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  1. Thanks everyone, I got the nutreince they don't make me sick but man the one I tried taste bad. Can't wait until I can take a pill.
  2. Phinphan

    got my date

    Good luck, just remember the end goal as you go through. I had mine on 2/7 and I have had a couple of moments of buyers remorse. I know its worth it in the end.
  3. I bought the chewable Celebrate multivitamins recommend to me by my dietician. They make me super nauseous as soon as they hit my sleeve. So I am taking nothing now. I bought the nutreince 2 questions anyone else get sick on vitamins? Anyone try these nutreince drink mixes?
  4. Hang in there (like I know what I'm talking about) !!!
  5. Phinphan


    Got out Friday feel way better I heard hunger would be gone for a while at least. Not the case for me I am hungrier than ever. Food smells are so enticing. I am getting healthy I am convinced this will be a success. I had my doubts Wednesday/Thursday however I woulda hit the undo button if I could have.
  6. Phinphan


    Struggling w fluids too, lots of nausea hiccups are the worst. Still in hospital
  7. Phinphan


    I had my sleeve done Tuesday, wasn't really nervous once I left the waiting room. Everything went reall good, little bit of pain in the upper left side. I have hiccups which sucks big time. I started fluids today which is going ok they want me to do more. I appreciate all the support. The new journey has begun
  8. Good luck tomorrow 

  9. Good luck mine is Tuesday
  10. Good luck I'll be thinking about you, 1 day before mine
  11. Thank you guys! I know deep down it's the right move before I have health issues, now other than a cpap and knees hurting I am healthy. But I know that is short lived, as am I if I don't change. I'm going to put my head down and trust the process. I didn't think the support group thing would help me but it does, knowing I'm not alone, I appreciate you guys. Cody
  12. I started this journey 8 months ago thinking about getting the band. Went to the 2 hour seminar thing, left thinking the sleeve. Researched a lot, my dad had it in July my sister in September both with great success. I kept my head down and plowed through all the steps they had me do, psychological, weight loss visits, blood work. Then they called and scheduled the surgery. Then it got real. Here I am 2 weeks away or so and am I doing the right thing? Can I do it on my own? I have lost 75 pounds 3 times before, of course I gained back 85 each time. I know I need to do it to walk my daughter (10years old) down the aisle. But I have to honest I am worried because food is such a powerful damn thing. Do I have what it takes? God help me. Cody