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  1. Jen581791

    Graphic post op pics

    Poor you! So glad it's going down now, and I hope it gets better quickly!!!
  2. Jen581791

    Is this unusual?

    Peanut butter is such a stand-by for me when I need calories! Super yummy and so many calories... Have you tried that?
  3. Jen581791

    Jumping pouch/muscles?

    Yikes! No experience with this, but it sounds unnerving. Sending a hug across the ether. I hope it goes away.
  4. Jen581791


    Good luck, @Andrea23. I hope all goes well. I had RNY and was in for two nights (wow, I'm actually having to search my memory for that fact - was it one or two? Two I think - seems like I'd remember...). They'll keep him as long as they need him (or he needs them) I suppose. As for the items he's bought being either on or not on the approved list, hopefully he'll get his head around all the new "rules" (really guidelines, but some are stricter and/or more important than others, some are for long term habit building, some are for keeping you from hurting yourself, etc). There's a lot to learn. It sounds like you're going to be a well-informed support person for him. I hope he takes his lifestyle changes seriously, as well. WLS is not a magic bullet that takes care of the problem - it's a way of helping you deal with the problem, and you have to work the system for it to work for you. Keep coming back with questions for the good people here. There are so many wise and experienced veterans on the forum, as well as people who are new and can really understand the new-person perspective.
  5. Jen581791

    Calorie counting, anyone?

    @Slevan - congrats on your progress so far! It sounds like you're a very active person, so some extra calories probably will help with your energy levels. We all have to find our sweet spot for the active losing phase (and then again for maintenance!) so playing around with MFP's defaults is a great way to start. And you're doing lots of protein, which is great on so many levels!
  6. Jen581791

    How long?

    Congrats on your excellent progress so far! You're doing great.
  7. Jen581791

    Jen581791's two year surgiversary! Woo!

    Valentine's Day, so it's easy to remember
  8. Jen581791

    18 month post op !

    Congrats on being where you are, Tracy! It sounds like you've found some equilibrium with not tracking and doing IF. Just keep doing what you're doing. A few birthday treats are not a problem if you crack the whip right away after, like you've done! Happy birthday and best of luck with the plastics.
  9. Jen581791

    I’m back!

    Welcome to the losers bench @Boston Redhead! Sorry your surgery didn't go exactly as planned, but you got the main thing done, and the sleeve is such a great tool for so many here. You'll be really happy, I think! Now buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! You're going to do so well!!
  10. Jen581791

    The journey so far...

    No, your words should definitely be about everybody else! Moving from one form of disordered eating (whatever got us all here) to another form of disordered eating (bulimia) is probably really common, and for those who've struggled with bulimia in the past, I'm sure that having something stuck and needing to "offload it" (that's how I think of it) is probably really triggering. It's something we should definitely all keep in mind as we move down the road toward a better relationship with food. I check in with myself every time I have to do it to make sure it's really a thing I think will make me less miserable rather than a thing that will save me some calories or something. And then I check to make sure I'm not eating to make myself miserable with the idea that "hey I can just offload it later." I'm pretty sure I'm not doing that, but I think it's healthy to check in with myself and be really really sure that's not what's going on. Your comments were good to reinforce the idea that this could indeed be a tendency for some of us. We need to keep it in mind!
  11. Jen581791

    I’m new here!

    Welcome and good luck on the hoop jumping portion of the process! Take it one step at a time, and remember that you're moving in the direction of better health.
  12. Getting skinny is hard for those around us to adjust to, too! I make big batches of PB balls and keep them in the fridge in a tupperware container. If you roll them in powdered nuts, they don't stick together. I just grab two every morning and put them in one of my teeny tupperwares to take with me. I can usually get 20 or 30 out of one batch, so they last a couple of weeks or so until I have to make more again.
  13. Jen581791

    The journey so far...

    So glad to hear the papaya works well for you! It helps me if the stuck thing is protein, but veggies don't seem to work the same way, much to my chagrin. Fortunately, I have no history of bulimic tendencies, and used to be absolutely unable to make myself throw up, so I don't think I'm headed that way. I do have to reassure my hubs of that from time to time, though. It seems like a worrying behavior if it happens more often than rarely...
  14. Jen581791

    Some footage of my surgery for anyone interested.

    Awesome!! Really kind of beautiful from a technical point of view. Thanks for posting it
  15. I'm glad to hear that you got some hard facts and advice from a trusted source, and that this is helping you to inform your decisions. Great idea! Kudos to you for keeping your muscle mass up while losing - that's the ideal, right? I'm sure it gives you some confidence in telling the concerned important people in your life that you're doing OK and have things under control. I think your NUT's advice sounds pretty solid: go for calorically dense foods right now to slow your losses to avoid stretching your pouch or learning to eat past the discomfort. You can always back off the fats/shakes/PB balls later if the numbers go the wrong way, but I think it's harder to back off the volume. The PB balls are easy/tasty/practical. I added some cocoa powder (unsweetened, just the powder) to the PB this week and used chocolate protein powder, as well. I find if I cut the protein powder with powdered milk it doesn't change the nutritional content much, but it improves the texture a bit (it's less grainy). Go for it and make some, you skinny little thing <-- in a good way.