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  1. Hey MindyMamaBear, I had my 6 week post op. They look at % lost. I feel like I'm not losing enough, but at 6 weeks I'm 17% I am supposed to be 18 to 20% so a little behind. My 2 week I was ahead. So i guess I caught up with myself. How are you doing?
  2. My water intake sucks. Before surgery no problem. Post surgery not so great. Every day I try to get a little more in. I was only getting 20oz of water a day. Just this week i hit 40oz. Too much I get nauseated.. haven't figured out what works best for me yet and I'm almost 6 weeks. The whole process is frustrating. I encourage you to read some posts. That helps me. Every one is different. Loss will be different. I often lose hope, but I know in the end, I have to keep going and I will be successful!
  3. Your weight sound like me, liquid diet start I was 257. Surgery day 245. My 2 week post op appt I lost 10 pounds, I was excited. My 4 week post op I gained 3 pounds! I was so angry, I stopped stepping on the scale. My 6 week post op is this friday, hoping another loss. Pay attention to non scale victories. My clothes are looser and people are noticing me! Keep at it, stick to it. I know it's discouraging. I've been there and still am.
  4. Thanks! I'm on colace as well and thought about adding Miralax. I will call my MD and make sure that's OK. Thank you so frustrating!
  5. I'm 3 weeks post op now. I lost 13 and gained 3, so only 10 pounds so far. I'm glad I found this thread. I'm disappointed but feel better now after reading this.
  6. Hi! I'm new to the forum I had the sleeve done Feb 2 so I'm 3 weeks out. I'm having such a problem with going #2! I drink apple juice and take a stool softner. Still having problems. And I've only lost 10 pounds 3 weeks out. I'm pretty disappointed.
  7. Hi! From Ohio as well. Today I am one week from surgery (2/2/2017) Hope everyone is doing well.