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  1. Jen581791

    Hi guys

    Oh, I'm fine. It really just felt like a bad flu. I'm just feeling tired and cooped up now. Like most people who get it, I just had a mild case. As for those who are unlucky enough to get a bad case, it looks terrible. Let's get back on track then. Control is all about what you're doing right now, so just distract yourself (toddler wrangling strategy, right?) if/when the urge to eat what you shouldn't pops up. Protein first. I'm going to focus on drinking a lot of water and herbal tea today as well. Sometimes I forget that I'm actually the one in charge of me. Time to take charge.
  2. Jen581791

    Hi guys

    Hi Trish, I've been thinking about you all during this weird time, too. Strange times, and I think it's going to get much worse before it gets better. I hope you're doing OK. I've actually been sick for a couple of weeks (recovered/recovering now) with what was probably covid19. Dr. Google is my most official source here - not going to deal with going to the clinic over this at the moment, and they wouldn't test me anyway, as I'm not sick enough and haven't been traveling, but the symptoms do seem to point to CV over influenza. I'm fine, but still a bit wiped out. Anyway, we're in se
  3. I'm sorry you and hubby are having to go through this right now But it sounds like you have the best attitude you can. Hang in there and take it easy.
  4. Better check and make sure they're not joking! Best of luck on the big day - I know you've been hoping to get this resolved, and I hope it works out really well for you. Good for you for staying in GW range.
  5. Congrats on this milestone! You must feel terrific! And you should Your GW sounds like one of those ones that is set at a fairly high, very achievable number, which is a great place to aim for initially as it puts you in a much healthier place than you were. It's also not so low that your former self couldn't imagine being there, so great for that, too. According to a standard BMI calculator (for what it's worth, BMI is at least one metric we can use to ballpark with), your BMI will be within the top end of the "normal" category at 174. So no need to fret that you're going to be a
  6. Jen581791

    Good News

    Great news! So glad to hear things are going better for you
  7. What a terrible tragedy, Trish. Hug your kids and grandkids. It sounds like everyone will need a lot of love and support.
  8. I hope everything went well - please update us when you can. I'm thinking about you.
  9. Three years ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed in Mexico wondering what the heck I had done to myself. I was pretty freaked out. I was also not at all hungry, which was a new thing. It was a wild and crazy ride for the first year, during which I lost 150+ pounds (!) and got to my eventually recalculated GW of 135, which seemed impossible and insane at the time, but normal to me now. I measured and counted every single bite of everything that went into my mouth that year, and was genuinely as close to perfect as I could be, as suits my sort of all-or-nothing personality. I started go
  10. Trish, please be kinder to yourself! Assigning yourself blame isn't really fair or kind, especially if you're having mental health issues. There's no one to blame. Just work on the choices you make, and try to make it as easy on yourself as you can. I'm sure you're a great cheerleader for David - now do the same thing for yourself!
  11. You look amazing, lady! Truly gorgeous, loving life, and an inspiration to us all
  12. Great inspiration for the rest of us! Thanks for posting - you look great
  13. Exactly! When I have gotten down to "thin" previous to my WLS, I have had to spend 100% of my mental energy on avoiding food, pretending like I'm not hungry, eating one thing when I really really really want another, pushing down food thoughts, berating myself for my weakness, and just focusing on not feeling like I'm starving. I was basically starving myself and getting mad at myself for feeling starved while I was starving. And I was only ever able to keep it up for maybe a year max each time, followed by giving up and gaining weight. And feeling self-hatred and regret and embarrassment for
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