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  1. I have a lap band and when its tight enough you cant eat. I had mine 18 years have a fill about every two. My sister had bypass and gained it al back. That's why I got the band because I can go back and have it adjusted. I' was 5/5 did weigh 250 but know I stay between, 150 and 165. But over Christmas pigged out and gained 10 pounds I will get my band adjusted and lose 20 in 2 months' i am lucky and have never had a problem. but I still understand how it fells. A different surgery would be a big step with health problem,
  2. Milton

    2 Days to go

    I know this of topic but has any else had a lap band?
  3. Milton

    lap band

    Is this site still open? all the postings are at least a year old. is any one out there?
  4. I had my band done 18 years ago one of the first I know of. I v been fine no problems a fill sometimes not much. But recently I can eat everything, its such a drag that I still cant do it alone. I am getting a fill tomorrow so I'm pigging out tonight. Not the best thing to do. The fills don't bug me at all. It takes me awhile to get back tp just a little food, I would this again any time.