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    Life updates

    So I know its been some time since I have been on with the holidays and everything life got crazy. I was doing well then in November things started to take a turn for the worst. The ulcer in my anastomosis was back the constant nausea and vomiting along with the God awful pain was back. My doctor did a 5th over stitch procedure at the beginning of December to try to fix the ulcer however it did not take at all this time. I was put back on tpn as my nutritional status was becoming compromised. On January 8th I had a revisional surgery they cut the front and back part of my pouch and approximately a little over a foot of my small intestine and remade my anastomosis and connected the new part of the intestine. This surgery is really taking a toll on me I am not healing and I've been pretty miserable. For the last few days I have been running a low grade fever along with cold chills and severe pain that wont go away. Tonight my fever spiked surgeon told me to go through er immediately. I am now being admitted to the hospital because there is a pocket of fluid around my anastomosis. I'm not sure if this will mean more surgery or what. But if you could all send some good vibes and prayers I would really appreciate it. I hope my 2019 will soon start to get better because as strong as I have been for so long I am definitely starting to crumble.
  2. ktallon

    Question for the ladies

    Okay ladies question for those of you that still get to experience that time of the month. Has your PMS got worse since surgery and also how do you combat the mental cravings? My PMS has honestly been worse of course this could just be my experience since I really hadn't had a period in years prior to losing weight. Also holy macaroni do the mental cravings really rear their ugly head. I have tried eating fruit to curb the sweet tooth I have during this time but if just doesn't do it. Any tips? I don't want to go down the slippery slope and undo my hard work
  3. ktallon

    Question for the ladies

    @athenarose no I have not I will have to look into that. @Aussie Bear and @cinwa you are lucky ladies I am so over this lol
  4. ktallon

    Question for the ladies

    I'm on the pill, I tried nuvaring but it wasn't for me I suffered from frequent yeast infections when I was on it and I had nexplanon (arm implant) and I was that 0.01% that ended up with the weird side effects lol (seems I always end up in that category). @Kio I am right there with you my cramps and stomach discomfort have been so bad these last few periods I generally can't get out of bed the first day or two. Its terrible honestly. Also maybe I need to make an appointment with my obgyn because I would generally think since I am on the pill it wouldn't be as bad.
  5. ktallon


    Hello my name is Mr.grumpy pouch today I have decided to give my human nothing but trouble. Oh you want to eat your favorite chicken with cheese well that's a no I don't like it today. Oh now you want to feed me greek yogurt yuck let's go throw that up. The only thing I will agree on is Luke warm tea. Enjoy my grumpiness. Love your grumpy pouch. Okay in all seriousness does anyone's pouch give them fits like this? Literally my staples have been a big fat no go today. Ate the same thing yesterday and was fine. I'm going to need him to go on with his grumpy self. Here is to a better tomorrow.
  6. ktallon

    Home remedies?

    About two to three days ago i woke up feeling like utter crud. I have body aches cold chills runny nose migraine that won't go away sore throat and god afwul drainage in the back of my throat. My 6 year old just got over bronchitis and im pretty sure he coughed a few germs my way. I know with bypass we are limited on what we can take. So first question is there anything over the counter we can safely take to ease these kind of symptoms? Second question if not what are some effective home remedies i can use? I currently have my vicks warm steam vaporizer going but not much relief from that. I have also been having trouble keeping solid food down because of the drainage. I need some relief im feeling pretty miserable
  7. ktallon

    Rediscovered passion

    So for a little update first all has been going well since i had my hernia repair and ulcer overstitch in August. I am able to eat pain free finally. Since then i have rediscovered my passion for cooking. Honestly before i found it a daunting task because well i could not enjoy what i made. I am also realizing my like for a lot of foods i never would have ate in my "unhealthy" days. My current obsession has been cauliflower i never realized how delicious it can be. That and chicken. Also i hit my doctors goal of 170 last week but im not ready to be in maintenance just yet. I would like to get to my personal goal of 150 first.
  8. ktallon

