. Before and after so far

    Nope! 201.2. Periods aren't kind to weigh-ins for me.
  8. My secret

    If your husband lives with you, there's no way you can get away with not telling him. I also think it's not all that safe to try to keep it from him (in case something goes wrong).
  9. Month 11!

    So happy to hear your sense of taste is improving! Wow!
  10. What Are You Wearing Today?

    LOVE that look, @Jen581791!
  11. So sorry that happened! It's an awful feeling. It happened to me at a party soon after surgery. I had to throw up in the bathroom and was sweating from that weird, hot feeling. I couldn't just leave because it was an expensive murder mystery party and, as luck would have it, I wad the murderer. Lessons learned the hard way tend to stick at least. Don't beat yourself up. Your sleeve already did! Much sympathy.
  12. 7 Month Surgiversary

    Totally awesome!!!! Way to go!
  13. I’m overweight now!!

    It totally sucked. Derailed my scholarship and all kinds of yuck. Oh well. Yes to the RAI. Went by myself to the hospital to do it (weird as a teenager) then quarantined myself for days on end. Depressing. So glad it's in the past!
  14. I’m overweight now!!

    20 years ago when I was 19.
  15. There are some great suggestions on what to bring to the hospital here: