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  1. I messed up my timing.

    Hi everyone! I've been to two weigh ins with a primary care doctor. I was given a referral to a surgeon and I went for a weigh in there, along with a consultation and blood test. I was given a list of tests I needed to complete before my next appointment. I scheduled my following appointment and I was on my way. Shortly after, my business got very busy, I had a death in the family, and I bought a house, moved, and started a renovation. Most importantly, I consciously put the surgery on the back burner because I knew I wasn't in the right mindset. In the past month I've seriously changed my diet and I've lost ten pounds. Now I feel like I'm ready to start the process again. My insurance requires six months of weigh ins. My question is, do those two weigh ins from the spring still count? Do the months need to be consecutive? Should I start over?
  2. Hi, Yesterday I saw a GP for a referral. I'm just realizing now that she made it for a specific bariatric doctor she works with. I'm planning on using a different surgeon, do you think the referral still holds water? I've never dealt with my health insurance to this extent so I'm a total newbie >.< Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Of course I want the best surgeon possible but I don't have criteria. I live in nyc and there are so, so many highly qualified surgeons here. How did you chose yours?
  4. Thank you everyone! Today I saw a GP for an insurance mandated referral to see a bariatric doctor. This also marks the beginning of my 6 month monitored weight loss.
  5. My insurance requires a 6 month period of monitored weight loss before surgery and a referral to see a bariatric specialist. Today, both of those things happened. My pre op process has officially started! Is anyone else here beginning their weight loss journey?
  6. This is the first step to get the ball rolling. It's a real thing now! The seminar is January 10th! I've meticulously combed through this forum, and all of your posts have made me feel informed enough to start this process. Yay!