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  1. Gretta

    Summer Vacation, baby!

    France, summer, muscles, size 2! Heavenly! Way to go!
  2. Gretta

    Hair advice needed.

  3. Gretta

    Greetings, everyone.

  4. Gretta

    6 month appointment!

    Sooooo awesome! The toenails thing really is huge! So glad you got pats on the back at your appointment. Well deserved! You're doing fantastic!
  5. Gretta

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    Thanks! You definitely will!
  6. Gretta

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    Simply amazing!!! You've done an incredible job!!! Happiness!
  7. Gretta

    I got brave :)

    Seriously so cute!!!
  8. Gretta

    Six month nutritionist visit

    I think it's really cool that it gets specific. Please keep us posted!
  9. Gretta

    Six month nutritionist visit

    That would be hard for me to wrap my mind around, too! Can't really hurt to give it a try. You can always reevaluate and readjust. Maybe it will go well.
  10. Gretta

    Beautiful walk

    So pretty (both you and nature)!
  11. Yes! Love those action shots! And you and Hawaii are a beautiful couple! Woo hoo!
  12. Gretta

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    Wow! What a beautiful place. I hope you're feeling beautiful in it. You look great. Don't sweat throwing caution to the wind. We'll help you get back on track when you get back. Enjoy!
  13. Gretta

    8 months (and then some...)

    This was so fun to read. You're doing great! Thanks for sharing the REAL experience.
  14. Gretta

    Today was awesome!

    Everything about this makes me so happy! Well done!
  15. Gretta


    Sugar alcohols in protein bars can really do a number on you. Sorry that happened.