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  1. Pet peeve

    Le sigh definitely a pet peeve. I have family members who have made comments like that towards me because of their moral superiority issues. Also don't get me started on the ones who think i have taken the easy way out by having surgery. Makes you want to just really just shake people.
  2. Happy!

    Wohoo way to go @Nana Trish
  3. Postponed

    I feel your pain it's aggravating but it will fly by and good luck with your upcoming surgery as well
  4. What a year can do

    @Michael_A what an absolute amazing transformation you have made. Its people like you who have kept me motivated in my own journey.
  5. What are you eating today?

    B: premier chocolate 4oz with 1tbs pb2 and 1/2 scoop genepro Ms: 1 egg scrambled with 1tbs ricotta ate half L: 1.5 oz of tuna with 1/2 tbs mayo S: vanilla premier 4oz with 1/2 scoop genepro D: 2oz vegetarian refried beans 1tsp taco seasoning and 1tbs sour cream only made it through about 1/2 i discovered i no longer like the taste of refried beans or at least for now. Fluid wise i only made it to 48 oz today
  6. Happy to be here!!

    Welcome to thinner Times there is an awesome group of people with a vast knowledge here
  7. Newbie

    Welcome to tt
  8. Is this dumping?

    @Trish13 other than this little episode i am doing pretty good these days. I finally got my picc line out and i am starting to feel like a normal human being lol.
  9. Is this dumping?

    Okay so i think i may have experienced dumping for the first time. The weird part it was it was after i had a dannon light fit greek yogurt (have not had any problems up until today). About 25 minutes after i ate the yogurt i started getting cramps in my abdomen followed by a very urgent bm (diarrhea sorry for the tmi) profuse sweating and nausea. Now i feel really tired and ill. Does that sound like dumping? If so should i avoid the dannon light and fit or wait and try again in a few days. Is there another greek yogurt comparable to dannon light fit or should i avoid all together. I find it really strange i have been eating this for the past week no issues and now this.
  10. COLD !!!!!

    I was always cold before surgery but it is definitely worse since. I find myself bundled in layers of clothes and blankets and still feel extremely cold.
  11. What are you eating today?

    @Kio i love using the pb2 in my vanilla and my chocolate premier protein. It changes up the flavor just enough that i don't get sick of the protein shakes. I have found that since my surgery i can no longer stomach my beloved banana and cream premier protein it is just entirely way to artificial/sweet for my liking now. @Gretta thank you i am so glad to be on the right track this time. It is amazing being able to eat something after so long.
  12. What are you eating today?

    Today has been a pretty decent day for me. Breakfast was 4 oz of a vanilla premier protein shake with a 1/2 scoop of genepro and a 1tbs of pb2. Lunch was 4 oz of dannon light fit vanilla greek yogurt with 1/2 scoop of genepro. For dinner i am working on 1 egg scrambled with ricotta cheese folded in. I find that eggs are dense so i may end up only eating about half. I will finish my night with another 4oz protein shake. I will end up at 65 grams of protein for the day. I have also hit 50 oz of fluids for the day. Also exciting news got my picc line pulled today. Win for me.
  13. What are you eating today?

    So today has not been a very good day. I was on the low side with my protein and moderate on my fluids. I have been experiencing a lot of pain around my infected incision so that was a contributing factor. For breakfast i had 4 oz of a dannon light fit strawberry cheesecake greek yogurt with a 1/2 scoop of unflavored protein powder. For lunch i did pureed meatballs with 1tbs of sauce. For dinner i had 2oz refried beans with a 1/2 tbs of sour cream. Fluid wise i had 2 grape propels (16oz bottles) and now working on an 8oz mug of hot tea. Tomorrow my goal is to up my fluid intake and my protein.
  14. What are you eating today?

    So tomorrow will make 2 weeks out from sleeve to RNY revision (1/29/18). I am currently on the puree phase. So today for Breakfast i had 4oz of banana and cream premier protein with a half scoop of genepro protein powder added. For lunch i had about an 1oz of pureed meatballs with 1oz of ricotta and 1tbs of spaghetti sauce. For an afternoon snack i had 4 oz vanilla premier protein with 1tbs pb2 powder and half scoop of my genepro. For dinner i may do either refried beans or some dannon light and fit greek yogurt. Followed by another 4oz protein shake later this evening.
  15. Yes please this is an excellent idea