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  1. How did you know when to stop?

    Yes, I've upped my calories to 1200 per day (we'll see how that goes, but I'm getting them in every day, basically, just not sure if that's enough to hold steady). That's necessarily involving eating some pretty calorie dense foods (lots of nuts and cheese), which is kind of a treat. Since you're still in a honeymoon type timeframe, dropping a few more pounds should work out just fine, I suppose. A little extra muscle will burn a few extra calories, and presto
  2. Three month follow-up

    It sounds like you're doing great! Great health markers and NSVs, both. Halfway there is a nice milestone - it's so nice to be closer to GW than to SW. I'm excited to see some of your outfit choices when you get there Enjoy the heck out of that salad - the crunch, yay!
  3. Meeting with my surgeon

    Hi Rob not Mike (I like your preventative "Thanks Rob" at the end ) Here is a post from CJ from a few months ago - it has some ideas, mostly about food stages, medicines, vitamins, activity after the surgery.
  4. I just got my surgery

    Congratulations and welcome @Megans0988! I hope you're ready for the exciting year ahead - lots of hard work, but so worth it
  5. "At goal" pics

    My goodness, you skinny little thing! You've been hiding how small you've gotten under baggy clothes, I think, because you look much smaller than the last round of photos!! You look PETITE! Not to mention: happier, healthier, better able to move around, and more comfortable You and your daughter look so cute together! I'm so proud of you and the amazing progress you've made. Please hang on to this feeling of success and let it surround you in a happy cloud. I feel the same way about all the kind, generous, supportive people here on TTF - the help and wisdom I've received here has definitely made the journey possible. And you, of course, are one of those people, so thank you right back.
  6. Pet peeve

    This sounds like a person who will not be picked up at the airport again... Sheesh! "Hey, thanks for picking me up at the airport. By the way, I'm going to spend the rest of the one hour drive preaching ignorantly to you about your life choices. Hang on, I've got some really strongly held, ill conceived, and poorly informed opinions coming your way!" Btw, I'm AWESOME at losing weight! I've lost hundreds of pounds over the years! And stuck to those diets even when the pounds started coming back, against all logic, even when I was consuming very small amounts of calories. My lifestyle goes to sh!7 AFTER I gain the weight back and can't exercise like I used to and start eating out of self pity, desperation, and depression. I'm hoping the surgery will help me to counteract the regain. The medical evidence says it should.
  7. animalrescuer18

    Yay, it's official!
  8. Thanks, @Cheesehead! I had so many great people to look to when I was starting (including you) - I'm happy to join that group of successful WLS people who can serve as inspiration for others!
  9. Happy!

    I think it was @NerdyToothpick's brainchild. She has a way with words I do like the idea of a place we can go to sit and drink our victory protein shakes together. You may not have a standing reservation yet, but pop by for a high protein snack and we'll wait for you to come back for realz.
  10. Happy!

    Way to go, Trish!!! We're saving you a seat at the booth here in the Maintenance Cafe!
  11. Postponed

    I hate it when life throws a wrench in the works, especially for scheduling. This is just a bump - you’ll still end up on the losers bench, just a little later than planned.
  12. Travel Tips?

    Several brands including syntrax make single serve powder pouches, so all you need is a bottle of water to toss the powder into. That has worked really well for me in my travels. You can order them on Amazon in 12 packs - they’re very lightweight. When I went to Guatemala, I took 21 pouches and 21 bars for a 3 week trip. Got some funny looks at the airport when they scanned my luggage, but that’s all.
  13. Travel Tips?

    I adore shopping in the grocery stores of a new country! One of my favorite surprises while traveling was learning how awesome Italian truck stops are. They are SOOOOO great! They put even the biggest most amazing American truck stops to shame, and they have real food instead of just processed garbage (I mean, they have that too, but they have wonderful real food in great abundance.
  14. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    I'm not entirely sure I can find a pilates studio where I am. I can definitely look into it, though. I've always liked the idea of pilates.
  15. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    New shoes! New shoes! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Thanks for giving me this excellent excuse, I mean important reason, to buy new shoes! In all seriousness, I do need new trainers and hiking shoes/boots, but sadly I am not in a good part of the world to do that I'll be buying online and paying for shipping, so no chance to even try them on, but I do know the brands I like and my foot size hasn't really changed (I had thin feet, I guess?). Just having shoes that haven't been worn in by someone much heavier than I am will probably be beneficial.