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  1. That's kind of how my work is. I've had people whom I never talk to approach me wondering what I'm doing. People are apparently asking about me in meetings in which I'm not present. Some people think I'm sick because of all of the doctor's appointments. I'm not used to the attention.
  2. I've lost about 25-30 lbs since my pre-op diet and I'm getting a lot of comments, compliments, and questions at work. I haven't told anyone I had WLS, because it's personal to me and none of their business. People are like "after your vacation (time I took off for surgery) you're looking super skinny!" Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered but I don't like the attention. I'm just telling people that I've been working out, drinking water, doing protein shakes, cutting carbs, alcohol, and coffee. How did you all deal with it? Did you tell co-workers or were you able to get away with it?
  3. Night sweats

    I'm 1.5 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. I've always slept with a fan on high partially facing me and I keep the house thermostat at 70. I wake up, not drenched, by my shirt is slightly damp in some areas. This didn't happen often before, but now it's every day. Is this a side effect of rapid weight loss? I don't wake up feeling dehydrated.
  4. Surgery question

    I didn't have one. It was never brought up.
  5. I'm less than 48 hours out from surgery. I'm just about out of my pre-op protein powders. Once I leave the hospital, do they send me home with more powder or will I have to get more from my doctor?
  6. I received a call that my insurance approved the VSG surgery. I waiting to find out my out of pocket cost. But otherwise, I'm set for 2/27!
  7. Scheduled for 2/20. Trying to push it back to 2/22. Thanks!
  8. No, the surgery is in 3 weeks. I start my liquid diet in 2 weeks. I'm going to take the whole week, plus the weekend. Essentially, 7 days off, but I could take more. I have no choice to wait on the motorcycle riding...I live in freakin' Chicago. I usually take my first ride around the beginning of April. Thanks for the replies...keep 'em coming.
  9. I've gone though all the steps in preparation for surgery. I am waiting on final approval from my insurance company. Honestly, with everything I've had to do, I'm at the point where if my insurance declines me, I'd be ok with it. I just don't know if it is worth it. I'm going through separation/divorce right now and I'm beyond stressed with that. This is just another thing I mentally don't want to deal with. I'm pretty sure if I can put my mind to it, I can lose the weight. I lost about 20-25 without trying too hard, but I do want something permanent. And, I'm gonna be single soon, so being thinner always helps . Honestly, that is my main motivation. Here are my questions/hesitations: - The post-op diet within the first 3 weeks is kind of scaring me. It sounds like everyone struggles with water and protein. How bad is it really? - How long should I take off of work? I know I should ask my doctor this, but I'm wondering what every one else did. I have an office job; non-physical. - I ride a motorcycle for long periods of time. Anything surgery related that would hinder this? - Any other tips or words of encouragement would help. I know I probably sound a little nuts...just a lot on my mind.