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  1. So glad you're feeling better! Be gentle on the pouch, and give it what it wants for a bit
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    So glad you're done and home! I'm sorry to hear about the pain. I suppose if walk walk walk is the way to get rid of the gas pain after WLS, it's the same after gall bladder surgery?? Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Here are some Awkward Yeti gallbladder cartoons to keep you entertained as you rest up.
  3. Thank you for sharing your honest words here. I'm sure there are some people reading them who needed to hear exactly that right now. Very powerful. Keep making good choices and remember to come here and vent/brag/commiserate/laugh/cry/complain when you need to. We all struggle.
  4. I know it feels really weird to worry about your weight being too low after a lifetime of the opposite, but this is just a quick blip, I'm sure. I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather, and even to the point of having to reschedule your knee op, but you'll be back in the pink again soon and able to eat. Your body is having a bit of a tough time, but once you feel better, I'm sure your weight will re-regulate back to where you're more comfortable. Best wishes on feeling much much better soon. Keep the protein flowing in as much as you can.
  5. Congrats on 11 years of success and two babies! Any words of wisdom for those of us almost a decade behind you?
  6. Honestly, I'd take that article with a bit of a grain of salt - it looks like it's published by your surgeon's website, and I assume if he's practicing in San Diego, I'm sure the competition he faces from TJ is pretty fierce. There are good places in Mexico and bad places in Mexico. I shopped around quite a lot and found a place where the surgeon was really well qualified and had a ton of experience. My experience was very positive. The offices and hospital were clean and modern and staffed with well qualified people. There are people who go to really cheap dodgy places, though, and I have indeed seen the warnings about them online. I think it's a question of doing your due diligence. It's a big decision and you'd think people would be really careful, but looking at those cheap prices can make people a bit crazy, I think.
  7. Wow! Trish! So amazing! You are truly a superstar. I love that I have been here in the front row to watch you on your road to success! You are an inspiration.
  8. Jen581791

    still here!

    Get better! I hope that everything clears up for you quickly
  9. Congrats on all your success, Tracy! It sounds like you have found a pattern of behaviors that is working well for you. That's the secret, at the end of the day, I think!
  10. I'm sorry to hear about what's been happening to you and your family. That must be very difficult. Sometimes I find that taking control of my eating makes me feel like at least one corner of my world is solid. You might gain some strength by getting your intake in check. You know what to do - it's the doing that's the hard part. Best of luck to you.
  11. I am forever grateful for the extremely healthy and balanced culture we have here at TTF. I have no doubt that the much-improved relationship I have with food is helped considerably by chatting with all of you wise people. I never ever want to be one of the regain statistics. It would be heartbreaking to me. But I know I can be in control of that, as long as I continue to live with the rules I know I need to follow. Thank you all for contributing to this sensible culture of accountability!
  12. You look much more comfortable in your own skin, now! Keep up your hard work.
  13. Your losses are amazing! Congrats on your great job so far - maintenance will be just around the corner Happy one year surgiversary. Don't allow missing your arbitrary goal of -150 in your first year determine how you feel about your successes. The goals you should feel happy about meeting are behavior goals, since you can control those. Deadline milestone goals aren't really up to you - your body will lose how it loses, and you can't really control the rate, so why get worked up about it? Focus on cultivating good habits. That's what will help you in the long run. Finding yourself at a size you haven't been since childhood can be pretty bewildering, but really exciting. Enjoy where you are, even as you aim for your goals.
  14. Welcome! You will find non-judgey, helpful, supportive people here, I think. A very sensible group, working hard to make sure we all can be successful. Read around the site a bit, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  15. Sorry, @cindylouwho! I just followed you so I'll see your content - this just didn't come up on my feed! Congrats on your 4 months of maintenance!! You look amazing, and you have a nice list of accomplishments. Don't let your doctor get you down - just keep working on the nutrition, and remember that you're still in the beginning phase of maintenance: it's some trial and error, and your body is probably a bit confused! You'll maintain eventually. At 5'4", you're not really wasting away at 125 - just relatively wasting away compared to before. That's quite a change to ask people to not fret a bit about. I was petrified to stop and maybe gain, and almost a year of maintaining perfectly (because that's how I like to do things) I really let loose in November, December, and January. I gained a few pounds, and that showed me that gaining a few pounds is not the end of the world. I stopped gaining, which showed me that that is possible. I lost a few pounds, which showed me that I'm indeed in control. I prefer not to have cravings, so I'm back to fairly low carb again, and all feels right with the world. I learned a lot. I won't do that again next year, but it taught me that I can control my weight - and that if I don't pay attention, I will gain. Good things to know.
  16. Haven't seen it, but wow, that doesn't sound like an ideal outcome!! Yikes. No wonder people have negative ideas about it
  17. Wow, your leg is looking much better, congrats! So proud of you for keeping up with the PT. It doesn't sound fun, but I think you'll thank yourself for it later.
  18. Wow, my hero! What an accomplishment (an accomplishment that will probably not last long, but anyway). Don't mess with @Cheesehead! She's tough!!
  19. @AliPat, you look fantastic, and it sounds like you're doing the hard, emotional work of taking care of your inner self. Good for you! Congrats on your milestone.
  20. You look amazing! So glad your sleeve and pregnancy are working out well for you both. Healthy mama is a great thing to be! Congrats and I hope the home stretch goes well for you.
  21. I do the tunics and dresses with leggings thing all the time. In my case, it's due to modesty conventions where I live - but that's fine with me, since I can sort of have the feeling of wearing short-ish skirts, but I don't actually have to show my legs! Congrats on a fun trip to Hawaii. A tropical vacation is such a different thing for a thin person, isn't it? Your plan to not hate your extra skin sounds like a great one, but one that probably has to come in stages - years of body issues don't disappear overnight. It's more of a goal than a commandment, I guess.
  22. Thank you, Tracy! Time has definitely flown by - and my how life has changed. So glad to hear that you're wearing properly sized clothing now. That makes all the difference. Celebrate the place that you are and dress yourself for that celebration!
  23. Yes, I too have clavicles with a knife's edge, but squidgy other parts (my thighs, sigh). Ah, if only spot reduction were a possible thing. What's going on with your (lack of) weight stability? Is it behavior related, or mysterious?
  24. @CheeringCJ, glad you could find a compromise workaround. I'm really really working on being OK with my body because beach is a pretty normal part of life here. Sadly, I am pretty distracted by my body issues while at the beach, but it's getting easier. I can't imagine spending the weekend (actually 2 weekends in a row now) at the beach with younger, fitter friends, but I seem to have survived it. I totally agree with the 1-3%, but I wish the other 97% of us could just feel OK about being there doing beach things and not being self-conscious! Maybe someday I'll be a stronger person, and I actually feel somewhat OK, depending on the activity. I try to keep thinking to myself: Hey, two years ago I wouldn't have gone to the beach at all, probably not even in a maxi dress. And now I'm OK with about 90% of my body. That's a huge leap, and really I should be proud. We should all be proud of the amazing progress we've made. The woman who feels comfortable frolicking in a bikini is a rare bird.