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  1. No regrets here! banded 2 1/2 years lost and maintained 100 pounds in that time. Just had to get a revision and have a larger band placed due to my stomache swelling and causing a few other problems but even with these issues...I'd do it again in a second! I love my band! Good luck with your descision!
  2. I just had a lapband revisual surgery to put in a larger band. I would have terrible pain in my chest above the band and in my back right where you described. With me water helped I'd feel that pain coming on and drink a good amount of water and it would go away. Before I figured this out it would last 30-40 minutes before the pain would stop. Tylenol would also help sometimes. Good luck, hope this helps!
  3. Hi Cocoa! Sorry, I've been away for a while...Insurance was given the wrong code so my surgeon has been arguing the matter for me and finally got things okayed! I just had a band revision surgery on Thursday Feb 9, 2012. I feel better than I have in a long time! Thanks for your response, hope all is going well for you!
  4. Hi Sandra, You might consider talking to a surgeon where you live about a revision rather than a replacement. I went for about 8 months with my stomache swelling and them not being able to fix things which caused even more trouble, so my surgeon recomended putting in a larger band. I just had the revision surgery Feb 9, 2012 and am feeling better than I have in a long time! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  5. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm 4 days out from a lapband revision. I only took pain meds the first day into that night. At first I thought it was the pain meds but they should be out of my system by now and I'm still having blurred close up vision to point of having to use my husbands reading glasses! Before the surgery I had perfect vision!
  6. I'm scheduled to get it done next month. It sounds like a very easy procedure, my gyn says 10 minutes to implant it and a total stay of about an hour. Then a few months later you come in and they can tell you if it's taken hold or not. Good luck in your descision!
  7. Lapband slipped after 2 1/2 years of success! Insurance is denying surgery...is there anything that can be done other than surgery to fix it?
  8. Marella, I bet you are glad to be free of the near by water! We've never been evacuated for our weather on alert for the occassional tornado but those are few and far between in my area. Usually get those closer to the Kansas side of Colorado, I'm closer to the middle by the Rocky Mountains.
  9. We call it "Squirrel Syndrome"! I live in Southern Denver, Co. We DO get snowed in usually once or twice a year the last several years. A few years ago the entire city was closed for 5 days! We had 3 feet in 24 hours and just kept coming down until there was only a foot showing of our 6 foot wooden fence in the back yard! Most of these storms have been predicted fairly well so the stores get ramsacked the day before...just in case! You can count on it! LOL! This is a pic of our first storm this year, this was 10 hours of snowfall on our back deck! The schools were closed for 3 days an
  10. My hubby and I will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary on Valentine's Day, 25 years together. We were highschool sweethearts. My hubby is very supportive of my weightloss and getting healthier! He says that I am looking more like the girl he married all the time, which is a nice bonus, but, the most important thing is that I'm so much healthier and will be living 10-15 years longer than I would have without the WLS! He's awesome and I count my blessings everyday!
  11. It does seem like you may not be eating enough. Like jerseygrl said, keep a food diary! It really does help! My surgeon has me eat 5-6 times per day 75% solid protein & 25% good carbs. 65-75 grams of protein a day, 30 grams of fiber per day and 64+ ounces of water/liquids per day. I'm only supposed to exercise 30-45 minutes a day alternating cardio and weights. I lost 100 pounds in my first 8 months following his guidelines. Hopefully something in here will help you. Stay with it, even a small loss is a loss and you are probably loosing inches even though you don't see the scale mo
  12. Thanks rsw! Sorry to hear the band didn't work for you, I know it's not for eveyone. Good luck with the RNY! That's great that you were approved for the second surgery! Hopefully they can get you in sooner! May is so far away still!

  13. Great job sassy! 98 pounds gone! You look fabulous! Keep up the good work!

  14. You're welcome! Glad to help. I have learned that no one can be an expert on this stuff unless they've actually had the surgery. The doctors and nutritionists have given me plenty of bad advice. I didn't find this website until October, but I sure wish I'd had it along the way. Totally agree--it's invaluable. So I'm sorry to report that my band has been officially declared a failure and now I am waiting for my RNY. I've recently learned that I now have hypertension and elevated cholesterol (plus terrible reflux from the band), not to mention my BMI is a bit over 35. I've been approved and am just waiting for my surgery date (likely May 4 unless they can fit me in sooner). I wrote out a lot in a thread I started called 'my THIRD wls'. If you search on it, you can read all about it. I wish I was a long term band success story, but I'm not. Good luck to you and feel free to PM me w/ any questions you have after you've read that.

  15. Thanks for your reply in the forum! I get so many contradicting answers from my drs and nuts that I always go to everyone here! So far nobody here has let me down...I love this site! Wow! 6 Years! How are you doing with your band? You look great in your pic! And what a sweet little one!

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