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  1. Liver Enzymes? What?

    I have not had surgery yet but my liver enzymes being elevated is what brought about the discussion of bariatric surgery for myself. I have a fatty liver and knew this by having an ultrasound. Have they checked you for autoimmune disorders? My PCP checked that before doing the ultrasound but after checking for hepatitis. Keep us posted!
  2. @Goldwing_Jay Jay, I'm scheduled for 2/25. I'd love to stay in touch since we are both around the same time! Wishing you the very best!
  3. Hi Jay! When is your surgery date? Looking forward to following your journey.
  4. Miralax

    @Aussie H Thanks so much for responding. I'm glad to know that!
  5. Miralax

    Has anyone tried Metamucil?
  6. Sugar Substitute

    @GAviv Thanks so much for your response!
  7. Sugar Substitute

    @Cheesehead That's a great idea!
  8. Sugar Substitute

    @Cheesehead Thanks so much for responding!
  9. Pre op

    @MissSue I am having surgery with Dr. Alvarez from Endobariatrics on Feb 25th
  10. Hello from New York

    @RobinP You're so welcome!
  11. Pre op

    I have not had surgery yet so I will be following this! However, I've read to bring lip balm and a pillow to have on your ride home to keep on your tummy. My surgeon gives you one when you leave to go home. I am going to Mexico too! Looking forward to following your journey!
  12. Hello from New York

    Congrats Robin! I look forward to walking the journey with you
  13. Wig....

    I am having surgery on 2/25 and have already started looking at wigs online and in store. My hair is already thin from PCOS so I expect my hair to fall out quickly. Looking forward to sporting a wig though. Will make my morning routine very easy!
  14. Sugar Substitute

    Thank you for the suggestion!
  15. Sugar Substitute

    That's my hope!