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  1. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    Well.. a quick update. At my 3 month post op appointment, I weighed 281.5. At the very beginning, I was 368, dropped to 336 for surgery... and at 3 months was 281.5. Only 81 lbs to go. Still learning what I can and can't eat. Staying away from rice, white bread, potatoes, and enriched pasta. Been trying to stay with whole wheat if I eat any bread or pasta (if we go out and I don't have a choice)...and all the proteins and vegetables I can afford. Lol. Still weighing meals, but I've finally learned what being full feels like. It's definitely a different feeling than before, and I sure try to keep away from sugar as it'll make me feel so bad it'll put me in the bed for a few hours . But anyway, things are definitely better than they were when I posted just a few days post op. I'm still fighting to get that 100oz of liquid per day and 125 grams of protein as I'm just not hungry... but protein is what helps your body burn the fat, so I'm trying hard. Anyway, hope everyone is well. I just wanted to leave a quick message and thank y'all for all of your support.
  2. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    My guideline for protein shake was 30-40 grams of protein with no more than 5 or 6 carbohydrates. I looked up the nutritional information on Slimfast, and they show 20 grams of protein with 6 carbohydrates. So, I guess it would squeak by if you couldn't find any other brands that you like, but there certainly are more beneficial protein shakes that you could drink. Hope this helps.
  3. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    Had my 2 week follow up visit today. I got my lashings about not eating enough, or drinking enough liquids. Also, I'm not getting enough protein as I can't find a protein shake that I like enough to get it down. As a sample, they gave me a Vanilla flavored Premier Protein drink. It's not awful, if you like to sip imitation vanilla extract from the bottle. *Yuck* When I can afford it, I intend to get both, a chocolate and a caramel flavored version of the same kind, to see if I like either of those. At Walmart, they are a little over $6 for a 4-pk... so not too terribly priced. On a positive note, I have lost weight. My weight at surgery was approx 340 lbs. and that was 2 weeks ago, yesterday. As of weigh-in today, I was at 315 lbs. So, that's 25 lbs in 2 weeks. My BMI was 40.6 today, which is exciting for me because I have been morbidly obese my entire adult life. So, 0.6% more, and I'll be out of the morbidly obese category and into the obese category. I consider that a huge accomplishment. My goal is 210 lbs, so I have 105 lbs to go. I can't wait to take my pictures of me standing there, in my old jeans, with them stretched way out in front of me. At 2 weeks out, do I still hate not being able to eat or drink? Yes. Am I still miserable everyday because I can't drink water, or even eat soft foods without my esophagus spasming and causing extremely bad pain from my throat to my stomach? Yes. But do I see the bigger picture here and see that I'm able to lose weight to make myself healthier - something I've never been able to do? Yes. Am I going to continue and reach my goal? Yes. And finally, do you know why? Because I have all of you to provide encouragement and support to keep me going and knowing that one day, I will heal. One day, I'll be able to drink water. One day, I'll be able to eat the foods I'm supposed to eat and not hurt or have the spasming that I have now. And I want to say thank you to each one of you, for your support, advice, and help.
  4. 6 Month Wait

    I almost wish I would have had to wait and learn about mine more. I'm 9 days out now, and there's still so much I didn't know that I'm just learning. I feel a lot of it was stuff that I should have known before... for example, the issue almost everyone has with water being hard to drink... but what did they serve me endless supplies of at the hospital? Cold Crystal Light and cold bottled water. I thought something was wrong with me. I didn't know water was hard on just about everyone. Things like that would be great to know. Since I'm on disability, basically someone else told me what insurance would allow me to skip all of the red tape and go almost directly to surgery. I had to attend 1 three hour class, then I was ready. I thought that's what I wanted to do, but now, looking back, to haveto go through the weight loss process, the education classes, and the counseling would have been a good thing to prepare myself I think.
  5. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    Thank you both so much. I'm slowly making it through each day. I have now found that if I make chicken salad then grind it up in a food processor until it's almost smooth, I can eat that without any problem. Only issue I have is wanting to eat too much of it. But other than that, after reading on here, I started experimenting with different temps of water to see if I could find one that worked. Cold was definitely out, I did OK with just over room temp, and while warm water went down very easy, who likes to drink warm water?? I have discovered cold milk does fine, as does Lemonade flavored Vitamin Water Zero. I do have to admit of one stupid thing that I did do, and immediately wished I hadn't. I had drank a protein shake, and my mouth was feeling thickly coated. I had been cleaning up the kitchen, just about done, when I reached and grabbed a cup. Without thinking, I quickly dashed it under the running water and took a big gulp of water, just as I used to do. About the time I finished the big gulp, I remembered... "you idiot!" What followed, in actuality, took less than 5 minutes, however I have been through relationships that didn't last as long as what this felt like. As soon as I made my mistake, I had what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest, and stomach pain like I had just been stabbed. I paced back and forth from the kitchen, through the hall, and into the master bedroom... trying to breathe as deeply as I could to try and get this elephant off my chest so I may once again breathe properly. Finally, about 5 lifetimes later, the pain and pressure subsided and I was ok. Note to self: "Don't you EVER, AND I MEAN EVER, do that again!!!" 'Sip, sip, sip, sip' is what I need to have tattooed on the side of my hand so I see it everytime I start to take a drink.