    What brand of yogurt do you all like

    I like dannon light and fit greek i prefer the plain or vanilla most of the time then i can add what i want. I also like the cherry and strawberry cheesecake if i want something with a "sweet" flavor.
  9. ktallon

    My fitness Pal help

    So if anyone could help me out lol. I am having trouble figuring out how to add and calculate the nutrition for a meal i had yesterday. I made a batch of turkey chili. I used 1 pound of jennie o ground turkey 93/7. 1 pack McCormick mild low sodium chili seasoning. 1 can of dark red kidney beans. 1 can of meijer brand tomatoes with onion and 1 can of aldi brand corn. I had a 4 oz bowl.
  10. ktallon

    Did your immune system change?

    So im not the only one then lol. I thought i was just crazy. I have been like a walking antibiotic for a slew of infections not even related to surgery. The big one for me has been recurring utis and bronchitis. I don't know perhaps one of our medical friends will tell us we are both crazy lol.
  11. ktallon

    Need some ideas

    Okay so the good news i am getting off tpn my levels are where they need to be. My doctor has advanced my diet again and i am back on regular food and tolerating it well. So now for my question i am having a serious aversion to meats they dont smell good they dont taste good and they just will not go down now. So other than the obvious yogurt cheese eggs protein shakes what are some other non meat protein options or recipes? Also i cant do any type of shellfish due to an allergy and i don't care for fish honestly. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  12. ktallon

    Wish me luck

    So i started tpn again earlier this week. Good news i am down another 5 pounds putting me at 188 and officialy only 23 pounds from goal. Also i hope on monday you all will keep me in your thoughts. I am having a diagnostic laparoscopy. It was discovered that i have a pocket of fluid in my abdomen as well as an abdominal wall hernia. They are going to go in and try to find the cause of the fluid as well as hopefully repair the hernia. They are holding off doing my stomal revision due to my numbers being to low (dr wants to wait until albumin and all that are high enough so i have the best chance at healing properly). Also they are going to do an upper scope at the same time to see how things are looking with the ulcer. So wish me luck and in the mean time i hope you are all doing amazing.
  13. ktallon

    Wish me luck

    @NerdyToothpick i am doing a little better still having some pain and pretty sore and of course having to lug around my lovely tpn 24 hours a day. Hopefully this is my last surgery and im on the road to recovery.
  14. ktallon

    Wish me luck

    I probably won't be on much the next few days the nerve blocks the anesthesiologists gave me are wearing off and im in quite a bit of pain like i can hardly walk. Unfortunately they sent me home with tramadol for pain but its not helping. So i will be putting a call in to my surgeon here shortly.
  15. ktallon

    Wish me luck

    Sorry im just now updating so on Monday an emergency surgery came up so i did not end up having mine spent the night in the hospital and on Tuesday they finally took me down around 2:30 for my surgery. The surgeon ended up fixing a hernia on my left abdominal wall as well as another overstitch on a small portion of my ulcer in my stoma that was not completely healed. I am discharged and waiting on my ride home. I am hoping that with all he did i will now feel better and be in the right direction again. I will still have to continue my tpn as my levels are still low and clear liquids for a few weeks in order to give that ulcer the best chance at healing. I will also say as these epidural like shots they gave me are wearing im quite sore and was told it could take 6 weeks to fully feel 100% so wish me luck on that note.
  16. ktallon

    Wish me luck

    Thank you all for your kind words as always. I am getting ready to head to tge hospital so i will update once i am able to
  17. ktallon

    Hair Loss

    My personal experience has been not so great. Around month 3 i started losing my hair. i have baby fine thin hair to begin with. I am now going on 7 months out and still losing hair. Its slowed down a little bit since getting it cut short. My case is probably a bit more on the extreme side but i have also dealt with malnutrition and complications so i think that has played a role in my hair loss
  18. ktallon

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    So this past weekend i took my son to kings island for one last summer adventure before i had my picc line placed for tpn. I was amazed that i was able to fit on all the rides with ease. It was an awesome feeling because i still struggle everday to not see myself as 325 pounds anymore.
  19. ktallon

