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  1. Don't let people sabotage your weight loss success

    I really like this thread. The original posters are still here. That's so encouraging for the road ahead. The dedicated are still motivating others towards success.
  2. Surgeon's Updated Menu Plans

    This is exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks.
  3. People are judgy!

    People do judge. But more often than not, they're not judging the people but the actual surgical procedure. They don't want anyone to die from elective surgery. Truth. It is not for them but for those who've opted to have the surgery. It's better to lead by example and educate than react. Responses are always better than reactions. Take the higher road and wish them well.
  4. Chew and Spit is an actual eating disorder. Some may come to the conclusion that it is a magical workaround. Eating the toppings off of pizza, burgers, fries and so on. Chew and Spit. You can look up the consequences of Chew and Spit. It can cause ulcers and it actually elevates the hunger hormones. Keeps one in a constant state of anticipating food with the antidote that doesn't deliver. Food satisfaction and satiety. You don't want to take this route. Ever.
  5. Eating

    Rice treats are rice. They are a starch that turns directly into a sugar. Veggie Chips are usually processed with a sugar if you're talking about the processed kind you find in the store. Go back to the well. Eat your protein first. Vegetables second.