  6. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    I found out that you are correct, Cheesehead. I was shredding it up, very, very finely thinking that was pureed. I didn't realize the mistake I have been making until I called into the Dr's office and talked to the nurse about the bloated feeling that I have been having. She explained it as I should be eating pudding consistency, and the chicken wasn't being digested correctly, thereby causing the bloating feeling. So I didn't eat anything, and drank as little as possible, for about 6 hours. Then I heated a can of cream of chicken soup and sipped that. The warm soup really helped settle my stomach. I think if it's cold, such as water, it's hard for me to drink because it hurts my chest and stomach. But sugar free hot chocolate, hot chicken soup, etc. doesn't hurt and I can get it down without any problems. Is that normal?
  7. Post Op 4 Days & Second Guessing

    Thank you, Res Ipsa. I guess I am just having my moments of weakness where the gas pain is overwhelming. I try to explain to my family, it's not the surgery. There is virtually no pain from the surgery part, but it's just from the gas that gets trapped inside your body. I do have to admit that I have fallen down on my liquid intake since leaving the hospital. My assignment from the Dr was 100 ounces of liquid (water, Crystal Light, protein shake, sugar free Jello, sugar free Popsicles)... but with the bloated feeling, I haven't been able to get that much down. One thing that does help is protein. As stated before, I grilled chicken breasts and weighed out 1.5 ounces. Then cut the pieces into little cubes about 5/16" square. The first 2 or 3 pieces caused discomfort as they settled in my still healing, new pouch. But with a reminder to myself to chew about 25 times before I swallow, and to put the fork down between bites, I soon started feeling better. Tomorrow is another day. I hope each day will get easier and easier. Pre-surgery, I was drinking between 1.5 gallons and 2 gallons of water per day. So, now I'm trying to relearn how to drink and stay hydrated as the previous amounts aren't possible for me now. As the dr put it, "Post-op, you have to keep up hydration, and not catch up with hydration." You can't let the hydration get ahead of you, because it's hard to catch up. Just have to focus on my 100 ounces of liquid, and the 120 grams of protein per day. Both seem to be worthy challenges. Haha. I haven't gotten close to either of them since leaving the hospital. Anyway, thank y'all for the forum and having a chance to connect with people who have gone through it and understand what I'm feeling or talking about. My family just looks at me like I'm speaking Greek. They aren't much support. My wife is addicted to Coca-Cola and potato chips, and the first or second night home, my daughter was baking cookies - making the house smell like I'd died and gone to cookie heaven. Lol. And... Even though, the craving for those cookies is still there, I haven't given in to temptation!! #proud
  8. Hi everyone. I had Gastric bypass on Wednesday, 12/14/16. With a family history of everything imaginable, diabetes, cancer, heart attack, sleep apnea, GRD, etc.. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to live past my early 50's. I'm 43 now. Had a sister who died of cancer at 53 I think... a brother who died of a heart attack at 52... and I am I CONSTANT worrier. At 368 lbs, my knees started giving out, and I had to have 2 back surgeries - the 2nd of which is coming up in January. So after diets, on my own and medically supervised... along with exercise, all of the fad crap, and everything else, I decided to step it up and ask about surgery. I was approved and long story short, here I am 4 days post op. I'm missing food like a drowning man misses air, but I keep telling myself that I had to do this. My only real concern is that I feel so bloated that I can barely drink water or Crystal Light. I seem to do OK with getting my 1.5 ozs of protein down. Tonight I seasoned chicken breasts and grilled them. Then weighed out 1.5 ounces for dinner protein. The bloatedness though is keeping me from getting my protein shake down in between meals. I take Pepcid and last night I found a little relief in an extra strength tums. Anyone have suggestions on how to help me get past this bloating left over from the surgery? The bloat is just so much though that it has me wondering if i should have done this or not. It just hurts. The inscisions don't hurt... nothing else hurts... other than that, everything seems to be going along great. Anyone have suggestions to help this?