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  1. I'm very thankful for what I'm down, don't get me wrong but I have fought my weight as long as I can remember and I was hoping it would be a little easier than it is.
  2. So I'm 7 weeks post-op today and down 35 pounds, but it feels like I have to fight to get each pound off. I still don't have the energy I thought I would by now but I'm trying to walk 30min or more everyday. I'm drinking 40oz of water a day and eating 3 or 4 times a day all high protein and about 1/2 cup serving at a time. I know WLS is a tool and that just because I surgery the weight wouldn't magically dissappear, but I didn't think it would be this hard either.
  3. So I'm 6 weeks out from surgery and I'm trying to get back to eating organic and not using any artificial sugar or any soy products. I'm having a very hard time finding protein bars or shakes that don't have any of these things in them. Anyone have ideas on products that they use and like?
  4. SME

    6.5 Weeks Post Op

    @DaniLiz I'm 6 weeks out and having a hard time getting enough protein in each day. I get nauseous easy and can only drink about half my protein drink before I have to stop. According to the info from my Dr I should eat 4 times a day now and I have to work hard to eat 3 times a day. I get the stuck feeling too and find it happens when i eat to fast and dont take time to chew. I try and make sure what meat i eat has so kind of liquid in it like chili or stew. I got some jerky at Costco and i try to eat when notjing else sounds good that and I keep it with me if im leaving the house for very long. I have to sip on water or herb tea all day long I usually have a glass close and am always reminding myself to drink. I'm on bipolar med and have been on them for over 5 years, after surgery I didn't take them for a few weeks and definitely noticed a huge difference. I was very irritable and my anxiety was way up and life felt very hard. I'm back on my med and feeling better. It takes a bit to get your med balanced so give it time and don't give up. Blessings to you in all you do.
  5. I use a protein powder that has greens and probiotic in it and I make turkey chili but I'm a few weeks ahead of you.
  6. I have discovered that my sleeve likes everything I do, the good food and the bad. I was so hopeful that it wouldn't like sugar, my Kryptonite. Of course being 3 weeks post op I can't hold much and I'm trying to just eat protein, but a few small bites of a cookie or a jellybean tastes sooooooo good. I know the honeymoon period is my time to lose weight the easiest I can during this journey but it's so hard. I know WLS is a tool and the more I stay away from things I shouldn't eat the easier it becomes to resist them, but yikes it's hard!!!!
  7. SME


    I'm 3 weeks out and have a rash that won't go away. I have tried jock itch cream and prescription cortisone cream, I even clean it with alcohol. Benedryl helps but makes me so sleepy I can't do anything. My surgeon saw me at 10 days, but he's 3 hours away. I'm not taking any pain med and it's not allover it's just where skin touches skin. Any ideas?
  8. Thank you for the encouragement!!
  9. So I'm 3 weeks post op today and I'm down 25 pounds so far. I have started walking an hour everyday, the rain has stopped for now and getting outside feels great. I was really hoping that I would be down a little more after all the walking the last week. I know 25 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing and I have never lost that much in 3 weeks I was just hoping to be down more especially with all the walking.
  10. I haven't been hungry at all since my surgery, I have to remind myself to eat.
  11. Hi, I'm 2 weeks post op and doing good. I'm still a little sore and trying to get all my fluid and protein in each day, but I'm able to go for a 30min walk everyday and take care of my family. I was nervous the day before and day of surgery even though I have had more surgeries than I care to count. You will do great!
  12. I'm just going to keep drinking my tea, it goes down so well and I can drink way more tea than water. I figure I will try and get some water in each day.
  13. I don't like artificial sweetener and after surgery I notice the taste is even worse. As far as the herb tea I would rather get my fluid in as herb tea than very little in as water. I'm going to start doing some stretching to help with the swelling. I have a very large abdominal hernia from previous cancer surgery and my doctor said that probably in the summer I'm going to have to have that repaired as I lose the weight the muscles are just going to stretch further and further apart. I'm bummed about that, he said he thought that we could wait until I got most of the weight off, but it's way bigger than he thought.
  14. Just had my first post op Dr appointment on Friday, I'm down 20lb and I go back the 5th of May he wants me down another 45 by then. I'm feeling better each day and trying to get my water and protein in each day. I have found that I can't stand protein shakes so I'm eating plain Greek yogurt with a small amount of raw honey and I got low fat organic soup added ground turkey and put it in the blender and I can get that down. I had to go out of town to see my Dr so went to whole foods and got some soup and smashed up a turkey meatball in it and that worked great. My Dr said that I need 40oz of water each day and that herb tea doesn't count towards my water, I'm having issues with that, water doesn't taste very good right now. The Dr wants me walking 30min a day, I'm still hurting and can't seem to stand up straight yet hopefully the swelling in my stomach will go down soon so I can stand and walk easier. Thank you all for sharing your stories and all the info here, this site is my go to whenever I have questions.
  15. I'm 12 days post op and finally slept a bit on my stomach last night. First few night after getting home from the hospital I ended up in the middle of the kitten race track jumping kittens on fresh surgery site don't equal a good night's sleep. I too take my pain med at night so I can sleep and have had to sleep on my back or side and I change position very slowly.