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  1. EMHMaine

    6 months post op

    You look great! And like you're having fun!
  2. EMHMaine

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    You look wonderful! Enjoy yourself and don't let those negative voices in your head take over. I was just in Europe for two weeks without any possibility to weigh and I was worried that not being "perfect" with my diet would cause issues, but I ended up 2 pounds down when I got home! The important thing in my life is to feel I can enjoy vacation, but not make gelato or wine or ..... those vacation temptations an everyday treat once I return home (as they used to be). What happens in Italy stays in Italy! :p Enjoy the new you in a beautiful country! Take lots of photos!
  3. EMHMaine

    Hawaii 2017 & 2018

    Thanks everyone for your support! Just had a friend over for lunch to talk over her journey, as she is in the process of pre-op requirements. It's exciting to pay it forward and help someone else! I didn't have that and I relied heavily on this forum even if I wasn't posting all that often. Everyone's guidance and expertise on this site was invaluable.
  4. EMHMaine

    Hawaii 2017 & 2018

    I'm actually in Maine so I believe we are in different locations?
  5. EMHMaine

    Hawaii 2017 & 2018

    What a difference a year makes! First photo is from March 2017 when we visited Oahu and the second photo is March 2018 when we visited Kauai. Approx an 88 pound difference! I rode a bike this year, hiked, fit in a seat in a helicopter AND wore shorts and bathing suits for the first time in 8+ years! So thankful for these changes!
  6. EMHMaine

    My Progress So Far

    Way to go! You look 10 years younger!
  7. EMHMaine

    Checkup today

    I agree .... it's hard to know what my goal should be. I'm starting to have close friends and family ask me and I am at a loss (no pun intended!). 171 is the highest number in my BMI range, or whatever calculation they use at the physician's office, and it would be exactly 100 pounds lost. But I also know that I could be 20+/- pounds below that and still be in a healthy range. I guess only time will tell!
  8. EMHMaine

    Check out Zirco Leopard Pics & Stats!!

    You are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  9. EMHMaine

    One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    You are looking great! I found the first 4-6 weeks really hard after surgery .... extreme exhaustion and I struggled with my moods/emotions .... but then the cloud lifted and I started to feel so much better. So hang in there if you are struggling. I wasn't patient with myself and wanted to feel better sooner, but it takes time. Are you in Halifax? My mother is from Lunenburg and she trained as a nurse at the VG many years ago! I love Nova Scotia and visit her there every summer.
  10. EMHMaine

    The best birthday present ever!

    You look wonderful! Enjoy the journey and relish the positive changes!
  11. EMHMaine

    Checkup today

    I'm having a bit too much fun making these "before and after" collages so please forgive me! I had my first bariatric checkup today since my 10-day checkup. PA was ecstatic with my results and said he wishes he could have 10 patients like me today! Bloodwork looked great and I might even be close to goal at my next checkup in April. I'm sooooo happy!
  12. EMHMaine

    Before and after so far

    Looking wonderful!
  13. EMHMaine

    Three months out - before and after

    I was 200.6 on the scale this morning .... SO close! I think it's cool how this milestone correlates with the new year. I usually weigh twice a week, but maybe I will try again tomorrow and see if 2018 brings me into Onederland! If not - soon!
  14. EMHMaine

    Three months out - before and after

    Shoot! I had hoped I had missed that side effect, but since I am starting to see more signs of loss, and I'm at the three month mark, I guess I didn't. Crossing my fingers it doesn't become noticeable. It is such an amazing feeling to buy clothes at regular stores now and not just online, or Lane Bryant, etc.!!! I've gone from size 22/24 to size 16, or L/XL. I hadn't worn a short dress in many years so this was a big step! I haven't worn shorts in over 10 years so this coming summer will be exciting! But first I need to survive the current -4 temperatures in Maine!
  15. EMHMaine

    Three months out - before and after

    No, I haven't lost much hair, thankfully. Just the past few weeks I have noticed a few strands coming out when I shower, but before that, nothing. My hairdresser has been impressed that I haven't lost some, as she has seen much more hair loss in others. Wondering when this typically happens? Right away?