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  1. anyone here out of surgery recently?? Congrats! How you Feeling? I remember when i was out of surgery hospital did not gave me nothing to eat or drink till the fourth day. omg i can't believe i survived that lol so amazing what a tiny stomach can do.. what about you ? - I'm 1 Year and 2 Months Post op :-) Type of Surgery : Gastric Bypass Surgery Weight : 225 Lowest Weight : 106 Current Weight : 112
  2. how many times do you eat a day one year +, out ? post op gastricbypass -
  3. doctor referred me to a surgeon to have excess skin removed.. what should i expect for my first apointment for plastic surgery ? and will they give me a surgery date the same day? is it a fast surgery date like in 2 or 4 weeks? was it for you?
  4. what's on your grocery list? i like dannon light and fit yogurt its absolutely yummy, with fresh strawberries on the side lol.. what do you buy? i need ideas for snacks..dinner..lunch since tomorrrow im going grocery shopping!! help <3
  5. Sometimes overeating can make your food come up, and you'll get the foamies "foamies are when you have like slimy liquids in your mouth and a bunch of saliva " lol sounds gross!!! but thats how it is :/ overeating can sometimes make you sleepy.. or really uncomfortable in your belly when you stand up..
  6. oh no i wrote it wrong lol it was actually in 2015 , i have to change that
  7. Same.. Its scary thinking i have to eat fat food, and more carbs sometimes.. maybe increasing your calories more and try eating more snacks , My nutritionist recommends Butter with Vedgies (Sounds gross) Lol, Peanut Butter on Crackers, eat more Starchy Foods. Bread/Pasta/Rice
  8. Sometimes its the Type of Foods you eat that caused that , Maybe it's what you ate Specifically
  9. Exercising will also give you energy yes, when i had surgery i was tired and dizzy aswell for 5 months..and found out it was low blood sugar.. My doctors recommended me 8 weeks out of surgery i can start exercising, depends how you feel, just keep drinking your protein and eating well, try planning a meal schedule because since your probably gonna be too nauseous to eat it will help you atleast get your food in even when your not that hungry, (sinceyou need to eat) lol
  10. i totally agree with TMCGEE, i lost 100 pounds without exercise aswell, it does depend on what you eat mostly if you exercise itll be a bonus because you won't have your skin sagging, I currently have loose skin now... lol
  11. OK, so I have been eating so much carbs and junk. i know ,its bad. i have to stop. i feel like i stretched my pouch im so afraid lol.. what should i do to know if my pouch is still working? i heard about the 5day pouch reset, but my doctor says im underweight, 106 pounds... if i lose more itll be a problem i guess. lol should i do the pouch reset? what do you guys recommemmnd? what do you do to correct your overeating?
  12. I have constipation aswell, Eating Peanuts, Almonds, Grapes, Apples, Avocado, Oranges will Help, Try it out
  13. Anyone has any ideas or know any Recipes for Homemade Protein Shakes? - I have Quest Protein Powder in 'Vanilla Milkshake' It's so GOOD i Recommend it to everyone who does not like Protein at all because of it's "Chalky Taste"..Quest does not have that Chalky Taste, and it has 25G of Protein 4g Carbs 0gSugar... Well, i Sorta wanna make new flavors using the Vanilla Protein Powder i have.. lol Help ?