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  1. I celebrated two years post-op this past month! Still feel amazing! I’ve gained 10 pounds back, but I feel really great and most importantly, healthy. My husband, son and I participated in a 23.4 mile ONE DAY hike to raise donations for Make-A-Wish (my son is a past Wish kid) and while the event was one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever done, I completed the mileage! It took us 9.5 hours. I couldn’t have even fathomed doing this before my weight loss journey. I am blessed beyond measure.
  2. Great questions! I have to admit that emotionally, I am terrified of regaining my weight. Hitting maintenance is a scary place for me, as I'm sure most of you would agree, and I have never stayed there for long during past "visits" (when dieting, not since surgery). And I am embarrassed to admit that I hoped I would dip below where I wanted to be so that I had some wiggle room to regain a small amount. My weight loss has stopped around 170 ... I go up and down between 168--170 range for the past 3-4 months. I try to focus on giving myself positive affirmations, but the devil on my shoulder says I should try to get lower. UGH Thinking 160 would be a great number, but my body seems to think otherwise. That being said, I continue to see my counselor, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer (3xweek). I have a devoted family and wonderful friends. If I stayed at this weight, I would be perfectly happy - as I should be! But it's so tough to quiet the negative voices in my head. So I continue to work on these issues and be patient with myself. I don't see major changes in my body at this point, as they all seemed to happen so quickly the first six months. I continue to build muscle from doing my weight training and I have no aches and pains which is amazing!
  3. Today was the big day - one year from surgery date! I feel like a million bucks! Best. Decision. Ever :)
  4. Wow, looking great! Keep on rocking it!
  5. My family is thrilled with my change and I think at times, it catches them off guard. As everyone knows, the change happens so quickly that even close family/friends have to do a double-take at times when I walk in the door! The other day, , my 20 yo stopped and looked at me and said, "Mom, you are so pretty."
  6. My personal trainer was telling me just this week that running is NOT the answer for weight loss. Weight lifting that incorporates cardio is the most efficient way to tackle the weight, from what he says. Maybe run 2-3 times a week - if you are still enjoying it - and do weights 1-2 times a week? Can you treat yourself to a personal trainer? Even once a week would be wonderful and he/she would have some great insight on switching up your routine. I just ordered Indian Clubs from Amazon and plan to do exercises using Youtube videos. Just trying something different might surprise your body and metabolism. You've got this! Keep up the good work! And put your scale away and only get on once a day, at most. I push mine under the cabinet so I can't get on it. I weigh twice a week.
  7. Sorry it has taken me a few days to reply .... the kids have all returned home from university and life has once again become chaotic, but exciting! I appreciate your question because it has made me stop and really think about my journey. It has been such a whirlwind the past nine months that I haven't often stopped to truly think through the steps that have occurred. Here are some thoughts. Physical struggles: I was EXHAUSTED for five weeks after surgery. I could barely do anything and this was frustrating and seemed like five years and not five weeks. Literally putting a load of laundry in the washing machine would tire me out. I was concerned and feeling regret. After a few calls to my physician and some more blood work, they switched up some of my vitamins and I began to come around to my normal self. Exhaustion after surgery seems to last at varying lengths for different people and I probably was just impatient to get through that stage, but I was truly worried that I would never recover from it. I learned the hard way that not eating/drinking in the morning (because I didn't feel hunger) is a BAD idea. In November (2 months post op) I went to an early bird sale in my community. Since I only planned to be there for an hour, I figured I would eat/drink when I got home. I ended up fainting at the counter, hitting my chin as I went down and luckily I was not seriously hurt. An ambulance was called and nurses who were in the store (the store was packed with people, ugh) helped me. Totally embarrassing and a big lesson learned! I was able to return home and did not go to the hospital. Emotional struggles: I seriously mourned the loss of my "comfort" .... being able to turn to food for emotions. When I was able to eat again after the liquid phase, some things tasted so good and I was frustrated that I couldn't eat more of it. I switched to eating on smaller plates so I would visually not feel so deprived. This issue has gone away and I am content eating smaller portions and not using food as my crutch. My brain will still try to persuade me to celebrate with food, but I just brush off the idea. I worry about regaining the weight. I doubt this worry will ever go away. I have my "team" to help me stay focused .... my amazing family, close friends, a counselor, a personal trainer, once a month massage and a private nutritionist I now see every three months (the one at my Dr office was too busy and was too hard to schedule). Reaching goal is very unfamiliar territory for me and I don't know how it works. Losing weight has always been "where I'm at", not at the correct weight, so this will be a learning experience coming up.
  8. I had my height as my advantage, but I was a size 22 last summer and currently am a size 12 so definitely a big difference.
  9. Today I hit goal, plus I have officially lost 100 pounds! I'm thrilled with my results and continue to work hard at staying healthy and happy! These photos are a year apart.
  10. You look great! And like you're having fun!
  11. You look wonderful! Enjoy yourself and don't let those negative voices in your head take over. I was just in Europe for two weeks without any possibility to weigh and I was worried that not being "perfect" with my diet would cause issues, but I ended up 2 pounds down when I got home! The important thing in my life is to feel I can enjoy vacation, but not make gelato or wine or ..... those vacation temptations an everyday treat once I return home (as they used to be). What happens in Italy stays in Italy! :p Enjoy the new you in a beautiful country! Take lots of photos!
  12. Thanks everyone for your support! Just had a friend over for lunch to talk over her journey, as she is in the process of pre-op requirements. It's exciting to pay it forward and help someone else! I didn't have that and I relied heavily on this forum even if I wasn't posting all that often. Everyone's guidance and expertise on this site was invaluable.
  13. I'm actually in Maine so I believe we are in different locations?
  14. What a difference a year makes! First photo is from March 2017 when we visited Oahu and the second photo is March 2018 when we visited Kauai. Approx an 88 pound difference! I rode a bike this year, hiked, fit in a seat in a helicopter AND wore shorts and bathing suits for the first time in 8+ years! So thankful for these changes!