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  1. Walking555

    left side pain

    @ burgundyBoy: I had my lap band- sleeve about 2 years ago. I've been in pain for this amount of years. I feel the situation is unfair.
  2. Walking555

    left side pain

    this pain is ongoing, it starts from the mid morning to the night time. its a severe cramping pain, it feels like stiffness. its been a real frustrating thing for me. i had a lot of tests done, but i've read many stories and there are complications involved.
  3. Walking555

    left side pain

    yep i had my gallbladder removed, its unexplained pain and im not sure what to do, it feels like bad spasms sometimes
  4. Walking555

    left side pain

    has anyone experienced pain on the left side? abdominal pain that goes into the back? i hear its just my imagination, but im not too sure about that. it can be really painful sometimes.
  5. I had the gastric sleeve done about 2 months ago. This was revised from a banded plication surgery. For about 2 years I've been having abdominal pain that extends to my back. Its intermittent it sometimes is there.. sometimes it isn't. It is really grueling and the doctor tells me basically its really nothing. I want to get another doctor now another persons opinion. I don't even get pain meds for this. Its like the pain someone gets when they put the gas in your stomach.. but this has been going on for a long time now. Its defineitly cramping pain. Anyone ever hear of this? Anyone have any advice they can give me? This whole thing is confusing for me.