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  1. OMG - Yes, thanks!! 100% better.. this was my first ever surgery, so maybe I was being a baby but that was absolutely horrible!! I'm 18 days post op now, on purée/soft foods, so I have a new found love for eggs. I'm able to sleep on my stomach and I'm down 26 lbs (I don't know where from, but that's what the scale says).
  2. Thanks y'all! I am able to walk, although it hurts on my left side when I sit up or walk. Im taking the GasX strips pretty regularly and the meds like I'm supposed to. I was sent home with a binder, although I went most of today without wearing it. I can't figure out what works and what doesn't. I just start crying cause everything hurts. I'll keep it up and thank you for the best wishes..
  3. Today is my second day home & so far it's horrible. Every time I move I feel like there's a tugging sensation going on inside my abdomen. I'm barely able to take my meds, liquid codeine, much less any type of liquid. As soon as I sip anything I feel bubbles coming up. Can anyone tell me what day things get better? I know it's different for everyone but I need something to look forward to.. Thanks - Jules
  4. The Date is Set

    April 7th is the day, I'm both excited and so super NERVOUS!!!! The idea of not knowing what to expect, when it comes to pain, is what worries me the most. I think I have about a week of regular eating left before the pre-op diet starts.. I'm trying to to tell myself a food farewell tour isn't the best idea but I'm wondering if anyone had any tips or advice...
  5. Hi Everyone! I started on this journey in November when I had my first supervised weight loss visit & today was my last! I've never had any type of surgery, so describing myself as nervous and anxious is an understatement. It's so bad I started crying when talking to my dietitian!!! Good thing I already passed the psych, huh?! I'm so worried about pain.. everything from the catheter to surgery itself.. I've binged on YouTube videos and I'm not sure if it hurt or helped.. Bloodwork was done today but they didn't mention anything else I needed to do.. Any help or comments that include "it's not THAT bad" would be appreciated..
  6. My 6 months starts today!

    Today was my last weight loss visit and when people tell you it flies by, they mean it! I did blood work this afternoon and now I'm just waiting to find out what the next step is...