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  1. July 2009 Staplers

    Burgundy Boy I am so glad to hear from a fellow alumni! You have had much success also with your weight loss. Congrats! My husband has brought up trying that hanging by the ankles thing, but I don't think that I could actually do that. It just scares me a bit. I have tried yoga, but to be honest I just didn't enjoy it. I guess I need to be moving with music so I am not really thinking about the exercise itself. That is why I do Zumba. To each their own right? My back has been doing better. I definitely am not having nearly as much pain as before. I just hope it continues. I hope we get through to some more July 2009 alumni and they start checking in with us and letting us know how they are doing.
  2. July 2009 Staplers

    Hi to all my fellow July 2009 Alumni, It has been years since I have posted. It was great to see Wusang post and so glad to hear that he is doing so well. I wish I could say the same. My weight has been slowly going up over the years. I stay between 175 and 180. I am not real happy with that. Everyday I say I will do better, but it never happens. My personal life is stressful. Husband has gotten a new job working in MD. We live in Pittsburgh, PA. So he travels back and forth each week. It is very hard on him, but I try not to show how hard it is on me...but internally I hold all my stress and I eat my stress when no one is looking. I know that it isn't the best thing and I wish I could figure out a way to stop! I have found a new love and that is Zumba. I do it pretty religiously Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I should do it every day. I do have a video I can do when I don't make it to class. I also have a new dog and walk her every day, but not any great distance. My biggest issue is that I am having back pain. I just had an MRI and I have disc degeneration with nerve impingement. (Sciatica) I have an appointment with orthopaedic doctor 10/6 but I have a fear of having a shot into my back which will more than likely be what she recommends. I am definitely not doing any surgery. Having this pain makes everything even harder. When I do my Zumba by the end of class my back feels better (which I believe is weird) but I guess it loosens up everything? Well anyway it is good to check in with everyone. I would love to hear from more fellow Alumni and hear how they are doing. Maybe they could inspire me to get back on the wagon. I wish everyone well and hope that you are continuing to be helped from you decision to have WLS.
  3. Been awhile....

    Hi Vicki, It was amazing reading your story and how your life has been going. I can so relate to what you have been going through. I too have been struggling in so many ways. Don't get me wrong I am happy with my new size, but it doesn't change everything that you think it will. It doesn't change the struggle with the food....that is still there. Like a lot of people have said the surgery is on your stomach not on your head. The head games still go on.... I too have gained back some of the weight about 15 lbs. and let me tell you I can feel everyone of them. I have decided to get back on here and try and get back to the basics and get help from some of my old friends and maybe some new ones too. We went though so much to get is not worth going back to the old ways.
  4. Stomach gurgles

    I have not been around in a while. I would really like to start checking in more often. I had my surgery in July 2009. I am still very thankful for everything. I have gained about 10 lbs back since my losest weight which I am ok with. In answer to your question, my stomach always makes noise after eating. You will just have to get used to it. It really isn't so bad.
  5. Stomach gurgles

    I have not been around in a while. I would really like to start checking in some more. I had my surgery in July 2009. I am still very thankful for everything. I have gained about 10 lbs back since my losest weight which I am ok with. In answer to your question, but stomach always makes noise after eating. You will just have to get used to it. It really isn't so bad.
  6. July 2009 Staplers

    Hi July 2009 Staplers.....Haven't been on for ages. I would love to hear how everyone is doing. It will be 3 years for all of us this month. My real birthday is tomorrow and my surgery birthday will be 7/21. I am still very happy with my surgery, but it does get harder the further out you get. I do a lot more head hunger eating. I am talking about that emotional eating stuff and I so need to get it under control. Please let me know how you are all doing....and let me know if you are having trouble dealing with your eating. Can't wait to hear from you.
  7. "But you have such a great personality..."

    Hi Jenn, I love hearing how you are doing. I can so relate to everything that you are going through. I am a bit older than you, but I definitely feel the same way about you how the surgery effected me that you do. I too felt like the surgery was going to be the end all cure to all my problems. It definitely is not. I still have all the same issues. And they really do have a way of rearing their ugly head especially the further out you get. I have been thinking about going for some counseling myself. Can I ask where you go? I know we don't live that far apart. Maybe if you get a chance you could send me the info in a private email. I would really appreciate it. I am really feeling bad lately because my 17 year old son is getting bigger and bigger. And to be honest there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to help him. He is now out there working and he gets his own junk food. He seems to be a closet eater just like me. It really scares me because he is very big now and I really don't want him to go through what I have, but I don't see anything changing and he really doesn't show any interest in losing weight really. What can I do????
  8. I Do Not Dump on Anything...Slipping a Little

    This topic is hitting me right on target. I have never dumped on anything and over time I have tested the waters on far too many things. I have been struggling for a while now. I don't know why we fool ourselves into believing we can mess with the plan and not have it bite us in the butt. I have now gained 10 lbs. and I am scared to death I am headed down a slippery slope. I have to get it back under control. I started this whole thing by letting myself have just a tiny amount of mini chocolate chips on my yogurt each time I ate it. And in the beginning that was enough to satisfy me, but now I am back to eating way too much candy on a daily basis. How do I stop? I know I have to or I am going to be very, very sorry! I do not want to regain this weight. I was at the same weight for well over a year and in the last few months have gained back 10 lbs. Ok so here is my plan.....The first thing I am going to do...Is get rid of all the candy in the house. I am not going to buy any more. And I am going to go back to the basics. Wish me luck. I really need to make this work.
  9. "But you have such a great personality..."

