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  1. Welcome! You’ll get through all the hurdles, one by one as they arise, and if you’re finishing up your six months of pre-op, you’re already seeing some success, I imagine. There are definitely some lifestyle changes we have to agree to (I call it my deal with the devil - yes, I can be thin as long as I agree to follow the rules!) but they’re not really that bad, and the upside is a whole new awesome way of living. It’s natural to be anxious, but you will get through it.
  2. Jen581791

    Struggling to find balance

    I’m lazy and just eat the sauce as my main dish if the hubs is having pasta or rice or something else starchy. The whole point of starches, worldwide, is to stretch out the good food (the sauce) in an economical fashion, so since I don’t need to stretch *anything*, I just have the sauce. Bolognese, shrimp in cream sauce, tofu or whatever curry, stroganoff, whatever it is, I just serve myself a half cup or so and call it dinner. No starches gumming up my pouch, and I still get all the yummy stuff.
  3. Jen581791

    Feeling weird and scared - Why?

    @Cindy Lou Who you’re so not alone! I remember feeling a great sense of relief when hearing back from all my heroes here on TTF in the early days. Just knowing that my seemingly weird experiences were normal and common was really helpful.
  4. Jen581791

    Two for RNY

    Yikes! Best of luck to them with their procedures and with their childcare situation I hope the kiddos are well behaved and calm. What a great support system they will have built in, since they’re doing it together. And an expert in the family, on top of all that? Always someone to talk to if they need it.
  5. Jen581791

    Any World Cup fans?

    I’m in France right now, so “Allez les Bleus!” Paris came to an absolute standstill during the match yesterday, but the French seem pretty pessimistic about their chances this time...
  6. Jen581791

    Feeling weird and scared - Why?

    Congrats on your losses as well as on the successful river vacation and bathing suit wearing Those are some great tangible positive results! No one will know what your set point or GW will be but you when you get there. You’re right, it’s a secret, but your body will give you some signs. For me, it was photos - at a certain point, I knew I should stop, so I started eating more and I stopped losing. If you’re eating mindfully and healthily and your weight is where you feel comfortable, you’re probably doing everything you need to be doing. Some track, some weigh, some measure their intake, some eyeball it, some just eat until satisfied. I’m finding myself doing a little of all of these things. But keeping an eagle eye on that scale so I can crack down in myself if I need to! I think it’s a long learning curve. Being able to recognize eating triggers and deflecting them is a huge step. Little by little, better understanding ourselves every day... Best of luck to you - focus on the positive things. The negative what-ifs are there to keep you careful!
  7. Jen581791

    First Time(r) for Everything

    Experiment with different shake brands but don’t buy too much of any one thing - your tastes may change after surgery. I like Syntrax chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but just after surgery the chocolate tasted metallic to me. I like to blend them up with some psyllium (helps keep you regular and also improves the texture by making it a bit thicker). I also make a few and freeze them in individual servings. I let one thaw for a couple of hours so it’s more like a milkshake when I drink it. I actually enjoy mine. I’d second Res’s suggestion of watching YouTube videos. Milla K is great. I also like Chemistry Queen and Clusie L. Don’t be too hard on yourself about working out after surgery - yes, exercise is great, but you’ll be too tired for much besides walks for a while. Walk and nap. As you lose, exercise will get easier and as time goes by, your energy levels will pick up. By all means check out gyms, though! It’s a good step in the right direction for the rest of your life.
  8. Jen581791

