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  1. 17 Months Post

    Thank you. You will if you follow the program.
  2. New Member

    I really believe the biggest "secret" was to not drink soda or alcohol at all. I do have an occasional soda when out or adult beverage but not on a regular basis. The other is watching the hidden calories in condiments. There is so much sugar in condiments it is unbelievable. I eat between 2-2500 calories a day and most of that is protein. I have a breakfast burrito for lunch, a lean meat sandwich for lunch with pretzels and fresh fruit and a healthy dinner with lean meat, vegetable side and starch side. This is a typical daily menu. Snacks are beef jerky or something with protein or fresh fruit. Drink Ice tea, coffee and water. I have only had one major negative effect and that is the fact I get sick at my stomach with any heavy cream or dairy product if I don't take lactic first. I guess it is a good thing in a way because I steer clear of biscuits and gravy even though I love them. The last thing is to not eat fast or eat late and not to drink a lot when eating. You definitely have to commit to the lifestyle change if you want to keep it off. I hope this answers most of the above questions as I don't know how to respond to each post yet.
  3. 6 Years Out

    Me before and after 235 pounds down.
  4. Day Before

    376 pounds
  5. 17 Months Post

    235 pounds down
  6. I am 6 years post op and have lost 235 pounds and I am sure that the surgery saved my life.  The journey is a tough road at first but if you follow the rules you will have success.  I was lucky enough to have a great doctor and my amazing wife supporting me through the process.   I look forward to lending advice to anyone and wish I had known about this site when I started my journey.

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    Hello, I am post op gastric bypass 6 years out. I have lost 235 pounds and have successfully kept it off. I am here to answer any questions or give pointers to anyone. I wish I would have known about this site when I had my surgery.