    Hi Jenn, It just seems to be getti harder now. I too am struggling with snacking on a daily basis. I am so mad at myself everyday when I keep eating (grazing) especially during the afternoon. I so think I need to get a job so I am out of the house. Mornings are ok because I go to the Wellness Center and either do Zumba and/or water aerobics. Some days I go out to lunch with my friends. I don't overeat though. But I must say yesterday was really interesting. We went to Applebees and I ususally get the small soup and salad. Well I ate it (the same amount as always) but my last bite and I was instantly in "pain". That hasn't happened in sooo long. I don't know what happened. It was so strange. I had to get out of there and walk and I really felt like I was going to be sick. I think it was just a gas bubble. Hope that doesn't happen again any time soon. It was definitely not fun. So you would think that that would have helped me today set out on a new lease on life, but no I was right back to grazing this afternoon. I really don't know what is wrong with me! I am now up like 6 lbs. I swore that if I got up over 150 ever again....I would panic and do something about it.... Well were is the panic...and why am I not doing something about it. It is good to talk about it with others who understand and are maybe going through the same thing. I don't know if I believe that going to a therapist would help. I did try that avenue before my surgery. Maybe if I could find someone I could connect with. I certainly didn't connect with the therapist I say before. Well tomorrow is another day and I am certainly going to try and do better. I will go down and do scrapbooking in the afternoon so I am away from the kitchen. I hope so much for you Jenn that getting off the Depo Provera helps you with your hunger issues. I was on that for like a year and I don't remember haivng that, but I was heavy than and maybe I just didn't put it together. I do remember haing a lot of low back pain, but I don't know if it was related to that or the fact that I had fibroids? I am so glad that your boyfriend is there for you and will work with you on the issue. That is a good thing. It is definitely worth trying something new to see if it helps. You know what makes me mad is I am eating and I am not even feeling is just a bad habit I am doing. Dumb. Huh?
  10. "But you have such a great personality..."

    I can totally understand what you are going through Jenn. You have to find the thing that fits you the best in all ways. I know I am a member of a Wellness Center where I can do water aerobics, Zumba (which you might like) and they have all the machines and a bunch of other classes I should also try. It is not cheap $65 a month...but there are many choices and it really fits what I need. Keep looking Jenn. You will find something that is just right for you! I know you will.
  11. "But you have such a great personality..."

    Jenn, Very enlightening..... I have a lot of the same issues. You are so good with words. I really like that you put this down and shared it with us.
  12. "But you have such a great personality..."

    Hello there Jenn. Long time since I have heard from you. I seem to only get on here when I get a post from you. I am so glad that you have found someone to work with. I have been thinking about doing that too lately. Before my surgery I did work with this one lady, but I wasn't really ready to accept that I truly had a mental problem that had to do with my weight. I realize now that it has always been a mental issue. I am struggling more and more lately with the bad foods...all the sweets and candy. The only thing that keeps me from gaining too much I think is the fact that I always have my yogurt/protein powder/fruit two times a day is the rest of the day that is bad. I don't eat a lot at any meal...but the snacking is out of control. You are so right about everything you talk about and I can relate to all of it. It is amazing how many of us live our lives very similarly, but are all so alone. I too thought my whole life would change just because I was thinner, but that just doesn't happen, does it? It is very true that your personality doesn't change from the weight don't immediately have friends from losing weight. The one thing we did get was we feel better we just have to work on the emotional part. It sounds like you had it good physically when you were younger with the sports. I was way too heavy to be involved in any kind of sport when I was in school. I actually weighed as much then that I did when I had the surgery. 250 lbs for a teenager girl...makes it real hard. You should so try and get involved in some fun activities. You will begin to feel the joy of activities again when you start doing them. Maybe you are not a gym person, but you would probably be great at team sports. You know what I have really found I enjoy is Zumba. I wish I could go to it every day, unfortunately it is only offered one morning a week. I still do water aerobics too... These activities I believe are what is helping me not gain too much....yet.... I have been out of work since May...this is another big problem for me. It is hard to have zest for life when you don't have any purpose. My husband and I are trying to get into investment properties, but it has been a slow process. We have to keep working at is definitely an ongoing process and always will be. Thanks so much for updating it really helps me to do the same. I really enjoy hearing about what you are up to.
  13. July 2009 Staplers good to hear how you are doing! You look Grrreat! So wonderful to hear that other July buddies are doing so well. You are truly so blessed to have your daughter live so close to you and be able to see your granddaughter so often. I can only hope and pray that when my sons get married and have families they live close by. I love hearing about others lives and how they are doing. I hope we can encourage some other to start posting again. It would be awesome to hear from more of our July 2009 buddies. Come on people...let's hear how you are all doing!
  14. July 2009 Staplers

    Wusang, so good to see another July 2009 buddy posting. It is really hard to believe we are well into our third year. I wish more of our old buddies would check in and we could hear how they are doing. I have stayed pretty steady for the last year...right around 143 - 145ish. I eat my yogurt concoction everyday still...usually at least twice a day. I have not grown tired of it at all. I have even only eaten the yogurt for each meal of the day some days. I do still have a hard time with sweets, but I don't seem to over eat them like I use to. I too am still enjoying getting compliments occasionally. I don't live near anyone that really knew me at my heaviest any more so I don't get too many. I had one lady tell me tonight though that I looked like I am tiny and the size 6 dress she has probably would be too big on me. I was like "really"....thank you so much. I seem to be having trouble remember my second dose of vitamins everyday. I am pretty good and getting my first dose, but not second. I need to be more rigorous about that. I agree with you so much that..."It is a great feeling to slide into my small clothing sizes of nice off the rack clothing etc...." size 8 or small in my case. I sometimes hold them up and think...this really can't fit me...and then I try it on and it fits! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and maybe you can just check in with us so we can share in your joys!
  15. A few before and after!

    You look awesome girlie! Keep up the good work!