    5 weeks in and struggling

    If you’re eating beef and chicken at 5 weeks, you might just be eating things your new system isn’t ready for yet. Solid protein like that is difficult, even further out than you are, for many people. At a year and a few months out, if something is going to give me problems, it will be a solid protein. At 5 weeks, I was mostly eating a lot of really soft stuff (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, egg salad, string cheese, veggie burger patties, tofu, soups, beans). And only a few bites of most of those - stopping for a minute or three between bites. That helps you keep from overdoing it - after a few minutes, you can tell a bit better if one more bite will cause discomfort. For ideas on what to eat, you can check out The World According to Eggface’s excellent blog. It has a ton of recipes for every stage. Her ricotta bake is delicious, and her egg bites are really great, too. When you’re feeling discomfort, a papaya enzyme pill will help break down the protein that’s causing it. They’re chewable, so easy to deal with. If you’re to the point of having your mouth start watering a lot and even foaming a bit, it may be a time for “better out than in.” This happened to me last night at a restaurant after eating something unfamiliar, and I was basically fine after chucking it up. My pouch was just not having it. Super good timing: my hub’s birthday dinner Oops. Best of luck. There seems to be no great advantage to proceeding quickly through food stages, so retreating temporarily to a more comfortable and less challenging food is always a possibility. You’ll get the hang of it!
  9. Jen581791

    I’m new here

    Keep your eyes on the prize - quick losses in the first two months may not signal best long term outcomes, or signal anything at all, although we all feel impatient to lose as fast as our bodies will allow! It’s extremely variable, not just between the two procedures but from person to person. It’s a good idea to think about two year and five year outcomes. That first year will go very quickly, even though it may not feel like it at the time. I think there’s a lot of luck, genetics, and things we don’t really understand yet that go into how fast an individual loses. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Choosing which procedure is an agonizing process for many, but very few people regret the choice they make. Basically, choose the one that seems to make sense to you and your surgeon, and you’ll probably be happy with it if you follow the program and change your life in the right ways.
  10. Jen581791

    Kio....put the boxes down and stop in to say hello

    Glad to hear you’re functionally if not completely unpacked. That’s a big job. Enjoy your new house!!! I expect you may come home to find a @NerdyToothpick floating in your pool some afternoon...
  11. Jen581791

    Almost passed out

    I had this a lot at the beginning but decreasingly over time, just occasionally now. It helps if I clench all my big muscle groups a minute before I stand up - bum, thighs, etc. That seems to get the blood pressure up a bit. I have pretty low blood pressure, so I have to be a bit careful at times. Hot showers can also be a trigger, as @Gretta mentioned - I used to have to sit down for a few minutes afterward.
  12. Jen581791


    Good for you! I’ve got some droopy areas that can stand some camouflage, too Hey, it’s very trendy to wear suits that act as sun block these days - you’re just being sensible about blocking UVA and UVB! Actually being un-self-conscious about going swimming has been such a treat. I love swimming and had forgotten how much I missed it. Have fun!!!
  13. Jen581791

    Did you start to feel fat after maintenance?

    In photos I look skinny, in the mirror I look thin, when I look down at my body I look pudgy in places (thighs!!!!), and in my mind’s eye I look fat. Brain, remember the photos and the mirror! It’s crazy-making at times. Clothing tags just don’t register with my brain at all - like they must be fake or vanity sizing or something. There’s no way I could wear a size 2. But I do.
  14. Jen581791

    10 Day Post-op

    It’s funny how the losses work: often in steps down rather than a smooth downward slope. Sometimes it seems like drinking a whole bunch of water encourages the next step down, but who knows. Very mysterious! Hang in there and trust the mechanical alterations - the pounds will keep going away. The stalls are crazy-making at times.
  15. Jen581791

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    @BurgundyBoy Duck has been the biggest layer of my food pyramid for the last couple of weeks because the part of France I’m in is famous for it. Confit does especially well, but it’s all gone down well for me (thank goodness). For a vegetarian (ex vegetarian at this point, apparently?), I’ve been very into duck for the last couple of weeks! Maybe you can give it another shot sometime in the future if you’re feeling brave. @NerdyToothpick sorry about the pizza. I had some for lunch today (first time I’ve really tried to eat pizza since 2016...) and it was tough going. Fortunately I haven’t been missing it, so I may give it a pass in future.