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  1. New to thinner times

    Welcome, @UrbanStrings. It looks like you've already made a lot of progress since surgery! Closing in on the century mark since HW, as well. Good for you. I hope you find the support you're looking for here - it's a very positive place with helpful people, I find.
  2. I'm doing the happy dance!

    Congratulations on the house! It's really lovely. I hope you make many years' worth of beautiful memories there.
  3. Give me an L!

    Congrats! Your worries/fears/observations seem totally normal for where you are in the process It sounds like you're doing really well. Keep up your hard work, and yes, trust that it'll work if you work it.
  4. 5 Days till gastric bypass

    Welcome, and don't worry about the nerves - that's a totally normal part of making a big life change, and we should all take the process of having surgery seriously. That said, it's very safe these days, statistically speaking. Here's an article to distract for a bit: If you need more ammunition to quiet your worried brain, here's a whole list of them: Best of luck!
  5. November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    @Cardamom77 You’re looking so great! Congrats on your success and welcome to onederland. You’re past the halfway point, which makes it all seem more real, I think. Sorry about your money woes and the effect that has on your eating It sounds like you’re rising to the occasion, though, and being as creative as you can be about it. I like your sassy sense of style.
  6. Welcome to the losers bench! It'll get easier
  7. It’s almost surgery time!

    Big hug to you from me - that had to have been terribly disappointing. I'm glad the surgeon was cautious, though. Your health is worth a month of waiting. I'm sure you'll be very happy with VSG - and eventually this month will just be a blip in the History of You. I hope you can take this extra month and turn it into a time to work towards your goals.
  8. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Highjacked by a lovely boule!
  9. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    If you could make that scrumptious looking boule into crackers and get them to me, I would be extremely happy
  10. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    @CheeringCJ you are hereby authorized to dress nicely and to draw attention to yourself! I understand about feeling shy about doing that, but you look great! And those boots would totally pull that outfit together. Flats might work as well, though. Congrats on the boots! Nice find.
  11. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Thanks for doing the legwork, @BurgundyBoy! I appreciate it That seems to square with the reading I've done - I think I've seen studies showing no significant difference after two years, and others showing a small difference, but nothing showing a big difference. I'll take those malabsorbed numbers, though, even if they're small, since any little bit helps. Gotta keep on top of the vitamins, though. We'll see how this goes moving forward, but at the moment, yeah, I'm eating a lot more than I expected (or than I want to now, normally). Definitely as a heads up for anyone reading this and counting your chickens pre-op or during the active losing stage, it certainly seems like my numbers may not be typical (although there are some others here who eat about the same amount as I do, calorically speaking). I think plan for 1200 for the rest of your life and be surprised if you can eat more than that is a pretty good plan. I'm 5'8" and quite active, so that influences the outcome, as well.
  12. Foamies

    It sounds like you’re set! The little tiny china and cutlery are so helpful in getting your brain to adjust to small portions.
  13. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Thanks, delilas. Yes, it's very different terrain. Space agencies do Mars training stuff here, and I can see why in many places - in the flat areas, it's just rocks as far as you can see.
  14. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Yes, I have seen online where some surgeons and NUTs recommend never eating more than 1200-1400 again, so certainly that's common. I'm very much on top of checking my intake and weighing myself every day, so I'll definitely catch it if this level of intake starts to increase my weight - but in the meantime, I'm eating like it's my job.
  15. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Thanks, CJ. Yes, it's strange to be the small one. On the calories, it's definitely a "your mileage may vary" sort of situation - it sounds like *most* people don't end up at this point, but I certainly have. Tracking to make sure I eat enough is very very weird. Best of luck on finding your style - like I said there are a million blogs out there, so surely you'll find some that you find useful. It's a whole new world