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  1. If it was easy then there wouldn't be a challenge. And the people that can't go that extra mile. Would be doing it. And making it hard for the people who need the surgery! It's not meant to be easy. It's mean as a trail to test you. To prove its all worth it. And trust me. I know it will. So I look at this message alot when I don't think I can do this. I remember the reason why I started this to begin with. And that because I know that if I didn't do this. My youngest daughter would grow up with out anyone at all. I have other kids but she's ten years old and they said to me Sheila you won't live to see her be 18. Well then if nothing else is worth it she is. Her sisters and brother are! But she depends on me more than she does anyone! Her name is Shealyn and as hard as this is for me knowing that kid or any kid losing a parent kills me and drives me and pushes me to the next day. Or week!
  2. That not good. Sorry about that. They told me that during our class to take it idk but that what they said but makes you wonder
  3. If people are having problems with hair lost they told me to use biotin
  4. I like in Tennessee and this is my 3years ago. At the who weight lost surgery thing. I was referred to his office almost a 18 month ago. The first doctor didn't want to do it cause my vitamin deficiencies. Said it would be sucide and risky. After doctor sandborn seminar I made my decision about it I wasn't going to allow anyone to hold me back from what I needed for my health. I want to see my kids finish school get married ask questions about boys have babies. I have one granddaughter due in 8 weeks. I can't wait. Dr sandborn office has been supportive and really pushed for me to get this done even if I had to wait. Due to a increase of patients cause another doctor closed his practice. I'm really glad I am doing this. I'm proud of my self. I wasn't ready the first time. And I'm so glad cause it would of failed like he said most lapbands have and he has had to take them out. And today I was reading in the your weight matter magazine that they have two new processors I don't think I'd do either. Cause I want something long term. And the gastric bypass offers that but there is two new choices for people looking to lose weight that not permit. For whatever reasons. And he is doing both new processor the balloon and the flushing apparatus. But what I wanted to say dr sandborn helped me find my voice! Helped me stand up for myself. And my life and what ever I have to sacrifice I will as long as I can remain a healthy lifestyle
  5. Thanks. I was doing well for a few days now I'm lacking energy. But I'm not giving up
  6. I am using a natural whey protein shake from vitamin shoppe it's like 19.95 you buy one get one half off. I like chocolate it's my favorite with sugar free pudding they gave me some Nestle science opisourse it's really good to and that at Walgreens. Has a ton of protein I'm with you there about caffeine I normally eat surgar free stuff I'll miss Coke zero. We use the water enhancers as well. And Good luck to you girl cause we all need support I'm on Facebook if you need a support buddy my name is Sheila Thacker-Mandra
  7. My name is Sheila I live in Chattanooga TN. I am having surgery on 2-22-17. I am scared and nervous! I am caffeine free and started my presurgery diet 3 days ago! I'm worried about alot of stuff. Nothing really huge he's a great surgeon. Don't think he has any complications. If so it's not on his review page. It's been frustrating to say the less. I am feeling like I have less energy. They said I could add a tablespoon of sugar free pudding or crystal light to my protein shakes. And that helps tons.
  8. That the date of my surgery! I started protein presurgery diet 3 days ago. I go tomorrow for preoperative to get labs and finally testing and my last weight