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  1. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    Hello, you too, i was looking to see if i was the only one having this issue, but ive found soo many people with the same thing, the anemia, the dumping after soo many years, and soo many other things, how long has yours been?
  2. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    Thank you so much, that means alot, i hope i can find someone who has had somewhat the same expirience or someone who know what else might help, so far i have given up searching with Dr,s for now, so now im searching amongst people who have had the surgery and know what it feels like to have the dumping syndrome effect. Thanks for your post.
  3. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    hello Scarlett, sad to see you,re also feeling this horrible dumping syndrome, it,s the worst feeling ever, the first, second, third, and even up to the fifth yr i was told hold on, it,ll go away, but so many yeats out, and still feeling as bad as the beggining is horrible, im not saying it wasnt worth it, but if i had this surgery it was to live a better quality of life, and to live longer, but at this rate i dont think my heart will last long with all this racing and its so bad sometimes i get chest pains, ive been admitted over 5 times for possible heart attack, or just for observation, to see why im having thise episodes, i have logged, and used all proteins, and veggies no carbs, and no meats other times, others no sugar, grains, only to have stumpped my endocrinologist, and have him send me to another doctor, and gastro, i feel like a guinea pig, under a microscope, and the doctors looking at me like a rare medical mystery, but i have faith i will find something to make my life better soon. I cant see a future as an elderly woman with this feeling, if i feel weak now, imagine at 60,
  4. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    I cant have any meats, and really dont crave them, i will eat a little chicken, or eggs, but its hard to get the meat down, i end up having hick ups for a long time because of the meat being unable to go down, until it finally goes down, and fryed foods get me nauseas, so i avoid that, but i like salads, and soups, and if i need to i can eat ground beef, but i know im just one of those weird cases, that is the exception and not the rule of what happens when you have gastric bypass, im happy i lost weight, and thankful, but i did it to save my health, and now i kind of wonder if the cure was worse than the illness like they say.
  5. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    thanks, your so nice, its been so hard, but im not giving up, im just worried abaut what its doing to my heart, because i was normal before, and now the cardiologist did a stress test and they called me within 30 min of leaving the office that i had to come in urgently to see the cardiologist, and had to have an angiogram, it came out fine, but she says all this up and down with the heart rate is eventually going to take its toll on my heart, and im afraid of getting older and having a heart attack during one of these episodes, thats why im trying so hard to do something now, before it does more damage to my body. Honestly if it wasnt so bad, i would never think of posting on here, but i feel like no one understands what im going thru except another person dealing with the same thing or knows what the dumping syndrome fells like. Have a Blessed week, and thanks for being so supportive.
  6. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    yes i have had a 1 hr, and a 3 hr glucose tolerance test, plus my glycohemoglobin is normal, the endocrinologist has done countless test, ive tried eating no carbs, andjust protein, or mix of a little of everything, and not drinking any liquid 1 hour before or after, and i,ve never had seconds since i had my surgery, i use a childs plate and cup when home, and they evn put me on glucophage and byetta inj. Some doctors thought it was just in my head, so they put on an event monitor wich monitors your heart 24/7 for 2 weeks, and i had to log when i felt sick, and my events for the day at all times, and they soon realized it was true that it was severe, since my heart goes from normal 80, to 140 up to 166 the highest marked, thats why im asking if anyone else has something similar, and if anyone has found anything that works, i just want to be able to live my life normal, like everyone else.
  7. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    hello, thank you soo much, it was taken in Rosarito, B.C, I have been seen by countless G.I specialist, cardiologist, and internist, cardiologist, and endocrinologist, some suggest possible reversal, but i dont see that as an option, thants why im reaching out to see if there,s others out there that far out with the same problem, and see what works for them, the only thing that seems to work for me is not to eat if im going to do anything, then i make sure i can sit and rest at least an hour after i eat, wich is not always possible, you would think i would be thinner from this, but i think eating at night is the culprit, since thats my only time i can remain inactive longer. Thanks for your kind words, May God Bless you and your Loved ones, today, tommarow, and always.
  8. anyone having dumping syndrome after 17 yrs ?

    Hello, i had my surgery 12-17-2000, and here it is 16 yrs later and im still sick as a dog from the dumping syndrome, to the point where i have had to avoid eating during the day if i have any activity outside my home, because it is so severe that my heart feels like its coming out of my chest, and i start to sweat and get hot flashs, and feel tired, and headache, and like if im going to pass out, does anyone else feel the same ?