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  1. First day post op

    Thanks. I figured this is normal but I don't remember anyone telling me this would happen. I haven't gotten on the scale yet cuz I don't want to get discouraged. Probably won't even check til my 1 month post op appt. Congratulations on your great success...I hope to be as successful as you!
  2. First day post op

    Thanks for your response. I feel huge right now which is exactly the opposite reason that I decided to have surgery. As long as it's normal I know it will be over in time
  3. I has my surgery yesterday and I guess I am doing very well because my Dr let me go home today. My question is this: did you all feel completely bloated and have a distended stomach after? I literally look like I'm 7months pregnant! And am so uncomfortable. Just wanted some feedback on if others felt this way and how long does it take to go away? Any input would be great
  4. My surgery is scheduled for Monday 2/20 and I'd love to have someone to call/text... Maybe walk with if local that's gone through the same thing...Let me know!
  5. Hi everyone. I found this site today so I'm just "testing the waters". My surgery is scheduled for Monday and I'm a bit nervous... Excited for the new me to in store but I just wanted to reach to anyone here who might have a few words of encouragement