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  1. Trish, congrats on your two years! I'm so proud of you!!! It has been my great pleasure to go on this journey with you and to see all the amazing changes you've experienced. It hasn't all been roses and rainbows and butterflies, but you have achieved some incredible health gains and have completely turned your life upside down in a good way. Your new healthy lifestyle allows you to spend more active quality time with those you love. Your horizons stretch further. Your future is bright! You have done such a great job of navigating the obstacles and managing the crises, and I feel really certain that you can continue on this healthy path. Take some time today to celebrate where you are, how far you've come, and all the work it took to get there.
  2. I read this great article by a professor once who dealt with his backlog of emails after being gone for summer or whatever by setting up an autoresponder that said something like, "I'm not going to read this because I'm out of the office for an extended period. Please contact me after xyz date." Then, after coming back to the office, he would simply delete everything that had come in over the summer and start fresh! His thought was that if it was urgent, the sender would have contacted him a different way or else the emergency had gone away and become irrelevant. You could always just start fresh. Don't stress yourself out. We all understand.
  3. Like @athenarose, I kept a food journal during active losing and also weighed myself daily and tracked that. Now that I'm at a fairly stable weight and have a pretty good handle on how much and what to eat to maintain, I weigh myself a few times per week and track food intake only sporadically. Like on MFP, I will track closely for a week, then take a few weeks off. I do keep an exercise log now, though, to track that (on Strava). It just goes automatically from my Fitbit, though, so I'm not actually doing anything to log it. Also, during my active losing period, I journaled on my blog quite a lot about how it was going and what I was feeling. That was also helpful.
  4. Yeah, this is active at a level I never thought I'd see, in my wildest dreams. Even a few months ago, I was like "A marathon? Why would anyone do that to themselves???" Now, though, a half marathon just seems like a good workout, oddly enough.
  5. The signing up part is easy. We'll see how I'm doing in August and November! In truth, though, I think I'll be OK. I'm working harder at this than I imagined I could, and I'm still enjoying it!
  6. Oh no! Tragic! I love spicy food and don't have any problems with it, fortunately. Funny how there's so much variance in how our bodies react. I still can't drink hot beverages or soup. They make me puke, like instantly. And I love a nice hot soup. And a cup of hot coffee. No more! Iced coffee and cold soup if any. Sorry to hear about your spicy food probs
  7. Glad I can be somebody's hero! Believe me, I'm a little in awe of my own ambition at this point...
  8. Thanks for this! I'm a bit scared out of my mind, but I'll have buddies with me along the way to mentally help me through the fear. Well, for the ultra anyway. The marathon I'm all on my own!
  9. Anita, that is so awesome, and having your daughter to do it with is amazing! I'm weirdly self-motivated so I haven't run any races yet, but I think for most people, signing up for races is really key to keeping up your motivation. That and an accountability partner! You've got both! I am doing sort of a combo of the two plans I'm linking to below, not being super strict on the exact distances of either, but sort of keeping track of making sure my numbers are between the two. I'm focusing on making sure my long runs are on point. That means tomorrow I will be running 25k for the first time. And every other week until the end of July, I'll be running the longest distance I've ever run (progressively longer every other week). Yikes! And I'm going to have to run while traveling this summer! So basically shorter runs 3-4 days per week, with one focused on speed, and one long run per week at an easy pace. These plans are a little ambitious but I think I can handle them. If not, I'm OK with backing off and revising my goals down a notch. Both Runner's World and Hal Higdon have lower barrier "novice" plans that are a little gentler, as well as half marathon plans of varying levels of difficulty. There's another running plan guy who really pushes run/walk which might be interesting to you. Best of luck on your training! I find that I enjoy it the most when I think about it as a fun activity that I get to do now that I'm thin. I avoid thinking about it like I "have to do it "or like I "should do it" or I "need to do it" or like I'm punishing myself or buying extra food intake with it. I'm enjoying having a fun body to move around in. Like driving a sports car after years behind the wheel of a gutless old minivan Zoom! Fun!
