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  1. 5 days Pre-Op and Panicking

    I had the full bypass, I missed the taste of the food at immediate postop when the kids ate. But if you keep up with your water and protein drinks...... you'll have no room! It sounds ridiculous now, but just TRYING to get in that little bit is YOUR job. I hope you have some support with the little ones while you recover. I'd schedule help for the first 4-6 weeks! Even just little jobs! You need to get you right first! ( learn from my errors) Good Luck Hun. You got this. ((((Hugs))))
  2. Hello! I'm almost 2 weeks postop and live in Virginia Beach,VA. My husband is about 6 weeks ahead of me. We both work full time. He's retired Military. This is a HUGE learning experience for us. We have 2 children, 1 grown and 1 in HS. We have 2 adorable fur-babies. (Dogs) I'm here to find not only the online support, but to find local support. Plan group activities to get us out and active, hobbies, share food ideas, share social issues with post surgical situations (party cake, girls/guys night that includes food or eating out), different activities or groups for physical fitness (join a hike, walk, gym, rec center) where several meeting options. Day for those at home and evening weekends for those who work. Couples groups (doesn't require both be surgical! Your support person is VERY important, they are dealing with issues too!!!) I'm looking forward to the support on here and gaining knowledge and looking forward to my journey!
  3. Your surgical situation sound a lot like mine! Just reversed. I had surgery due to diverticulosis 3 years ago. With my bypass, she said the scar tissue or adhesions were what made it so hard on me. She kept using the phrase "you had a LOT of surgery!" What's scary to me, if we ARE going to have similar pain, cuz honey..... I'm a tough ol' farm gal. Strong. Worked my whole life. I'm no Nancy. I absolutely HATE asking for help. BUT.... there is no way on Gods green earth I could've done this alone. Once I sleep to long and pass the pain meds schedule..... sometime even IF on time.... I could not stand and 1000% couldn't LAY down at all. Slept sitting up. Tried to lay down, hurt yo do it, then was excruciating pain trying to get up. At least with help I got up and the pain ended. I beg you to find someone for at least a day to help you set up the unforeseen and test /evaluate your situation. Also, the binder combined with a cheap $12 compression tank top I found to be the magical combo for me. I wish you all the best and hope the surgery and healing go smooth and quickly for you.
  4. It's helped my pain a LOT! Where I had a previous GYN surgery and for diverticulosis, she said the scar tissue mas massive and attached to everything and it took her 8 hours of separating organs and scar tissue to get where she needed to be. (Sad face here) So I think there's a lot of painful movements from newly freed and bruised organs. I got to happy with it and had hubby help me do it this morning before he left, but was WAY to tight. Felt Victorian. I did have to take it off for a while. I won't wear it tonight and will give it some more breathing room. I know I need to. *sigh* Also, here, some medical devices (this band, walking canes, diabetic supplies....) called DME Durable Medical Equipment, is covered by your insurance. This is accomplished by either having the doctor write a prescription from their actual office and filling out forms and sending it to a durable medical equipment provider, or they can order it at the hospital. Most would rather utilize hospital staff to keep their office from being overworked. So maybe ask them: should I contact your office for a prescription or could you order one at discharge? Good Luck!!! (Happy face here)
  5. Thank you all! I had a huge turn around today. Went in again and she drained about 30cc's of fluid. I'm sure that helped, but the biggest help was while I was on the table, she and her nurse did my belly binder, laying at in incline, not fully flat, and they did it pretty snug! I was standing when I put it on previously and hubby helped, but laying down, strapped it all where it needed to be vs just not letting it jiggle! I wear a tank top (to try and keep the binder clean), then the binder, then my old medium firm spanx type tank top to keep my band from slipping and added support and pin my drain to the tank and then my shirt. i can not tell you how much better it feels! I don't know if it's the fluid or the placement change of the band or BOTH, but I've cut my Percocet use in half today and tonight. Still sleeping in the recliner and having sporadic sleeping hours, but starting to see the light at the tunnel for sure! I took my tank off for bed, left the band on, honestly I'm kind of scared to take it off! I know I need to, but I'm scared. LOL I guess we will see how the morning showering goes!! Hubby went and got me soup/broth and then 3 different types of herbal tea to try.... they are MUCH easier and almost snack like!!! I also started using the hycosomine (sp) she gave me and it does help! I didn't know that was for "spasm". I hadn't even touched the RX she'd given me for it. I think I was so consumed by the pain and foggy from the pills. Ugh. Silly. i cant say enough, when I was out in the living room, alone, in pain, in the middle of the night..... how just reading similar, being able to post here and seek help (before it even came) made me feel not so alone..... Thank you. From my heart. ((((Hugs))))
  6. Hello! I'm new on here. Found out of desperation! My laparoscopic went to full midline open bypass. im 5 days post op, saw surgeon today, answer was it's normal, keep moving, cut back on pain meds, drink more water. no way. I was like a flipped turtle trying to get up at 130 this AM. The worst pain is not at the midline incision, but RLQ abdomen. It's like a huge bee sting, a hot poker, but it's excruciating I'm no wimpy lady.... this is kicking my butt! Less s the fact that every swallow of liquids sets off spasms and makes my whole chest hurt, it's the only "bad" pain. I'm seriously, seriously in excruciating pain. (Happens at standing, walking, shifting.... anything but sitting still) Its not gallbladder or appendix, she said " that's where I sewed you up at" ....... Anyone else experience this? How long till it resolved? Any tricks in relieving pain? (Belly band help, but doesn't resolve) Thanks for any help / advice