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  1. Tomorrow is the day!

    @burgundyBoy yes I'm free! They let me out yesterday afternoon. I have read that many people here say drinking fluids and protein was hard at first but I didn't really knew how hard it really was until it was my turn! Please tell me it gets better!
  2. Gabby's Gastric bypass surgery!

    Everything turned out great, almost no pain. A little bit of dizziness but I think it was due to the pain medications. Now I'm having trouble with the liquids and protein
  3. Tomorrow is the day!

    Question guys, my program requires for me to drink 64 oz of fluids and 70 grams of protein. Can I count the liquid in the protein shake as a fluid? I been trying to drink all of that but I just had to stop right now I'm feeling so bloated and full
  4. Tomorrow is the day!

    Hey guys everything came out great, almost no pain. A little bit of nausea but I think it's because of the pain medication that is too strong. I was supposed to be discharged today but my surgeon said that I wasn't drinking enough water so I'm going to be here for another day and try to work on my drinking.
  5. Tomorrow is the day!

    Finally my surgery is tomorrow! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time but so glad the day is finally here. I made it through the clear liquid diet and it wasn't as hard as I had thought. Wish me luck tomorrow!
  6. Gabby's Gastric bypass surgery!

    Thank you!
  7. Finally, got my surgery date!

    I don't know why but it made me lol like really?? how heavy do I have to be?
  8. Gabby's Gastric bypass surgery!

    Pending insurance approval but really really nervous!
  9. Finally, got my surgery date!

    Thank you guys for your advice! I think I'm not so much worried that he'll deny me the clearance, but I'm more worried about his criticism as I see us as friends as well as coworkers. I guess I'm afraid he'll say something about my low BMI and tell me the same thing some people around me tell me when they find out I want to have the surgery "but you are not that heavy"
  10. Finally, got my surgery date!

    I'm finally scheduled for surgery on August 15th!!! Yeyyyy I'm so happy and nervous at the same time! The only thing that is bothering me now is the appointment I have to schedule with my pcp so he can clear me for surgery. We work together and I see him on a daily basis, he knows I'm on a diet but I haven't told him about my plans for surgery. The reason is that he doesn't agree with people having the surgery, I've heard him say that people should just keep their mouths closed and exercise (his exact words). Mind you he is also overweight! So, any advice on how to start this conversation with him?? Thanks!
  11. Hello! I'm Gabby

    That is me most of the time... who am I kidding that is me all the time! Thank you everyone for all your responses and your good wishes! I'll be doing a lot of reading to make the decision that is best for me.
  12. Hello! I'm Gabby

    Thank you!
  13. Hello! I'm Gabby

    Hello everyone I'm new to TT. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm 38 married with 2 children, I'm a breast cancer survivor, I have high blood pressure and pre diabetes. I have battled with obesity since I had my first child. I started my WL journey in October of last year. My insurance requires 6 supervised visits with a nutritionist and I've already had 3 visits. She has me on this diet called LCHF, at first I taught it was crazy but I managed to loose 8 pounds on the first month. That's when I started having second thoughts about the surgery. I started to think that maybe this time I can do it on my own (again). Maybe if I just follow the diet I'll be able to loose the extra weight. And then I remember what happens every time I start a new diet, I loose the weight and then after a few months I end up gaining it all back. Then I remember how much I have changed since I gained all this weight. I get tired easily, I don't like buying clothes for myself, I don't like taking pictures, I don't like going out anymore because I don't have nice clothes to wear, I don't play with my children anymore because I get tired, I get tired of walking, I can't go hiking anymore, I have zero sex drive, I loved to go dancing and I don't anymore because I am so self conscious. I have become such an introvert I don't remember being like this before I gained all this weight. And then I think that the surgery is the right way to go. Then I start to think that maybe I don't weigh that much to get the surgery and that I can do it on my own. Then I start all over again. This has been going on in my mind for the last couple of weeks. Has this happened to any of you?