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  1. Sleeve to Bypass

    I just found out my doctor wants to convert my sleeve to a bypass as well. I too have been having nausea and vomiting non stop since my initial sleeve done last November. It's become so bad I'm unable to keep any meat or fish down and am nauseated even at trying to get my water intake in.
  2. Has anyone had their sleeve converted to a gastric bypass? My doctor is talking about doing it, and I'm just curious if any one else has had this done.
  3. New update: Pain was so severe still a week out of surgery, I went into my primary physician on Friday. My bloodwork was way off, and so they called the Surgeon. He stated with my bloodwork what it was, and what pain I was in, he was worried I had a bile leak in the abdominal cavity. I was rushed down to the hospital to meet with the Surgeon through the ER and had over twelve hours of testing done. They couldn't find a leak, verified there wasn't one, then tried to find out what was wrong. Turns out, when my gall bladder was taken out it was very inflamed, which I knew. However, my immune system went haywire and attacked my liver and colon right by where the gall bladder was. Based on other tests ran on Friday, the radiologist, ER doctor and my surgeon think I was misdiagnosed years ago with inflammatory bowel disease and that I actually have ulcerative colitis. So now I'm being treated for the immune system going haywire on my colon and liver, as well as referrals to go see a GI specialist. I've dropped over 12 pounds in the last week alone since I had the gall bladder out-- not meeting food or liquid reqirements due to being in so much pain. I wish there was a way to take a vacation from being sick. This morning I reached a total weight loss of 101 lbs since the bariatric surgery in November. Having spent the last almost six months being so sick and now this constant upper abdominal pain I'm not even able to really enjoy or celebrate it.
  4. Update: I had surgery last Friday to remove my gall bladder. It hasn't been smooth- I've been in more pain than I was from the Gastric Sleeve surgery. I still cant take a deep breath in without it hurting and have a sharp pain in my upper right abdomen. I talked to the office a while ago and they have a call out to the doctor. I've had to take more pain pills so far from this than I did for the bariatric surgery too. On the positive side I can finally eat without having nausea.
  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It's my gall bladder. Filled with gall stones and they are causing gall bladder attacks. This would explain why I still get so nautious and vomit after eating as well. They just did one last X-ray to make sure there are no stone blockages anywhere, if there are I will be admitted and have my gall bladder removed tonight,. If not I will get to go home and have a surgeon do it next week sometime.
  6. I will let you know what I find out. I think it's going to be a long night.
  7. I wish I'd seen the negative reviews for his office before hand. I ONLY had this procedure done because I need to have my spine fused, and my back surgeon said I need to lose 100 lbs before he can do it. I tried everything but my thyroid and metabolism just wouldn't let it happen. I'm extremely active, I have a farm, and even though I've lost 81 lbs so far I'm weaker than I've ever been in my life. I can't even lift the 50 lb feed bags right now.
  8. I am at the ER now. The doctor thinks it's most likely gall bladder attacks, and I'm waiting to go for a cat scan at the moment. Her other concern is that it could be a blockage, but where the pain and tenderness is she's leaning more toward gall bladder and is going to look at that first.
  9. It really frustrates me too. When I'd found out my vitamins are low, I was instructed to contact them to find out the dosage I should be on. When I called to find out, the nurse said she'd talk to the dr and call back. I never heard back from them. What was worse was that I had a severe allergic reaction to the heparin they gave me while I was in the hospital for surgery. He had me come back two weeks post surgery because of the reaction. He argued with me as if I was blaming him for it, which I wasn't, I was only trying to find relief. He'd also was smug like "I've never had anyone have this reaction, and I've done over 2000 of these surgeries." I never blamed him for the reaction, I didn't know I was allergic, how was he supposed to know! I was having bad bruising, hives, swelling, and nerve damage at the injection sites. He looked up the allergic reaction on Web MD right there in front of me, then called the pharmacy, told them I was a week out from gastric bypass. I was two weeks out from the sleeve. He didn't even know what or when he'd done his procedure on me. I was livid- mostly because I traveled three hours one way to come back for that appointment-- I feel like I would have gotten better help if I'd gone to the ER or my primary physician for that. I still to this day have nerve damage on my abdomen from the injections.
  10. I do still have my gallbladder. He checked it during surgery and said it looked ok. It's my right shoulder that's hurting.
  11. I'm not on Nexium, but have been taking chewable Pepcid. I did think it could be a leakage, since I am having shoulder pain too, but I didn't think you could have one this far out. I didn't mention that before, or did I mention that I'm having bloody stools. I think the ER is in my schedule today after I get done with work. My surgeon's office is absolutely no help. I've left three messages with the nurses this week and no response. I still hadn't received a call back from them from a month ago when I was having low potassium and magnesium, and ended up getting it taken care of with my regular physician.
  12. I am five months post-op. The last two weeks I've been having intense stomach pain in my pouch- sometimes it's so bad you cant even touch my upper abdomen/rib cage area. I'll be in so much pain I'll be drenched with sweat and feel like I'm going to throw up, and end up curled on the bathroom floor for at least an hour until it passes. I've been logging these episodes, thinking I was eating something wrong, or too much, but there is no common reason- nor timing from when I've eaten. For instance last night I just had a single serve tuna pouch for dinner and had the episode about 40 minutes later. I've also been waking up with a moldy taste in my mouth. My gut is telling me it's a stomach ulcer. I had a really bad episode of it last night, and almost went to the ER but was in so much pain I knew I couldn't drive myself. I tried calling my surgeon's office, but couldn't get ahold of anyone (a common problem with them, and the nurses will say they'll call back and never do), and my primary doctor cant see me until later next week. Is this something I should just wait and get in with my primary? Or should I go to the ER and get this problem addressed? I've tried antacids to no avail. I just don't know what else it could be.
  13. Eating Issues?

    Thank you for the feedback and support. I have some chickens in the freezer that I butchered this fall, I'll pull one out and try that. Home made butternut squash soup has been my life saver, I can tolerate it and keep it down great. I'm already 60% of the way to my goal weight loss. I'm losing about a pound every other day now.
  14. Eating Issues?

    Has a nutritionist pre-op to get qualified for surgery, but they had me only meet with her once. The plan given to me was clear liquids for the first 48 hours, the go to purée diet (nothing thicker than applesauce) for six weeks. After six weeks it's protien, and a few veggies if there's room after I finish the protien. During the puréed portion I was supposed to have two ounces every two-three hours. Now, on the protien portion I'm supposed to eat only three times a day. During the first six weeks I really struggled on eating enough, and now on three times a day it's easier, since there's still no appetite.