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  1. Jen581791

    What have I done!

    Congrats on your happiness, Kim. What a lovely story
  2. Jen581791

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Definitely no need to tell anyone who's going to add to your stress at the moment. You may change your mind later, when you're reveling in your success, but also no harm if you don't. Your medical decisions are your business. Right now, you need to focus on all the positive results you're going to enjoy, including a longer, happier, healthier life.
  3. Jen581791

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Welcome and best of luck on the big day. It's coming up quickly! You're going to be amazed at all the positive changes you'll see - there are some things to get used to, for sure, but overall, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  4. Jen581791

    How long did it take for your weight to stabilize?

    That's exactly what motivated my intense gym-going! I'd doing a lot of squats and lunges these days. For me, the little bites of stuff is dangerous, so I generally pre-grab all my food for the day and stick with what I've planned. Of course, over the last couple of weeks with holiday parties, that's gone a little out the window on certain days, but as a general rule. Routine is my savior. Lycra, lycra, lycra. My gym leggings make me look awesome.
  5. Jen581791

    Random pains

    I had some weird aches and pains for a while, particularly in my back and my hips and knees. When you lose large amounts of weight, your body has to get adjusted to holding itself differently! For a while right when I reached GW, I had a huge thigh gap and I was like What?? But in the year since then, my hips have shifted a bit so now it's a very small thigh gap, which is good because that means my body is moving more naturally now. So many weird changes. Just think of all those tendons and ligaments and things that need to shift around and get used to a new way of moving. Not to mention all the other strange things I think of sometimes, like where do all the blood vessels go? What about nerves? I'm half of me - surely I don't just have twice as dense a nervous system and vascular system as before...
  6. Jen581791

    How long did it take for your weight to stabilize?

    Good time for an update, @Cindy Lou Who. It's been just about exactly a year since this post. Once I hit my actual GW (I agonized a lot over that number, but finally looked at myself in some photos one day, and was like "Yikes! Maybe too thin! Time to stop!") I have varied only within the 5 pound window I give myself (well, I've bounced just a pound over and a couple pounds under a couple of times, but that all regulated itself out in a few days). When I hit GW, I suddenly ramped up my calories quite a lot, increasing over a month's time from 1000 per day to 1800-2000 per day. I found that number by doing some TDEE calculator websites and generally shooting for the number they spit out. That seems to be accurate, since that's how much I can eat and not gain or lose. That process was a big shock to my system, but it effectively stopped the losses very quickly. I eat 1800-2000 calories per day basically every day now, and my weight just seems to stay in the same spot.* *this week I'm giving carbs a whirl, due to holiday festivities. This means I have packed on 5 pounds of water this week (water bonds with glycogen in the body for energy storage if you eat enough carbs to store away energy - I usually eat pretty low carb, so my body is suddenly storing glycogen/water and it's doing my head in!!!). After Christmas, it's back to low carb. I'm not eating a lot of garbage, just some cookies or whatever every few days. I'm fully prepared to go back on the wagon, and I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm just trying not to freak out over the numbers on the scale. At GW, I had lost a bunch of muscle (goodbye booty), so I have spent a lot of time at the gym trying to gain that back, and then some. I'm getting surprisingly (for me) muscly now, which is great. My loose skin is disappearing slowly, so that if I look at a photo of my arms, for instance, from like a couple of months back, I'm surprised at how much better they look now. I have a bit of loose skin under my upper arms. I have some loose skin on my upper thighs. Almost all the loose skin in my butt and above/around my knees has gone away. My boobs are awfully small now, but they're a little bit perkier than they were when I hit GW. In general, all over my body, the skin is just a bit... loose. But improving. I'm hoping it continues to improve for the next few months. I'd love for it to be perfect 22 year old flawless skin, but hey. That's not happening. I feel a little self conscious in my bathing suit and just a bit still in sleeveless tops, but I have a feeling I'll be OK in sleeveless tops sometime soonish. The muscle I'm gaining is helping to fill out the skin, I guess. My booty is coming back, too, but it's all muscle now
  7. Jen581791


    Wow! You look great! I really love your red and green plaid suit - it takes some moxie to pull that off, but you appear to do it well Congrats on all your success.
  8. Jen581791

    Knock, knock? Is this the Maintenance Cafe? Anyone home?

    Welcome to the Maintenance Cafe, @Cindy Lou Who! It's a whole lot classier in your photo than I had imagined
  9. Jen581791

    16 months post op

    Way to hold yourself accountable, Tracy. That's the important thing. Nipping a little regain in the bud right now is a good plan. I'm so grateful for the wise words of people on this forum like @cinwa, so the idea of being fairly strict with myself forever seems really normalized. It feels like I have a big group of people making good decisions around me, and I just need to do what they do to be successful. Nothing like a little peer pressure. The behavior here overrides all the voices I hear around me IRL that say things like "Christmas comes just once a year - have some XYZ!" <-- two or three weeks before Christmas. If I eat like a maniac for a whole month every year, that's definitely going to be a problem. So instead I follow the advice of the successful people here Thanks, everyone!
  10. You look great! Much happier and more comfortable with yourself. Congrats and keep working - it's so worth it. Measuring inches is a great idea. Even now that I'm at GW, I still keep losing inches, so my clothes are changing how they fit: my body is doing some recomposition, and more muscle is a great thing! Basically, the more muscle and less fat your body has, the more you have to eat to maintain So it's all a good sign.
  11. Jen581791

    THE Dress - VICTORY!!!

    What a beautiful Christmassy outfit! You look amazing (and of course so proud of yourself, as you should be!). Print that one out and hang it on the bathroom mirror for when you get one of those "Do I look fat?" days - it's great evidence of your newly svelte silhouette, and very hard to argue with, even for our crazy post-WLS brains. Truly beautiful.
  12. Jen581791

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    It varies from day to day with me. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, "You know, I look pretty good. Even my thighs looks pretty good." I just bought some black velvet skinny jeans because they make my butt look awesome, so that was one of those days. Other days, all is see is distorted me. The mirror tends to lie a whole lot more than pictures, so I try to look at photos as often as possible to sort of shock myself into reality. I think people (probably especially women) tend to look at their "problem areas" when they look in the mirror, and forget to look at the total package. It's a hard habit to break, even though I don't really have "problem areas" anymore (at least when I have my clothes on...).
  13. Jen581791

    Finding my limits

    I have hungry students who will be more than glad to eat some cookies. 18 year old boys are like bottomless pits!
  14. Jen581791

    Bratty kid.......

    Welcome to the losers bench! Congrats! You have such crazy exciting times headed your way. In a good way
  15. Jen581791

    It’s been a while

    Haha! My eyes completely glossed over the “friend” part of your post and just saw daughter poor reading skills. Harper is looking more like a kid than a baby these days!! Big boy.