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  1. I'm on day 3 now and doing pretty well! The worst part is my slight dairy allergy I've had since childhood is rearing its head having all this ensure... I'm all full of mucus with post-nasal drip all day and night! I'm going to try and take some reactine to see if that helps. Hunger has actually mostly been fine. My energy has DEFINITELY been low though. I had a two hour nap today and am already ready to go to bed again and it's not even 8pm... And yeah, I've been pretty short tempered lol! I was complaining about my congestion and my husband said "oh well might as well cancel the surgery then" and I just about lost my mind!
  2. that's gonna be so hard a new season of Masterchef Canada is starting lol! How will I possibly survive!!! I got a new blender especially so I can mix my ensure with ice to make it a little thicker feeling. Luckily my husband can cook, so I think I'll be putting him on feeding the kids duty for those couple of weeks... luckily on our liquid diet we are allowed sugar free gum, so I'm hoping that will help me with the desperate urge to chew I hear about! it's getting so real now ahhhhhh!!!
  3. I finally got my surgery date! I'll be getting my sleeve on March 22nd. And starting the liquid diet on March 8th. I'll be doing 5 ensure high proteins a day along with low calorie broth and sugar free popsicles or jello. NOW, I know that the pre-op diet differs based on your surgeon, and to always follow the instructions of your surgical team when it comes to what and when to eat (or not eat). But beyond that, does anyone have any sage advice or clever tips for surviving the diet? Anything that helped you get through it emotionally and keep you on track following the plan set out for you? I know already that my head hunger will be messing with me, so I'd love to hear some stories from the veterans of how it went for you and ways you got through the tough times!
  4. Got my date! I will be getting my sleeve March 22nd! Starting the liquid diet March 8th. It's all moving so fast now! People always said it would, but it was hard to believe them when you were still more than a year out and on the waiting list!
  5. Thank you so much. I have worked sooooo hard over the last couple years changing many of the terrible unhealthy habits that got me to my highest weight. (Eating all my meals in front of screens, never meal planning so eating out 6-8 times a week, drinking multiple cans of pop a day, having no consistent or enjoyable exercise routine... it sounds like such a miserable existence when you read it written out like that LOL!) Already my quality of life is so much better just from that! Can't wait to see how successful I am once I have the surgery to help all those new healthy habits along! I'm pumped!
  6. Great news! Your start weight/BMI and mine are super close, too! I think that makes us surgery siblings!
  7. Met with my surgeon and signed consent last week. (Yay!!!!!!) I haven't gotten an official date yet, but he fully expects it will be sometime in March. I'm getting the sleeve. Anyone else having their operation in March?
  8. Bella we seem like we're twins! I have two young kids as well and it sounds like our starting BMIs are very similar... and I'm getting the sleeve too! I hope I'm half as successful as you!
  9. Thanks for all your support and suggestions, everyone! I talked about my fears with my surgeon and directly asked him if he'd lost anyone. He knocked on wood and said no, and then we realistically discussed risk factors etc. Feeling ever so slightly more confident now! Goes to show... JUST ASK!
  10. ohh ohh ohh I have a big one! I was at my local Starbucks working and the barista came by with a bunch of frappucinos a trainee had made and was giving them away for FREE! they looked so good, but I told myself that just because it's 0 dollars doesn't make it 0 calories. I'd have NEVER refused a free sweet before!
  11. this is exactly it, Aussie. the first surgeon I met said that he didn't think the benefits outweighed the risks for me. the second surgeon I saw was more sympathetic to my situation and agreed that getting surgery would greatly improve my quality of life... but I can't help but wonder if the first doctor was right because self doubt is a pain in the you know what LOL
  12. Being able to shop in more stores and having more choice! Playing a team sport like soccer or rugby.
  13. Thank you for your answers so far everyone! Very much appreciate hearing your perspectives and experiences
  14. this post is great! thanks so much for sharing, everybody! I know it's super old, but for those of you who posted here, mind giving an update? has anything changed since the last time you commented here?