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  1. Vitamins make me sick

    For me it is the iron in the multi vitamins that make me sick. I too stopped taking them. Also zinc as I have hair loss. But I find a glass of milk after the tablet stops me feeling nauseous.
  2. You're too thin!

    I would say 'I am sooo bored with talking about food and weight so this is my last word on the topic. But let's talk about..holidays...the weather or whatever floats your boat.' Good luck and love the amazing body you must now have.
  3. Is my pouch stretched?

    I am one year on from surgery and it is now much slower to lose weight. My surgeon said you lose weight up to 18 months. I guess then if you exercise more then you would still lose. Not for everyone, but I do a liquid day once a week to give myself a boot.
  4. I too eat out frequently but just eat much less. I do not want as much alcohol either and find that an inch or so of wine is plenty. Scars? I just have five tiny lines which are red but fading. Each one is less than an inch. No stitches. Just tape. It has been life changing for me and I have no regrets. Only I am buying loads and loads of new clothes.
  5. My hair started to thin about 3 months ago. I am one year on from my op. I have been taking zinc and selenium but for less than a month. I have also taken on board what you have said about biotin and will get some.
  6. One year on

    Thank you I am feeling good. My only problem is my hair loss I have been taking zinc for a month and selenium for just a few days. So I am hoping it will improve although I don't hold out a lot of hope. Still the op was well worth it.
  7. One year on

    Hi I am new to the forum but had my surgery one year ago.