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  1. @TammyP What a beautiful family and a beautiful day! Congrats on the wedding.
  2. Sounds like you're doing great! I would have loved to have someone talk me down after the first time I got stuck I was in an absolute panic and was just sure I'd done something terribly wrong. Nope. Count your blessings, starting with Trish. She is a treasure trove of experience. No nerve damage to my stomach so I can't help you there. It doesn't sound fun. I hope it resolves itself soon.
  3. Any movement you can incorporate into your life as an enjoyable part of your routine is good. And while running absolutely sucks when you're heavy (believe me, I know), it's actually fun when you're lighter! You don't have to run marathons, though, unless you're a bit crazy and/or addicted to running. You can be extremely fit doing just a short run a few days a week.
  4. I had daily nap-time for the first month or so, then still felt easily tired for a few months. It got better then, though. Similarly to @athenarose and @cinwa, I tried to keep my protein intake as high as possible, plus vitamins. I could immediately tell the difference after eating some food, too. Just the calorie deficit is a bit exhausting. The amount of energy you'll have when you're carrying a lot less of you around with you will be amazing! I love how much energy I have now! :) Best of luck in your recovery.
  5. It's blistering hot outside, but for some reason inside spaces are usually very cold, like 65F (17C) sometimes in my office. I would imagine I might not want to leave the sauna if I were up by the arctic circle! One awesome effect of lots of weight loss: my feet never hurt anymore. I can stand all day and feel comfortable. I can wear heels and feel comfortable. I can wear totally non-sensible shoes and have comfortable feet. It's great! Congrats and also sorry on the sleep apnea non-diagnosis. I hope through the various other factors you will be approved for surgery - it's a sad thing to have to hope for health problem so you can get approval
  6. Awesome! Isn't it a miracle how running is... fun? when you're carrying around a whole person less than you used to! I am constantly amazed. I bet you'll hit your sub-2:00 half next year. That's a great amount of time to train for it - you'll be in super good shape!
  7. I live in the Middle East and I'm currently wearing a (lightweight) merino sweater in my house I have a puffy down jacket in my office for those overly-cold-AC days.
  8. I find myself often eating some kind of frozen protein (veggie fake meat, or shrimp, or something like that) plus a store-bought lowish carb sauce for dinner. I often use Indian sauces, Thai coconut based sauces, or even just marinara, although I'm careful about which brands and flavors I buy to make sure I'm not getting one chock full of sugar. I only use about ¼ cup of sauce, maybe ½ cup if it's a healthy one, so it's not that much anyway. I often toss in a few frozen veggies like spinach or something, too. With these simple things on hand, I always have dinner at my fingertips, and I can warm up just exactly how much I want/need, so I don't have to mess with leftovers. I even have a tiny frying pan just for me so I can make single servings of my tiny little meals
  9. Hi Lisa, What you're going through sounds really awful, but unfortunately not very unusual for post-op people! There are a bunch of reasons people think it happens, but it basically happens to a large percentage of people. I certainly experienced it from time to time in the early days out from surgery. It will probably just go away on its own, but no harm in bringing it up with your doctor. What may help you feel less alone, anyway, is to do a search on this site for "post-op depression" and see all the questions and answers that come up. It seems like most people suffer from it at least to some degree. Another thing you can do is look into the Blog area of this site and read a few people's blogs, right from the beginning, so you can sort of experience how they felt as they moved through that stage, as many of them did. Big hugs from me. You will find a lot of support here.
  10. Congrats! You're doing really well! When I was losing, my face got a little... I don't know, older or a little unhealthy looking? Kind of saggy and with more hollow eyes? But since I hit GW, things have tightened up and gone back to being normal. I definitely look younger than I did when I was heavy. It's also a question of people getting used to your shrinking appearance. The rapid weight loss can feel a little unsettling, but your body will most likely stop at a very healthy place. Even if you go a little lower than you like, it may adjust upwards a bit after a while. Finding the sweet spot is a process, not a finish line sort of thing. My body is still changing a lot at 2.5 years out (in a good way!). No longer obese: hooray!
  11. Jen581791

    Quick update

    I hope this newest development will resolve your ongoing issues. My thoughts are with you, and I'm sending positive vibes across the airways.
  12. I hereby title your memoir: Trish Goes for a Hike. A tale of hardships overcome and setbacks reversed. Coming to bookstores near you. Congrats! Never thought you'd see the day, I bet. Enjoy the nature. May you walk many forest paths in the future.
  13. Best of luck, @PapaDavid! You've got a build-in support network par excellence. I hope the surgery and recovery are as swift and painless as can be, and I know you're going to do well with Nurse Nana Trish taking care of you.
  14. Thanks! Me too! Fortunately it's holding up really well. I'm trying not to abuse it. I have a fancy new running watch that tells me if it thinks I'm overtraining, so that's helpful.
  15. Good question! When I hit GW, I was eating only around 1000-1200 calories per day My big change has been to just increase the number of small meals I eat. I eat 200-300 calorie or so "meals" (snacks for everyone else in the world) about 8 times per day. I eat a lot of protein, but have upped my carb intake (some whole grains, some fruit, nuts, seeds, dairy) as well. I can afford to splurge on treats more often now, but still don't do that a lot. I pack my lunch for work in the morning with about 4-6 tiny tupperware containers, plus a shake and usually a bar. It's a fair amount of food prep, but it's necessary. While I'm doing a long run (20+km/12+mi), I eat dates. I've also had some GU packets (basically carbs/salts/amino acids/caffeine in a pouch) on a few runs. I think my body is just burning so much fuel it doesn't mind if some of it is just straight up sugar. That won't last beyond my intense training period, though. I wouldn't normally burn an extra 1600 calories from running if I weren't doing this!