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  1. thank you Debi for posting this thread and to everyone with the wonderful advice. I myself am 4 weeks post op and once I started eating regular food it seems that I have stalled. I have been wondering the same thing...why do I feel that I can eat so much more than I should be able to. I do get stomach discomfort when eating meat so I have reverted back to pureed meat. I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 weeks. I do walk. I am trying not to get alarmed because when I add up my daily caloric intake it runs around 5-600 cals per day. doc says she wants me at 800 cals per day which seems almost impossible. I did get 1000 cals one time but that seemed like too much and I was miserable that day. I guess I will just wait and see if this stall ends soon and if not then go from there.
  2. Hello from Alberta Canada!

    Hi Heather, my name is Debbie and I too had a BMI of 36 when I had surgery. I am 4 weeks post-op and doing fantastic. I had the gastric bypass because it was the best option for treating diabetes. it is reversible and the sleeve is not. both will give you dumping syndrome, but as my dr advised me "if you follow the rules you should have no problems". I read all the horror stories of dumping syndrome and vit deficiencies. my doc made me sign an agreement to take bariatric vits the rest of my life. as long as I get the protein and vits in everyday I should have no problems. immediate postop I had no nausea or vomiting or diarrhea. I have the opposite...constipation. but other than that no problems. I am very glad that I chose the bypass. for the most part the rules are not hard to follow.
  3. Hi. I'm Daniel... 3 years post op

    the atkins shakes are good but have you tried the Premier shakes? 30G protein and tastes delish.
  4. onederland

    Hi everyone, I am delighted to announce that I finally made it to onederland. Haven't been there in 15 years or more. I had gastric bypass Dec 12th approx. 3weeks ago. weight day of surgery was 208. today I weighed in at 197.8 pounds. (said with a smile). so far I've just been following the rules and I have had no problems at all. I am still on the pureed part of the diet. BUT I am so glad to have real food. who knew that pureed chicken was all the rave?
  5. 1 more day before eating changes forever.

    I love the premier shakes and also there is a clear liquid protein called "New Whey Protein" you add it to about 16 oz water and it tastes great. comes in different flavors. I buy the variety pack so I don't get bored. also Isopure is a good clear liquid protein. also comes in a variety of flavors and I can either drink it or use it when makin jello so I get extra protein in the jello.
  6. Mrs.

    welcome Kathryn, I had gastric bypass Dec 12th and for me I must say the 2 week pre-op liquid diet has been the worst part so far (except for maybe the post-op gas pain). I start pureed diet on Monday and never thought I would be looking forward to a pureed diet...but I am. my doc told me that as long as I followed the rules there should be no problem. so far I have followed every rule and so far no problems. Good luck to you and look forward to following your progress.
  7. The new me!

    your post made me smile. lets me know that I can do this too. thanks
  8. Is Therapy For Me?

    therapy is great for everyone. its never wrong to have an objective person to bounce your thoughts off of.
  9. My Story..!

    I had gastric bypass to get my sugars under control. I left the hospital without any meds for diabetes. now that I am on sugar free full liquid diet my sugars are running 150's so I am pretty sure they will put me back on some meds...bummer. I am glad it got your sugars under control. that is my hope and time will tell. congratulations on making such positive changes for yourself.
  10. Hi Prime, I am 2 weeks out from surgery and I am still on full liquids. I have been drinking a protein called "New Whey Liquid Protein" comes in a 3 oz tube that you add to water. something like those Mio drinks. it flavors your water and has 42gms of whey protein. also I drink Isopure which has 40gm protein and Premier protein shakes have 30 gm protein. I usually drink 2 a day for 72gm protein total which is good. these can be purchased on Amazon. hope this helps.
  11. Dry skin

    I have been taking Biotin vits. they are sublingual so they melt in your mouth. helps with skin and hair
  12. 6 Month Wait

    I started my prep in march 2016, should have had surgery in September but I had a few set backs. I finally had my surgery Dec 12th. I had plenty of time for education and research. I felt fully prepared. advice pre-op is to stay on track and follow the rules. the liquid diet 2 weeks pre-op is a killer. best advice there is to stay busy. immediately post-op when you can have water, make sure they bring you room temperature water. cold water can make you cramp up. my doctor gave me a check list and each time I drank a 30cc med cup of water I checked it off. by the end of the day my liquids were in. but it took all day. also best advice is walk, walk, walk. the gas pain is the worst. good luck to you
  13. newbie

    Hi everyone, My name is Debbie and I just had RYGB Dec 12th. so far I am doing great. I am not having any of the problems that I was told I would have. at least not so far. pain is tolerable, no nausea or diarrhea. just constipation. but no abdominal cramping or anything like that. so far still on a sf full liquid diet. will be for another week. then Jan 2nd I start a pureed diet and believe it or not I am looking forward to that. I am a lil' nervous about starting solids and being able to get all the fluids in. right now I am meeting the goal but that is including my liquid meals. so not sure about that 30 minutes of no fluid before and after meals. seems it will make it harder to get the fluids in. I decided on the surgery not so much for weight loss but more to get my diabetes under control. I was on an insulin pump plus insulin injections, victoza, invokana, metformin and still running 9.2 A1C's so I had to do something. now I am off the meds all together but I think I may have to get back on the metformin or trujeo because my sugars are now going above 150's since I started the full liquids. so we will see. there is a long road ahead of me but I feel my surgical team has done a fantastic job of educating me and preparing me pre-op as much as possible. I was well informed of what I was getting into and I did my homework. so I am positive that this is the right decision for me an I am sure it will be a mostly positive experience. looking forward to the next year and the journey ahead. I am grateful for support sites like this. it helps to have other perspectives and ideas.