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  1. I'm down 61 pounds. 60 was the halfway mark to my goal. Surgery was 4 months ago. The weight loss is slowing down a lot, but still going. I'm afraid that the next 4 months is going to be harder and more frustrating. But for now, I'm celebrating half goal!
  2. I had gastric bypass and was back to work full time in one week. No complications, and I never felt uncomfortable at work. I was just very tired for the first few weeks. Other than that I felt great.
  3. I hit my first big milestone today.. 50 pounds! It took 11 weeks but felt like longer because that last pound was being stubborn. I still have a long way to go, and I have 1 more pound to get into "onederland" I'm excited to continue this experience!
  4. I've had every single thought that you have had. We need to look at the big picture!
  5. OMG you look awesome! And that dress! LOVE!
  6. Yes! Before surgery I was hot all of the time! I ran the AC all winter! Now I'm cold most of the time and I realize why nobody ever wanted to work with me.
  7. Thanks everyone! This whole process is so exciting!
  8. I'm absolutely horrified to be posting the pic on the left because I apparently took it before I brushed my hair in the morning. It's the only profile pic I have of that time, though. Pic on right was taken today, 7 weeks out of surgery and down 37 pounds. Kind of proud of myself. Edit: Pic on right is 9 weeks out, 42 pounds lost.
  9. I'm 7 weeks out and can still feel that with any liquid that I drink. I don't feel it when I eat anything. Sometimes when I'm really thirsty I mentally prepare myself for the "landing". It only lasts for a minute. I try not to let myself get that thirsty on a regular basis.
  10. Sounds like you have a plan! Enjoy your new life!
  11. Beautiful! Awesome job!
  12. I don't eat sugar anymore, but cake is my weakness. Trust me, 2 hours of driving the porcelain bus was enough to teach me a lesson!
  13. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks post-op and I've lost 30 pounds. The dr said that the next 2-3 months will be big. I've had a few problems, mostly with overestimating what I can eat. I don't "feel" like I've had surgery until I eat too much. Then I KNOW. My son's birthday was on Sunday and I had a few small bites of the icing off the cake. That was a nightmare for a few hours. Overall I'm happy with the 30 pounds.
  14. In regards to dating- Take your time and find the right person. When I was 34 I met a guy and married him 6 months later. After 9 years and two kids, he just walked out. Just like that. Now I'm 45 and starting over. Get to know someone and let them appreciate you for who you are. I have to keep reminding myself this for when I get back into the dating game. Someday I'll find it and so will you. But wait for the person who loves you unconditionally, whom you can trust and be comfortable with. Don't ever settle!
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