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  1. Checkup today

    I agree .... it's hard to know what my goal should be. I'm starting to have close friends and family ask me and I am at a loss (no pun intended!). 171 is the highest number in my BMI range, or whatever calculation they use at the physician's office, and it would be exactly 100 pounds lost. But I also know that I could be 20+/- pounds below that and still be in a healthy range. I guess only time will tell!
  2. Check out Zirco Leopard Pics & Stats!!

    You are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    You are looking great! I found the first 4-6 weeks really hard after surgery .... extreme exhaustion and I struggled with my moods/emotions .... but then the cloud lifted and I started to feel so much better. So hang in there if you are struggling. I wasn't patient with myself and wanted to feel better sooner, but it takes time. Are you in Halifax? My mother is from Lunenburg and she trained as a nurse at the VG many years ago! I love Nova Scotia and visit her there every summer.
  4. The best birthday present ever!

    You look wonderful! Enjoy the journey and relish the positive changes!
  5. Checkup today

    I'm having a bit too much fun making these "before and after" collages so please forgive me! I had my first bariatric checkup today since my 10-day checkup. PA was ecstatic with my results and said he wishes he could have 10 patients like me today! Bloodwork looked great and I might even be close to goal at my next checkup in April. I'm sooooo happy!
  6. Before and after so far

    Looking wonderful!
  7. Three months out - before and after

    I was 200.6 on the scale this morning .... SO close! I think it's cool how this milestone correlates with the new year. I usually weigh twice a week, but maybe I will try again tomorrow and see if 2018 brings me into Onederland! If not - soon!
  8. Three months out - before and after

    Shoot! I had hoped I had missed that side effect, but since I am starting to see more signs of loss, and I'm at the three month mark, I guess I didn't. Crossing my fingers it doesn't become noticeable. It is such an amazing feeling to buy clothes at regular stores now and not just online, or Lane Bryant, etc.!!! I've gone from size 22/24 to size 16, or L/XL. I hadn't worn a short dress in many years so this was a big step! I haven't worn shorts in over 10 years so this coming summer will be exciting! But first I need to survive the current -4 temperatures in Maine!
  9. Three months out - before and after

    No, I haven't lost much hair, thankfully. Just the past few weeks I have noticed a few strands coming out when I shower, but before that, nothing. My hairdresser has been impressed that I haven't lost some, as she has seen much more hair loss in others. Wondering when this typically happens? Right away?
  10. Professional head shot update

    You look beautiful!
  11. I have lost 50 pounds since my surgery in mid-September. Very close to getting under 200 pounds! Woohoo! The first 5-6 weeks post-op were rough, as I had severe exhaustion, but now I feel wonderful. Soooo many compliments this holiday season, as people see the "new me". (People who don't see me often just think my haircut is different! haha!)
  12. One month post-op

    I spoke with the Dr office and they are starting me on Iron. They originally thought my iron levels were rebounding after surgery judging from labs while in the hospital and my checkup at week one, but they actually haven't sufficiently come up and I am anemic. So hopefully this will start me on the road to gradually regaining some energy over the next 4-6 weeks. I'm also grabbing a box of Colace for the potential constipation. We decided that I should take a step back and return to diet stage 3 with tracking until my stomach seems to calm down. This turmoil all seemed to begin when I began stage 4 and I think I grew careless. I wasn't overeating or eating the wrong things .... I just stopped drinking protein shakes and decided to get my protein from only food and I wasn't even really weighing and tracking. So it was a bust and I think my body told me so. So I am back to the protein shakes and hoping my stomach will stop the gurgling and burping and "angry feelings" soon. I am also tracking, tracking, tracking my protein, liquids and calories! Y'all have been a wonderful support. My husband has been on a business trip so being home alone has been tough. I continue to believe I will persevere and be healthier and stronger!
  13. One month post-op

    Yes, I am on Ursodiol for my gallbladder, but I'm guessing that's not the issue since I've done so well on it for five weeks. I had another day of nausea yesterday and could barely get anything down, but managed a few small meals and some liquids. My stomach continues to seem annoyed with me, churning and creating bubbles every time I take a bite or sip of anything. I called the Dr. office first thing this morning in hopes that I could be seen today, but none of the PAs work today (?!) and only the surgeon is in seeing patients. So I gave a long description to the office manager and she is going to relay my issues to him and either she or the surgeon will call me back. She looked at my labs and my iron and Vit D are low. Feeling a bit more upbeat and positive this morning. I'm sipping on a protein shake and I'm determined to hit my protein and fluid levels today!
  14. One month post-op

    I was taking the chewable Flintstone vitamins until about a week ago when my foolish dog decided to get ahold of the bottle. I came home to a vomited mess of vitamins ... he was fine. Ugh. It keeps slipping my mind to get more and I also wondered if I should switch to a different version that I can swallow. I don't know anything about calcium citrate. The nutrition program at my location was pretty lackluster. I have been hitting my protein requirements until about a week ago. This nausea issue really has me concerned. It is now overwhelming me whenever I eat anything, including protein shakes. Water doesn't seem to trigger it. I barely got anything down today because I would start to eat and it would kick in. I took the prescription nausea medication they sent home with me, but it doesn't help. And not to get too detailed, but I have gone from having firmer stool back to diarrhea every few days. I will be curious what they say about my labs. When I talked with the PA, he said that a number of my levels were "borderline" at the one week appt. after surgery. I really hope that they shed some light on my fatigue and also what might be now causing this nausea. I assume it can't be anything really bad like a blockage or a leak? As far as feeling like I am eating less, it is much more pronounced than a few bites. I feel like I am getting full halfway through a portion. So I will be sure to share all of this with the PA on Monday.
  15. I am one month post-op and many things have gone well, but I am also struggling. I continue to try to focus on the positive and the bigger picture, but it is difficult at times. First, the positive: The surgery went very well and I had little/no pain afterwards. I have transitioned through the food stages with little trouble. I have lost 30 pounds since my pre-op appt. a few days before surgery. Lots to celebrate! The hard part: I have not regained my energy. I kept waiting to feel more energetic, but as week one turned into two and then week three started to pass, I still felt like I had been run over by a truck. Just getting a load of laundry together and put in the machine would wipe me out. Thankfully I am not currently working outside the home because there is no way I would have the stamina. When I read other people's posts about them doing aerobics within a month of surgery, I am blown away. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I literally get tired climbing my stairs and this is not the person I was before surgery. So I finally called the office this past week and spoke with the PA and described my situation. I had a bunch of lab work done, but have not yet gotten the results back. Unfortunately it is the weekend now so I will have to wait until Monday. I have also recently had some nausea start within the past few days which I haven't had in the past and I am finding that I can't eat as much as I used to in one sitting which seems bizarre. Does that seem normal? I would normally have a scrambled egg for breakfast, but now I can't even finish the whole egg. The other morning I was stupid and forced myself to finish it and I felt so sick afterwards. But I'm confused as to why my stomach would be holding less than it did a week ago when I thought it should be gradually holding more. I'm super emotional and crying a lot .... this is a crazy roller coaster ride we are on. Thank God my husband is so supportive and gives me hugs and understands. I also see a counselor whom I have seen for many years so that is helpful. It's hard not to feel some regret when things are tough. Thanks for listening!