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  1. Ok someone else called me from the surgeons office and talked to me. She said it was a mistake and to disregard the bill and just keep all of my receipts. She said this happens all the time and let her know if I get a second bill. The charges probably just weren't applied yet. They really should warn their patients of this a common thing that happens. I almost had a heart attack!
  2. Thanks! I'm just at I called my surgeons office and they were not very helpful. I did pay both the surgeon and the hospital up front. I paid the doctor $6,000 and I paid the hospital about $8,500. I have in writing that $8,500 is the discounted surgical fee. I also paid $750 for anesthesia up front. I called the hospital and verified these and I was under the impression from the hospital that this was the final total, minus the pathology and I knew I may owe the surgeon extra for the hernia repair (quoted $750). I'm just shocked because I spoke to both the hospital and surgeon prior and was told that was all I would owe. I've tried calling to talk to both offices and no one has offered any explanation for the charges.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new here, and created an account just to find out if anyone else has had a similar experience. I had my vsg in December and my insurance does not cover any type of bariatric surgery so I'm private pay. I was quoted about $14,000 including surgery cost, surgeon cost, anesthesia and included one night in the hospital. I knew I would have to pay about $750 extra after surgery for hernia repair (my surgeon did this at the same time). My surgeons office gave me w complete breakdown of costs. He performs the surgery at a nearby hospital and I was quoted this price as well and paid in advance. Well this week I received a bill from the hospital saying I owed another $27,000! I'm freaking out. I called their billing department but the woman who answered the phone was rude and unhelpful. She was unable to tell me the charges but said they will mail me the itemized bill. I tried calling my surgeons office and left a message but they were out for lunch, so I don't know anything else yet. I don't know what to do and I'm just trying not to cry at this point. If I owe that much, then I deeply regret the surgery because I do not have that kind of money. Has anyone else experienced something like that? i have no idea what to do