  10. So, a couple of work friends talked me into signing up for an Ultra Trail Marathon that will be happening in November (an ultra marathon is basically anything longer than a normal marathon, but this is a trail run, so throw in hiking for good measure). Apparently my progress in running has been sufficient to convince my co-workers that this is something I can handle... 31mi/50km up and then down a mountain, something like 2300m/8000ft of elevation? In 12 hours. It may kill me, but at least I'll die trying. Then, because I felt kind of stupid about having my very first race of any kind at all be an ultra marathon (wut?), I went ahead and signed up for a marathon in August as well. Because why not? I've been running enough lately that my normal weekly routine is basically halfway through an 18-week marathon training program, so of course that makes sense (!). My weekly mileage/kilometrage is around 30mi/50km, and I seem to be doing just fine and not getting injured or anything, so I guess I'll just hang in there and keep going. The thing is, I really enjoy running now, so committing to at least 6 more months of this seems like a nice idea to me, weirdly enough. I actually like it. I'm trying to imagine my three years ago self trying to wrap her head around the concept of running for fun. Let alone long distance running. Let alone very long distance running up a mountain. Yeah, I guess you could say that WLS has changed my life...
  11. Welcome and congrats! That IV fluid will make its way out of your system in a few days. Drinking plenty of fluids in the meantime may help. I wish you the best during your recovery. I hope this takes care of your reflux!
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    Puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I tend to squeal like a six year old girl when dealing with baby animals.
  13. Hiiiiiiiiii! Thanks I'm just glad to see you back here. As for my personal level of movement, ugh, I'm super motivated right now, not sure why. It scares me a bit that I'll burn myself out, but I guess as long as my limbs are healthy, I'll keep it up while I have that mysterious oomph that gets me out the door.
  14. Welcome back and please don't hesitate to lean on us when you need to - that is, when you really feel like you don't want to... that's when you need to, I'm sorry you've been having a stressful time. Take care of yourself while you're taking care of your family. Happy Mother's Day!
  15. Welcome and congrats on taking the important step of deciding to look into WLS. I can't recommend it enough - in my case, it has totally turned my life around. I'm 1000x happier and healthier. I don't have any great advice for questions for your doc, other than: Which surgery do you recommend and why? When can I do it? What steps do I need to take to get there? What's the pre-op support like? What's the post-op support like? If you've been reading around on here, you probably have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead. Start making plans and small lifestyle changes now in anticipation Best of luck!
  16. Congrats on all your progress, Tracy! Holding steady is a great triumph, and as Res said, you can always give another 10 pounds a shot and see if you like it. No obligations!
  17. Congrats on your great progress so far! Lots of super sensible advice from Res Ipsa, as usual! Logging your intake very precisely might help you figure out if you're eating more or differently than you think. Some people just need that outside check on their consumption (I do). Exercising a fair bit will bring up the number of calories you can consume, which is helpful. I find I also eat healthier when I'm working out for some reason. It might be a good time to crack the whip and pretend like you're fresh out of surgery for a while, doing everything according to the book.
  18. Welcome and congrats on figuring out what has been tripping you up. I find that the fewer carbs and sweets I consume, the fewer I want (and vice versa, unfortunately). You might want to do some very low carb high protein and fat for a while to see if your body is happier with that. You may find that you like it, or at least like what it does to your appetite and cravings! I see you're from Washington. Are you in the Puget Sound area? That's where I'm originally from
  19. Happy 2nd Surgiversary, @Aussie Bear! I hope your health is doing really well. I love to hear of your successes
  20. Congrats @Cindy Lou Who! It sounds like your attitude and outlook are very healthy right now. You're doing great! Renegotiating your relationship with the scale and with exercise and with fashion are three big ones for me, too.
  21. Welcome and best of luck! It's going to be so exciting!
  22. Wise words from @cinwa. Early days are the toughest ones, but here you are on the other side, just waiting for all the good things to happen! Welcome. You have an amazing year ahead of you
  23. I'm a huge proponent of "fake it til you make it." Rock something slightly uncomfortable around the house for a while, until it feels sort of natural. Then pop out to the supermarket in it. Then wear it to the post office. Then wear it somewhere you want to look nice. Our brains are funny things, aren't they!
  24. Trish, you look amazing. I love the dress - you may feel self-conscious wearing more form-fitting things, but you look great, and totally like you belong in it. Keep working those biceps!
  25. So precious! I love the name, her hair is amazing, and so impressed you've managed to stay even keel on your weight through this big body change. Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness with this little one. You did an amazing thing to yourself to make your body ready for pregnancy - now you're a healthy mom of a beautiful girl. Good for you. I'm so happy for you