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  1. Hiding the scale

    So i am officially hiding my scale. For the last month i have been thinking i was in a stall because of the number on my scale. Went to see my surgeon for a check up and in all actuality i am down 12 pounds since my visit last month. Definitely doing a happy dance right now. It's also a big relief to know that the number really is moving down.
  2. Talk sense into me

    I swear the weight loss gods must hate me. I have been in a serious stall for almost a month now. I have tried upping my fluids my protein is consistently around 80g a day. I don't know what else to do. I also thought for sure that since i had to be on a liquid diet the last few days for a colonoscopy i am having done today that would get the scale moving nope no such luck in fact according to my scale i am up 4 pounds since Saturday. I am seriously down about this. I have a check up with the surgeon this week and i know i am going to get lectured because i havent lost any weight since the last check up. What can i do to get the scale moving again.
  3. Down 180 pounds!!!

    Way to go Trish awesome accomplishment
  4. Hard day... pet attacked

    @Kio i don't know how i missed this. I am terribly sorry you all had to go through something so traumatizing. I am also glad to hear she is doing better. May each day be a little better and she recover quickly.
  5. That "time of the month"

    Don't be suprised if your cycle changes. I was on continuing dose of birth control prior to surgery to prevent having periods however despite that a few days after having my surgery i started and my period lasted around 7 weeks (extreme case please don't panic) stopped for 4 days then started again for another two weeks. My obgyn says that its from the release of hormones after losing fat. Since i am just now 3 months post op i am hoping things will settle into a new normal fairly soon.
  6. Learning the hard way

    @BurgundyBoy that does sound delicious. I will be making a trip to Costco in the next few days i think i may just have to add ribeye to my list now. I just started testing the waters of cooking sous vide and did not realize that once cooked that they were pasteurized definitely good to know for future reference. I really do learn something new everyday on here
  7. Learning the hard way

    @Nana Trish than you i am feeling better now. I will definitely be making sure i have my papaya enzymes in my purse from now on. I eat a lot of lunch meat as well i just happen to be out and haven't had a chance to make it to the store yet. All the more reason i need to make time lol.
  8. Learning the hard way

    @Readytobeme at 3 months out i still find somethings to be trial and error or even on a day to day basis. Our bodies definitely go through major changes.
  9. Learning the hard way

    @Readytobeme no this was not something i cooked sous vide unfortunately. I will definitely in the future consider adding a sauce if i reheat. I may also just eat leftovers cold from now on. I used to love fish but can't seem to get it down now and i dont think it is a pouch issue. Its more of a i gag even at the smell. Le sigh the weird changes we go through.
  10. Learning the hard way

    I have papaya enzymes but of course the one time i really need them they are at home unfortunately.
  11. Learning the hard way

    Okay so let me just tell you reheated meat is a no go grr. I have now spent the last 30 mins or so in the bathroom miserable. It won't come back up all i keep doing is foaming (sorry if tmi) and my poor pouch is very angry. So much for eating leftovers for lunch. Is there a secret to leftovers lol if so definitely let me know. I am going to attempt to crawl out of tge bathroom and finish my day at work.
  12. First time

    So i finally got around to trying out cooking sous vide today. Let me tell you i highly recommend it. My pork chop was so tender and moist. It went down so well and i had no fit from my pouch (i have been having a lot of issues with most meat) so i was definitely pleased i didn't have an issue.
  13. Going to see my new surgeon!

    Hugs NT so sorry you are going through such an ordeal. Who knew that steak could cause so much trouble. Hope you feel better very soon.
  14. What are you eating today?

    On todays menu B: chocolate premier protein shake S: 4 oz of daisy low fat cottage cheese with 3 grape tomatoes L:premier chocolate shake D: 2 oz butterball turkey kielbasa with 2tbsp sauerkraut Calories:512 protein:82g carbs(total) 20g fat:14g *may add another snack if i do my zumba class tonight
  15. Going to see my new surgeon!

    Hope you feel better soon nt. Sending good thoughts your way that this will pass soon. Let us know what your doctor says.