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  1. Jen581791

    ballroom dancing

    You look great! Enjoy the dance classes - a great way to treat yourself
  2. Jen581791

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome back!!! I hope your holiday helped give you some positive energy! Miiiiiiiiiissed you.
  3. Jen581791

    Day one

    Love it!!
  4. Jen581791

    Protein shake

    It really really seems like it wouldn't matter, but every once in a while I try to eat something just after drinking a shake, and I can't really because I feel full. It feels like I ate something. For this reason, I try not to drink for a while after drinking a shake. If my stomach thinks it's food, hey, I'll let it continue to operate under that misconception...
  5. Jen581791

    The flu....

    Tamiflu is your best bet, I think. Plus washing your hands like crazy and not touching your face. HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Pink? Real or photoshop? I have ALWAYS wanted pink hair.
  6. Jen581791

    Questions galore

    Welcome @Jen132018. The bruising is probably a little trauma and a little blood thinners, but in any case a quick call to the doc probably wouldn't be amiss, if for no other reason than to make you feel calmer about it. Between clear liquids and soft foods, I had a lot of sugar free pudding, thicker soups (without chunks), and yogurt. You'll move through the food stages pretty quickly, but it does seem like agony to wait for the next thing. There is so much variety between post-op eating schedules that I don't think it's as much of a science as an art - and not an exact one, at that. You can look for the Tufts guide here. It's a widely used one. (Usually posted by @Res Ipsa but I thought I'd be proactive instead of just shouting out to him...) Good luck and welcome!
  7. Jen581791

    17 months post op

    Congrats on your upcoming new boobs! That should be exciting. As for tracking, I find that my intake swings between not enough and too much if I don't track - but maybe it comes out OK in the end? Maybe not, though, since I'm up 2-3 pounds since Thanksgiving Back to MFP for me - it's at least a good way to make sure I'm being honest with myself about the quality of things I'm eating. I understand that the entire process of tracking can be counterproductive for some, and annoying for most, but it seems to work for me. Each and every one of us has different motivations and triggers and whatnot, I suppose. There are a lot of good bodyweight workouts meant to be doable at home out there on YouTube, etc - you might have a look through those. I go to the gym because it pushes me to work a bit harder, but if you're going the home route, using videos is probably a good way to start, anyway. Resistance bands can be helpful, too.
  8. Jen581791

    Any ideas

    Big hug, @Kim M. I hope you get some answers and some relief soon!
  9. Jen581791

    How soon to feel better?

    Congrats on being a few weeks out and on all your progress so far! It took me about 6 weeks to start feeling "normal" in terms of energy (sort of normal, not really needing naps every day anymore, and not needing to rest if walking a bit). Looking back, I was still pretty low on energy then, but was able to go about my daily business. One thing that helped enormously was to have little snacks when my energy got low - I didn't figure this out for the first three or four months, but at that point I realized that being low on energy was my body's way of telling me I needed some calories, no surprise since post-op calorie intake is so low. With the protein heavy focus, I was also in ketosis and didn't have the glycogen stores to keep my energy up (carbs burn slowly so they keep you feeling energetic for longer, but protein burns pretty quickly). A few bites of food helped me to keep my energy up if I was tired while my caloric intake was really really low. Now my calories are higher and my carbs are enough to keep me out of ketosis, so I don't really need this, but it was certainly very helpful for the first year out.
  10. Jen581791

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    I had the distinctly bizarre experience the other day of telling a group of people that I'm not trying to lose weight - I'm happy where I am. That got a lot of blank stares. This was apparently the weirdest possible thing I could have said. Eventually they were like, "Really? Huh." I don't mean to imply that they thought I should lose weight, just that they hadn't really considered not wanting to as an option. They were all discussing running as a good way to lose weight. ***edit: and none of them are overweight... they're all pretty athletic people.
  11. Jen581791

    Knee surgery

    I hope it goes really well! This surgery can be a real life-changer for people - I hope it has that effect on you
  12. Jen581791

    The Ups & Downs of New Clothes Shopping

    First of all, @Brattykid, congrats on all your progress!! Clothes shopping will be pretty weird for quite a while. I spent a few months grabbing too large things, and then overcorrected and grabbed too small things, and just now I'm getting the hang of my new size. After a year of nearly constant shopping (can you say addiction transfer?). That said, you have certainly lost more than 4 inches off your chest. If you look at a "sister size" chart, a 46DDD holds the same breast volume as a 42G. A 42DD holds the same breast volume as a 46C! So you've lost more than you thought you have. I typed up a big long thing a while ago after I did some research on bra sizing to help people find their new sizes correctly as they lose weight, and I'm linking it here. There's a lot of incorrect information sloshing around out there in the bra industry, but fortunately there are great people out there on the internet figuring out better ways to help women find better fitting bras. You'll be dropping sizes pretty quickly for a while, but when you get down to your GW, you should spend some time and effort making sure you're wearing the right size - it's a game changer. Have such a great time on your trip!
  13. Jen581791

    Seeking post Sleeve Buddy!

    Welcome, @Abbey Morrison! I'm an RNY person, not sleeve, but much is fundamentally the same between the two, in terms of post-op lifestyle. I hope you find someone who's doing surgery around the same time as you, as that can be really helpful, but actually everyone here is very friendly and supportive. You'll find tons of sleevers here who are happy to answer questions, share information, or just commiserate over the post-op mental and physical weirdness (it gets better!). What a wild and amazing ride you're in for! Let us know when you're on the other side so we can welcome you to the losers bench.
  14. Jen581791

    Rice after a bypass

    I can only eat like a bite or two of rice. It tends to just feel like I'm clogged up, so it's not comfortable. The same with pasta and bread for me. Those were my go-to carbs all my life - I loooooooooooved them. Now, I can totally go without them without feeling like I'm missing out on anything. My tastes have changed, and as @CheeringCJ said, when comfort food isn't comfortable, you don't seek it out anymore. I just tend to eat things with real flavor, rather than filling carbs. I know this won't sound like what you want to hear, but your relationship with food will change, and allowing it to do so, even encouraging it to do so, is the best way to stay on track post-op. A year pre-op, I'd have just about died if someone told me I wouldn't eat pizza anymore. It's not that I can't, though - it's just that I don't really want to. The crust fills me up too much, and it's not a comfort food anymore. I don't feel at all bad about not "getting" to eat it. I can eat it, I just don't care to.
  15. Jen581791

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    @CheeringCJ - Totally get it! I feel so pleased when I'm clothes shopping and my size isn't all folded over at the edges of the clippy hangers. They're the sort of size that hangers are made for! Very exciting.