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  1. So i started off at 234 piunds im down to 160 by excercising and eating better. No gastro bypass or sleeve. Just want healthier life. I want surgery for tummy tuck an doc said he would have to do all way around and that he cld remove my birth defect i was born with innthe process. Well insurance wont cover it because they state it is not medically necessary. I am at the appeal state. Any advice. I get sore in my defect and my belly button. I also now have pain in my bottom and my birth defect from weight loss. Im at. A loss all this work and i feel im at stand still. The doctor said that no matter amount of excercise i wont get my excess skin gone without surgery. What do i do, i feel that this will cause my depression to come back and will fall back into old habits. anyone have answers.