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  1. Update: I'm doing pretty good! The weekends for me were always fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've stayed away from fast food and have managed to cook and prep my meals. Tracking is still annoying, but it's gotten easier. I am having trouble reaching 1700 calories without going over carbs and sodium first so I need to figure out different foods to eat that don't have a lot of sodium and carbs. I'm a pretty picky eater so it hasn't been easy. Does anyone have book recommendations for a bariatric patients?
  2. Hello all,So I had my first NUT visit and was told not to go over 1700 calories and work on eating 6 small meals throughout the day. My insurance is requiring me to track my food intake through My Fitness Pal and send them my food reports. A couple of questions: 1) If I go over 1700 calories or track that I ate fast food do you think they will deny? 2) If I lie on my tracking and say I kept under 1700 calories, when really I had a cheeseburger and the weight loss isn't showing (my insurance or surgeon isn't requiring me to lose weight) will they deny? I just want to get this right so I get approved when the 6 months are up. I want to take this time to prime myself for surgery, but all this food prep I've been doing is going to burn me out by the time 6 months are up! I don't think I've ever stuck to a healthy meal plan for more than 3 weeks!
  3. Finally scheduled for my Psychiatric evaluation, the Dr. I will be seeing is 2 months out so i'm glad I didn't procrastinate on getting it set up! I also have my first dietitian appointment later this month. Anyone have tips on what to expect during my dietitian consult? My insurance case manager isn't very much help though. Any question I ask she does the "hmmm let me get back to you on that".
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice and support! I talked with my husband about this last night and marital issues was one of his concerns when he first started researching WLS. It actually melted my heart because he has done more research than I have! We shouldn't have any issues. He has my back and I have his, we are a team... it's just one of those "what if" things . The binder of info that my surgeon provided had a graph and you have a higher chance of developing a leak and other complications than a pulmonary embolism so that eased my fears a little.
  5. Hello everyone! I am in the beginning stages of pre op! My insurance requires 6 months of diet before I can have the surgery which from what I've read goes by pretty quick. Wishing I could have the surgery sooner because my sister is getting married around the time I will be eligible for the surgery. OH WELL, what's an extra month of waiting? I have been looking into the sleeve gastrectomy for over a year now and my husband is finally on board with it. So thankful for him. I was reading the support section and there are many people who've had marital issues after WSL so this concerns me because we just married in August 2016. We are strong though, I gained around 60 lbs after we started dating so I'm not concerned over him thinking I'll leave him with my "new body". I have been obsessed with My 600 Pound Life on TLC. I am no where near that weight, but it is really inspirational to see what these people go through. They also make it look so easy! I just recently watched the episode about the twins, and one of them developed a pulmonary embolism post op and almost died. That REALLY freaks me out. Anyway, just introducing myself. I am really excited to be a part of this! Everyone seems so supporting -Andrea