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  1. Coming from Cali. Did you have to do a 3 month diet or 6 month with blue shield ppo platinum? My policy in writing says 3 months but I'm being told different. Every time I call to talk to a supervisor they hang up on me. Help?
  2. Hello! It looks like my insurance will not pay for gastric bypass. I have decided to self pay. How much does everything end up costing at the end? I'm talking all doctor visits, labs, surgery, copays...EVERYTHING. Thanks
  3. Hi! I am at the very beginning of my journey and was wondering about your process with insurance. I see that your beginning weight was similar to mine. Did you have any comortalities and did your BMI ever go below 35 during the prior two years? Thanks for any help

  4. I have severe sleep apnea along with a BMI of 36. Insurance will cover that part. But, my weight has fluctuated below and above 36 in the past two years. That's the major hiccup. Any suggestions or advice?
  5. Hi! Super new to this but very excited. I have never used a discussion forum before. I have found everyone's advise extremely helpful and it's awesome that everyone is so supportive. I appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Right now I need to get a letter from my doctor. Problem is they are in Idaho and I recently moved to Cali. Insurance wants a letter from California :/ Can I use a letter from a psychiatrist or my endocrine specialist that live near me? Thanks for your help!!