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  1. Depressed

    I have a question ? Is taking in more protein than 60 g a day bad for our weight-loss? I'm trying to figure out if that's why I'm in a stall I've cut back I've added drinking my fluids and exercising still in the stall. I think I'm gonna go back to just liquids the more chicken or fish or salad just liquid, protein drinks and water I'm going to see if it's going to help of course with exercise. Thank you in advance for answering my question. I see the doctor on July 10 so I have a few questions written down.
  2. Depressed

    BurgundyBoy, Athenarose, Im more Active now that I'm back to work then I was after surgery. I did get taken off my blood pressure pills I'm kind of thinking it's water weight since I'm not on my blood pressure pills any more. Im going to try and change things a bit to see if I can get things moving along again. It's frustrating, but it sounds like everyone goes through it. It helps to be able to talk to you all on here. Thank you!
  3. Depressed

    I've back to work for two weeks and my weight has gone up 3 pounds on my scale. I have a protein drink in the morning and lots of water after a spinach salad with a slice of tomato half hard boiled egg and beets sometimes lunch is half a chicken thigh and dinner a protein drink with more water up till bedtime. I walk and walk on my down time at work (I'm a casino bus driver) I go to the gym and walk and or ride a bike for a half hour or more. What am I doing wrong? i will take all suggestions
  4. I need some words of wisdom

    BurgundyBoy, Better since I've returned to work. Thanks for asking. The holidays and all the barbecues and all the snacks smelled and looked so good ,wasn't hungry but I wanted it. How are you? Let me just say the Holiday with all the BBQing going on smelt so good. The gym and I still have not become friends, still working on that. I do a lot of walking at work, I have coworkers that encourage me and walk with me. Yay
  5. I need some words of wisdom

    Thank you for encouraging words everyone. BurgundyBoy I will try some lil snack or protein drink before and after. I can't have any jerky yet, but will try the turkey jerky when I can. BBQ ribs were my favorite. I will survive without them. The gym ugh, I get dressed put my sneakers on and for today decided to work around the house instead. Tomorrow is another day. I'll try again. Thank you
  6. I need some words of wisdom

    So glad I checked in tonight and came across this thread. It feels good to read I'm not alone in the blues, Buyers remorse. Loss of energy makes it so hard to get to the gym. Ugh! thank you all for posting helpful suggestions
  7. got my date

    Saw my Doctor yesterday. Everything is looking good. Gave me a surgery date 4/17/17 I am excited.
  8. Excited Newbie here

    Hello, I i'm excited to start my wls journey. Not sure exactly when it's going to be my appointment with Dr. Callery is the first week of March. Lucky for me my insurance does not expect anything except for the classes and the visit to a psychologist I have two more classes to do which will be done the 23rd of this month and I've done everything . I'm still kind of up in the air on which surgery I am leaning more towards the sleeve but Roux-en-y would be great too. I already have a slight problem with heartburn that's only thing that I'm kind of worried about with the sleeve is for it to get worse. Is there anyone out there that started out the way I am? And did your heartburn get worse or better? What surgery did you have? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you