    Why hello old friends

    I know it has been some time since i have been on so i thought i would stop by and check in. So unfortunately since the last time i was on the marginal ulcer i have did not heal properly even with the overstitch procedure i had. I recently had to go back on a feeding tube as i have become extremely malnourished again probably due to constantly vomiting and not being able to eat because of the pain. The doctor says that i am out of options at this point. The next step would be doing a revision to where i basically would not be using my stomach at all they would connect my small intestine directly to the esophagus. I am not giving up hope yet i am awaiting another opinion from Cleveland clinic but unfortunately my appt is not until October. At least work and being a single mom keeps ne busy enough that i haven't had much time to dwaddle over all that is going on with me. So that is what has been going on with me. I hope all my ttf friends are doing well. Also forgot to mention i am below 195 now (have not had a chance to update stats) so that in itself is an accomplishment. I will try to check in again soon.
  20. ktallon

    Any ideas

    So i am awaiting an appointment with my surgeon because well i am just feeling really out of sorts lately. I am 6 months out and have zero i mean absolutely zero energy. I feel like i sleep more now than when i did at 325 pounds. I have no desire nor the energy to do things with my son. Not to mention i don't know if this is surgery related or not but here lately my emotions have been all over the place. I have been in some pretty crappy moods lately where i am eitger angry or crying. I know i have i have been through a lot but i really just don't know what is going on with me. Am i alone? Have any of you experienced anything similar.
  21. ktallon

    Struggling to find balance

    Okay so here lately i am struggling to find balance when cooking. So i am now cooking for not only myself and my son but my boyfriend and his son as well. They typically request a lot of carb heavy foods (all 3 are skinny twigs and love pasta and fried foods) i try to encourage them to remember i can't eat these things. So i am wondering how i can make meals that will be on plan for me but satisfy those 3 as well. Any ideas are definitely appreciated. Because honestly i don't want to have to cook a separate meal i am tired enough after work.
  22. ktallon

    Struggling to find balance

    Thank you all definitely some great ideas here. Before it was just my son and i and was definitely easier but with a growing family its been an adjustment thats for sure
  23. ktallon

    Need a little tough love

    So i need to have a confession and receive a little tough love from my tt family. I have really fallen off the wagon the last few weeks. Since my overstitch procedure to fix my ulcer i have been terrified to eat. I admit i have been mostly drinking my calories in the form of apple and orange juice. And although i am continuing to lose weight i know i can not keep this up forever. I need to get back in the groove but what do you do when the reason i am terrified to eat is because solid food makes me extremely nauseous.
  24. ktallon

    Need a little tough love

    Thanks everyone i tried some refried beans yesterday and still felt sick so im taking it back to the very basics for a few days clear liquids and protein shakes so far i am doing okay no nausea hopefully in a few days i can try some purees again. Dr wants me to keep an eye on this for another week or two if it doesn't improve he wants me to come back in and go from there.
  25. ktallon

    Could use a hug

    ASo as some of you remember i have been dealing with this pain in my upper left abdomen for a couple of weeks. Doctor thought it could possibly be an ulcer and started me on meds and scheduled me for an endoscopy. Originally i wasn't scheduled until July 10th then it got bumped up to June 14th. Rewind Wednesday i got up got ready for work and was feeling pretty bad extremely nauseous and so much pain i couldn't really stand it. Went to work anyways because i am still in my 90 days. Well about two hours in to my day i was doubled over my desk in tears. Call the surgeon he says go to er now and he will meet me there. Fast forward a few hours later im having an emergency procedure to fix a perforated ulcer in my stoma. I had a 24 hour hospital stay after. I am no longer having the pain just a little nausea. I tried to go back to work today (sometimes i would like to think im superwoman) only made it through half day and boss sent me home she said she could tell i was miserable. Hopefully this long weekend will have me feeling better because right now i feel like i have this black cloud of doom hanging over me. I thought everything was going well then bam another complication. I really hope this is not how i am going to have to live for the rest of my life. Anways if you could all send some healing thoughts my way it would be greatly appreciated especially since i am supposed to be moving next week.